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Every time. Every.single.time. Every.single.fucking.time. EVERY time I step away from just following the madness within, I make shit harder, I squeeze my OWN damn fists around my neck, and I forget, little by little, who I am, and how to breathe.

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed how damn EASY it is to accidentally drift away from flow, from soul, from truth, from you?

Do you remember?

Do you remember how FUCK yes it is when you let go, let flow, let soul, let truth, let you?

Do you remember that moment when you threw caution to the wind, got carried away with just the WHISP of a an idea or dream, let a silly fun fantasy take over, and just thought – “fuck it. Imma gonna do THAT, even though it’s probably kind of ridiculous / and makes no sense / and won’t even work” – and then it DID?

Do you remember when you were brave, and bold, and unapologetically as ALL get out just and ONLY followed what was inside of you, you didn’t care two hoots whether it was the ‘right thing to do’, it was the right motherfucking thing for YOU, and THAT –

is what mattered
what led you
what you BACKED yourself with

And now.

Well, let’s just call it as it is, what the fuck is up with NOW?

– you second guess
– you question
– you weigh things UP. For the love of God, woman! When did you ever need to weigh up how to be you?!

And maybe the whole backing yourself unapologetically thang was just a moment in time, you sneezed and forgot to be scared, and so you’re not entirely sure you can pull that shit off again –

Or maybe it was a whole way of being, you lived and breathed it, you freakin’ LED from it, and then, somehow, you let it fade away –

It doesn’t matter.

I don’t fucking care and YOU should not fucking care what your credentials or badassery of yesteryear or even yesterDAY where.

> who are you now?

> who do you WANT to be now?

This is what matters.
This is all that matters.
Quit holdin’ on to the idea that any other fucking thing COULD possibly matter!


Every damn day. EVERY damn day when you wake up, you get to choose –

Who am I going to be today?
How am I going to lead today?
What BADASSERY am I going to unleash onto the world today?

But the only that really matters is this:

Are you going to hold tight to the madness within, and TRUST that what you are shown for YOU is and always is and only CAN be completely right and the ONLY.FUCKING.WAY?

‘Cause I’ll tell ya –

You wanna go off path, follow what the masses or even the cool gals are doing in THEIR business or life, well, good fucking luck with that.

You’ll have a nice little trip to a land of empty promises and the gradual but certain elevation of an anxiety and slow death of the soul which eventually you WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO IGNORE.

It doesn’t work when you ignore what’s inside.
It doesn’t work when you decide that the way you’ve been shown within can’t be right.
It doesn’t work when you let yourself buy into a story that you being you is too ANYTHING.

The thing you have to know

The thing you GOT to understand –

The thing that will result in you finally getting to GROW –

And FLOW –

And motherfucking GO –

To where you were always meant to be and KNOW is your damn DESTINY –

Is when you hold tight to the madness within.

Let that shit guide you.



Baby if you’re reading this? No need to overthink. Sit up straight and fess up to who you’ve become and what you now choose.


📷 I wasn’t even trying to take a usable photo here, I was just shitty at my two ugly nails where the entire nail ripped out of the nail bed and I can’t put a pretty nail on now for 3 months 😆 #authenticcontent

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Here’s the thing girlfriend.




You came here to be all of you, be all of you now.

And now?

It’s time.


10 Days with Katrina Ruth to Wake You Back Up to You. And Unleash the Game You’re Done Waiting For.

Day 1 LIVE Asskickery shooting into your soul in just a few days time!

DAILY you + me + God + soul to follow.


Is the do/not/miss time going into you that you’re soul has been hungering for and it’s it!

Here’s how it’s going down:

> 10 Days ALL new live online course with Katrina Ruth

> DAILY asskickery | activation | bulletproof coffee up the booty (that’s me)

> DAILY journal prompts | worksheets | exercises to get you going and flowing into ALL of you


> (this is crazy!) DAILY bonuses to help you implement our IDENTITY work in different areas of your business. Money. Body. Relationships. Life! Application of what we are working on out the wazoo!

> All trainings recorded and yours to keep for life in your Katrina Ruth Members Dashboard (training times will be announced day by day as we begin. Day 1 live asskickery at XXXX. Training times will vary day to day to account for students all around the world!

> Live Facebook Group with Kat and the #KatNinjas throughout

> IMMEDIATE and then DAILY and then FOREVER AFTER switch flickin’ into YOU as soon as you say yes! (That is just how this works).

What to expect, from this time together?

Every.single.thing. you’ve always known was there within.

> Certainty. Of soul, of God, of what flow requires, of, well, everything.
> Ability to always know the right decision to make, and how to make it. NO MATTER WHAT.
> Courage and abilily and inner strength to then ACT as you need to
> Ability and soul certainty walk away. Know what to walk away from. Shred and burn. Immediately and as required. Amen.
> ALWAYS ability to access flow. Message certainty. Soul guidance on what you create, unleash, how, to whom.
> Magnetism. Activated. From within. To and from your soul peeps. In all areas.
> Money certainty, where it comes from, how to inhale / exhale it, infinitely, PEACE on this.
> Peace. In general. Where it comes from. How to be IN it. How to return to it when it seems far away.
> Moving through the ‘woods’ of business, of life, of you. Recognising it. Being okay with it!
> Leaning in. Surrender. The things that go with this. How to let it be easy, happy, a joy!
> JOY. From God. From within. All THROUGH you. AS IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
> Forgiveness, and grace. Where you know it comes from. How to receive it fully.
> RECEIVING. Unlocking the portals to. Opening up the floodgates. Seeing where you dial it back. Stopping that shit!
> Turning up the dial in all areas. What it means, and how.
> BEING the mofo light. Being all of it. Owning your too muchness! SWAYING with it.
> Being in the dance with God and soul and life and ALWAYS knowing your next move. ALL of that. And so much more.
> Creating. Being the artist the messenger the performer the leader the shift the YOU, who just lets it flood out. Knowing what works. Does not. How to release. Go deeper. And also? Sell TF outta that game.
> Being the leader NOW. Appointing yourself. What it means and why you’re already pre-approved.
> BIRTHRIGHT. Accessing and owning your soul blueprint. The blueprint of YOU. Of purpose. And destiny. And truth. Let’s go!

You want more?

There’s so much more.

^^ This? Is the warm-up, the first bit of what dropped through to me when I felt in to this, allowed it to come through, for you.

We will see what unfolds,
when it unfolds,
when we enter this dance,

But what this is really about, and why you know you need to be here?

You’re done with playing the game of waiting to play the damn game.

Identity, baby.


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