Success Mindset


Let’s talk about the part of you which has no energy or drive to do any of it.

That sinking little bit inside of you which, when you sit down at the computer to do your work, TRULY and absolutely seems to feel that no. I can’t.

Your energy is low, your willpower non-existent, you’ve got NO snap, no crackle, baby?

You’ve got no pop.

And so you drift onto Facebook … float back over to your email … look at your task list and sigh. Why does everything feel so BLEUGH? There’s not a single thing on there you can even CONSIDER even-ing with! You jump on over to Instagram, maybe the meaning of life is there today?! No, but look at those cute personalised necklaces, let me just snap a screenshot of them for later. (As if you’re ever going to go through all the random shit you screenshot each day!).

Back to the task list.
Back to staring at the blank screen.
Back to the ever-weightier heaviness of once again allowing another moment to pass, and then another, in which you do not do what you are meant to do, and thus by definition are once more failing to BE who you are meant to be.

Inevitably, the pressure of the NOT doing and of the tremendous effort it feels it would take to START doing (never mind continue, GOD) is too much and so once again you turn away,

and leave.

Telling yourself a story of how you’re going to stay up late tonight and get on top of it all, no really!

Or how you’re going to get up early tomorrow morning and become THAT person, just watch me!

But already know that even if that becomes true, and somehow this is the day you flick the damn switch and stop letting EXCUSES rule you rather than purpose, then right now you STILL have to live with the contraction and sinking-ness of not doing what you’re meant to freakin’ do!

All of which is of course an EXCELLENT recipe for leading yourself the remainder of the day down the path of sabotage, bingeing, escapism in some form, anything to avoid having to sit with the uncomfortable reality that in spite of all your bullshit you COULD have, and that had you have you definitely WOULD have felt better than you do now! And possibly even fully expanded, and flipped into flow!

Look, obviously the only reason I can write about all of this so knowledgeably is that I can relate to every single little bit of it, and I’ve been there! Too many times to count, staring down the barrel of time stretching endlessly ahead of me (or even for 30 minutes ahead of me lol, which is definitely still enough to ACCOMPLISH, and move forward), and feeling like it’s all.just.TOO too much, and that I can’t, and so then I don’t.

I’ll tell ya though –

Not in the history of my entire life can I remember a time when I was so happy I flaked out on doing my soul work, and when I say soul work? I’m including the suck-it-up-bitch bits that absolutely do NOT feel like soul work or anything close to flow, but yet which lead you there, and yet which, when you do ’em, result in you GETTING TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO AND BEING WHO YOU’RE MEANT TO BE.

So really the whole thing is as simple as this – !


Put pen to bloody paper and START.

Put on your gym shoes and START.

Begin to type out the piece of content you’re avoiding and START.

Open up a fresh file for that marketing piece you KNOW you gotta get on with and START.

Pick a random freakin’ task off the list and START.

Can we make it more complicated than this? Sure, if you like. We can talk about when is the best time of day for you to be creative or in flow, and what are all the moving parts which allow for that, and whether each little or big thing you’re telling yourself to do is really from soul or not, and what the perfect fucking lighting is for your melatonin to be appropriately stimulated never mind your videos to look next level fuck yes, and whether or not a vestal virgin should have to come down from heaven above and present to you a scroll from God himself to tell you it’s time and on and on and on, ad infinitum, and you know what?!

Not saying some of that stuff is not relevant.

But, in the moment.
In the now.
In the space where you stare at the blank screen and decide whether to do the damn thing anyway (and you KNOW I mean the needle moving shit, not just the list and email re-organisation), in the end it’s VERY black and white.

You either took action.
Took that first step.
CREATED a damn spark, however small, where there was none.

Or you gave in, once more, to your bullshit.

The thing with having a personal policy around being the person who STARTS, and who does so consistently, regardless of emotion of the moment, and also without any rules that it has to ‘be’ anything, i.e. a person who just trusts in the big picture and the faith side of it, is that you will also, inevitably, become a person who ACCOMPLISHES.

Will you finish everything you begin? Of course not!

And nor is that ever the idea. In fact, one of the most important traits of a successful person is that they are EXCELLENT at failing to follow through at times.

So no, you won’t finish everything just ’cause you started.

But will you get a hella lot more done at creating the life that’s available for you and that you were born for, because you choose to be the person who mostly ALWAYS begins?

Are you also very very likely to, with time, plant the habit of starting and following through in certain areas so nice and deep that it becomes automated, something you barely even have to think about, just ‘who you are’?


In simple terms, YES.

So when you don’t feel like it,

When you can’t seem to summon the motivation from anywhere.

When you’re buying into a story that your energy is too low right now, you’re sinking, you’re fading, and obviously you need to go rest, distract, cop out, just ask yourself –

Today do I wish to further strengthen the neurological pathways that lead to me being a person to whom success and upleveling is CODED IN, and you couldn’t turn that shit off if you tried?

Or do I want to weaken them?

The thing is, it IS human nature to try and wriggle out, be led be resistance and fear, and so on, but the thing beyond the thing is?

You have power beyond just the human.

And all you gotta do to claim it?

Be the God damn person who starts.

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