You Gotta Listen To The People Who Feed Your Faith Not Your Fear


Without doubt, the biggest regret I have in my business is failing to let my own inner truth guide me.

Want me to give an example? Pick a number and tell me how long you have, ’cause I got DOZENS. Invariably though, the situation was thus –

I let someone convince me that the way for me to go to ____ insert elusive next level thing that I felt was out of my reach ____ was to improve or pretty or proper or tidy myself up.

When in actual fact, and I mean WITHOUT EXCEPTION, the answer was thus:

Go deeper into the chaos and madness and wonder and mayhem and art and truth and fuck yes of ME.

Of course when I say ‘I let someone convince me’, you do know who I’m talking about yeah?

Nope, not the people who said my ideas about how I wanted to grow my business were cute.

Nope, not the ones who said I couldn’t do that, it couldn’t be done, it wasn’t how it works.

Nope, not those who told me that what had got me to here couldn’t get me there.


It was always ME.

I let ME convince me that the answer I needed was outside of me and that I needed to improve or pretty or proper or tidy or filter or structure myself,

and my work,

or it WOULDN’T work.

How have I done this over the years? You name it.

Paying people to coach me out of my own truth.

Paying people to create structured sales and marketing systems for me, so-called magic ‘plug and plays’ that ‘had’ to work.

Following the most popular launch or marketing formulas.

Hiring someone to go through my business and see what is working and what is not, what people like and what they don’t, what is confusing and what is great.

Writing list after list after list of things I should do, tell myself that until I do I obviously won’t be ‘there’.

Paying people to build up my fears and what ifs, help me to convince myself that just doing it my way obviously won’t work.

Paying people to help me add endless must-dos to my day or week, so that it becomes nearly impossible to make space for flow.

Paying people or listening to people who told me I should be me, wrote like me just… not like that.

And on.

And on.

And on.

Spoiler alert: NONE of this got me where I hoped to be. (I know. Duh.)

Honestly if I look back over the journey it’s a little embarrassing how many times I deviated from just RUTHLESSLY backing myself.

But then again –

it’s a little bit incredible just how many times I always returned, no matter what the fallout, TO my truth.

In the end, no matter what I’ve promised myself or others I would ‘really really do this time’, I’ve always sucked at following through on anything except what’s in me!

Because here is what I know for sure:

There is no way that matters except for the way I was born with.

There is nothing that can ‘scale’ my art nor my income better than me following me.

Chaos and mess and madness and mayhem IS the mofo structure.

If it makes sense to the normal person – even the normal entrepreneur – it’s definitely not for me and I will end up pretty darn quickly hating it, even if it nets some sort of outcome.

The only outcomes I actually give a damn about are the ones which are born from me going deeper into what’s inside of me.

The only people I am actually here to serve are the ones who are here for that.

The more and the faster I delete and burn any lists or shoulds or words of wisdom of people who are not me and who also do not inherently GET me to the ground, and instead just make space for flow, the better.

If something feels like it’s not working, it’s just that I didn’t yet choose for it to, or there’s a deeper reason I don’t want it. It’s never because somebody else’s ‘proven method’ is what I need. It’s never because there is an answer to be found in any other place except going deeper into me.

When I look back and am SO fucking proud of myself for what I did and how I did it, there is ZERO FUCKING CHANCE that the reason for that will be because I persevered at ANYTHING except going even more into ME.

My way has not yet been written because I am currently writing it, and everytime I veer off course from that it just consumes a truckload of energy and time and then I return to my way anyway. So I may as well stay there!

Seduction of ‘should’ is a cruel bitch.


And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

We each.

You and I.

And every single person we are here to impact or serve.


have the ability and COMPLETE know-how to feed our faith and not our fear.

We each have it in us to call in the right people who will HELP us to feed our faith and not our fear.

In the end, every great thing I’ve been blessed with in my life has been a product of my FAITH being fed and not my fear.

So at some point, you really gotta ask yourself –

why do I keep on throwing scraps to that fear bitch? And then from time to time deciding to give it the whole darn feast?


maybe it’s that ole being human thang.

Or maybe sometimes you like it.

Or maybe you just need to every once in a while forget who you are,

so that it feels all the sweeter to then get to remember it again.

I don’t know. But I do know this –


Question is –

you wanna follow it, or nah?