The fairytale is real, but it’s a greyscale version of what is available to you at best.

The things you dream of and long for most, wonder if you could and continually don’t feel you really SHOULD, given there are so many other things you ‘probably should be doing’, are washed down, watered down, the dimmer switch set to DULL, compared with what you would create if only you said yes.

Yes to the unknown.

Yes to the void.

Yes to all that God sees, when He looks into the window of possibility that is your life.



Willing to lay your life on the line for what your life was given to you for.

Willing to submit to purpose.

Willing to submit to truth.

And willing, most of all, to surrender your need to know HOW, to have to figure it all out, to have to figure ANY of it out, and to continue believing that you NEED, well –


In order to simply leap.

The thing you haven’t been thinking about, keeping present in your mind, yet always knew, is that your YES, anchored to truth, unfolds the how!

Like taking a mattress out of a skinny rectangular box (it’s a thing!) and seeing it just come to life in front of you, while you wonder how TF it fit in there and then quick step out of the way before it takes you out with its sudden powerful unfolding!

The HOW is gonna knock you right over and then bitchslap you in the face with just how powerful and awesome and of course and also NOT at all dependant upon you it is, if you just let it.

But what most people do, even those who understand about dreaming big, even those who actually believe that what they feel and see inside of them is real, is they don’t say yes.

Not to the unknown possibility which far transcends whatever THEY can thus far see for their lives.

And not even to the bit they CAN see.

Instead? They work within their currently accepted realms of possibility.

Striving to get an extra 10% ahead, maybe more, maybe even significantly more!

But never quite saying yes to the thing.

Here is what is next level batshit c-RAY-zy about that:

Operating within the realms of possibility puts the onus on YOU to find and then execute the how.

The manpower AND the mindset / staying the course and resilience side of it are all firmly and squarely and also SOLELY on YOU.

Your knowledge.

Your experience.

Your strength.

Your stick-to-itiveness.

And your belief.

This is not the worst thing. It’s not even a bad thing. In fact it’s a pretty damn impressive thing, in many ways. Humans can do, and have done, all sorts of human-y things of awe and wonder under their own steam!

But it’s just not quite what we were born for.

Not fully.

And in many ways, maybe not at all.

See you, you have the power of the heavens behind you!

You have magic and light woven right into the very ESSENCE of you!

You have God in and through you, if only you’d let Him in.

You have knowledge and wisdom from beyond all time, from across the ages, from eras and worlds and wonders you’ve never even heard of, and which your mind could never in a million lifetimes conceive of!

You have the mysteries of the universe in the palm of your hand, the very fabric of the cosmos thread into your DNA, and access to EVERYTHING, but EVERYTHING that life and all that was and is before and after and around it could ever every offer.

And ALL you need to do, in order to access this and all of YOU, you supernatural badass you, is just.say.YES!

YES, I accept the things I have been shown, the ALLness of them, and the VAST beyond of all that lies behind them and which I will never fully know even if I open my soul up for pure God flow for the rest of my days!

YES, to the void.

YES, to being used by what you KNOW is meant to use you.

YES, to laying your life on the line and bowing FULLY before that which you’ve up til now spent your whole life running from,

yet longing to submit to.

YES, to being supported, lifted up, and FILLED, by power and strength and wonder beyond your self.

And YES, to the how being unfolded at the speed of light, or, more accurately, precisely as you need to know or see it and no sooner or later than THAT,

the moment you SAY yes.

Don’t you see?!

You don’t NEED to motherfreakin’ know, and you never did!

You just need to say yes.

And watch that fairytale you’ve spent your whole life longing for and wondering if you’ll ever be good enough for, being blown right outta the water by the full colour WHAT now of what is actually yours.

Quit taking a photocopy version of your destiny,

and pretending it’s the most wondrous and colourful thing you could ever imagine, and therefore maybe not for you or only for you if you really really work hard, earn it, or somehow trick life,

when the whole entire time it was just something to say yes to,

as you allow the floor to fall completely away beneath you and the worlds you didn’t dream of yet always played in to welcome you back home.