It’s a complete myth and fabrication, a dangerous idea perpetuated by people who don’t actually understand life (and certainly not soul work), that in order to help somebody else transform in a particular area?

You yourself need to have that shit sorted.


All that is needed for you to help another human shift or grow is that YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO HELP THAT OTHER HUMAN SHIFT OR GROW.

This can come from your learning –

Wisdom gained through practice, experience, trial, error, falling flat on your face and then gettin’ back up again as many times as it takes –

It can come from your born or cultivated gifts in healing, soul shifting, remembrance, or just basic fucking natural instinct to know what particular blend of alignment and asskickery a person needs (I gotchu!) –

Or it can come from the plain and simple (if confusing to most) fact that IT CAME THROUGH YOU, IT COMES THROUGH YOU, YOU ARE THE DAMN CHANNEL AND SO YOU BEST STOP QUESTIONING YOURSELF NOW!

In the last few days I’ve MULTIPLE times had the question come up or been shown to me by someone around ‘should I really be doing this?’

– I haven’t achieved those results yet myself
– My life is falling apart
– I’m just getting started, so who am I to –
– If people knew the truth
– and so on

And it seems like, on the surface of it, that it would be WILDLY inappropriate, wrong, or downright fraudulent to purport to be able to help people do something when you yourself have any of the above sort of shit going on!


That would only be true if your understanding of what it takes to impact another human is based on you yourself had to have achieved it or personally experienced it!

Nope! This is 100% not accurate.

I can tell you that some of the people who have MOST deeply impacted me, on my business journey to make more money – just to take an obvious example – were and still are and always have made WAY less money than what I make!

Does that mean they couldn’t help me? HELL no.

Does it mean I got up on my high horse, thinking for even a moment that I shouldn’t hire them unless they’d done what I wanted to do?

No! I hire each person based first and foremost on intuition, and whether my SOUL says yes, and I ‘check’ that by considering their gifts, talents, and ABILITIES.

Not where their own personal focus is. Not where their own results are. But WHO THEY ARE AND HOW THEIR WORK MIGHT IMPACT ME.

Revolutionary. lol.


This is NOT about ‘act as if’, or something like that. I am not in any way suggesting it’s okay to imply, infer, or flat out pretend (lie!) about where you are at.


it is also not okay, and indeed it is irresponsible to your soul and to your genius, to take on board the idea that you yourself have to be at a certain point in order to help others.

All that actually matters is this:

Do you know that you know that you KNOW that you can help this person?

WHAT exactly do you know that you know that you know you can help with?

^^ get your human fear mind outta the way. Own that who you are now is always good enough for your soul work. And then HOP TO IT DOING SAID SOUL WORK.

Full integrity.
Full ‘this is who I am’.

Was there really some other way you were thinking of gettin’ what’s in you out?



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