Success/Success Mindset


The simplest way to automatically play at a high level, in business, fitness, indeed any area of your life, is to re-calibrate yourself to where BEING at that level is your norm, and you don’t have to think about it.

Think about this:

Whatever you currently experience as your everyday standard of living, thinking, feeling, operating, and also the level of people (business or personal relationships) which you get to have is NOT something you have to think about, right?

Whether you love and appreciate what you’ve got and how you get to play life right now, or whether you’re actively walking around grumping about it and wishing it could be different, either way it’s just how it IS.

All you seem to have to do in order to maintain your current standards is, well, just keep being you, and doing life the way you’ve currently been doing it.

If you keep your current beliefs, thoughts, actions, wishes, wants, choices, etc roughly as they are now, then you will EFFORTLESSLY continue to create and receive the life you have now.

No thinking required; automatic results guaranteed!!

So that being said, surely it’s obvious (unless you’ve not stopped to think about it before, so fucking STOP, listen to what I’m saying, THINK about it, ’cause this concept will change your LIFE if you let it!), surely it’s OBVIOUS, that if you want to change your current reality?

You just gotta change your current thinking.

In other words:

Calibrate to SUCCESS, motherfucker, the next level of it I mean, because here is what ELSE:

Whatever you think of your current situation, even if you bitch and moan about how hard it is all fucking day LONG, there’s NO DOUBTING THE FACT YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL.

You have more than most people in the world.
Your life is easier.
You get to sleep under a roof, eat food, have certain niceties, etc.

And I’ll bet that right now there are areas of your life, several of them, where you are better off than the old version of YOU, too.

Perhaps you’ve improved your fitness over the past few years, maybe you managed to pay off your home or some other chunk of debt, maybe you’re in your dream relationship, perhaps you’re finally working with your soulmate clients.

Look around –

You have DEFINITELY upped your game in certain areas of your life.

(You may well have dropped off in some areas too, no need to dwell on that right now, just focus on the preaching here and it’ll all sort itself out if you choose for it to).

So the question is –

HOW did you improve where you’re playing at in those certain areas?

Don’t give me the motherfucking strategy, baby! I don’t care … and neither should you, if you truly want to understand success.

Let’s get real here:

What did you change first and FOREMOST?

The answer is clear, no matter what the change is or the area of your life in question:

You changed your fucking MIND.
You made a DECISION to change your life in that area.
You got fed up with where you were at, finally to the point where it hurt enough to do something about it beyond just bitch or wish.

And through a mixture of the above, you gradually changed your thinking.

Changed your beliefs.

Changed your actions.

And upleveled the FUCK, out of your life.

It’s all you EVER HAVE TO DO, to improve in ANY area, and you can do it on REPEAT!

So when you look around –
At what you have now –
And you find yourself –
Or bitching.
And moaning.

How do I get to that next level?

How is it that THEY get to live | look | be like that and I’m still stuck here?

How do I make more money, get the hot body, call in soulmate love?

How do I get to have clients who are true badasses, who do the WORK, who are fun, who LOVE to pay me?

How do I get my message out to more people, build my #cultribe, make sales with ease, see things just grow, watch abundance roll IN?

How do I wake up feeling amazing, truly love my life, have a rockin’ mindset and gratitude just permeating every part of my day and being?

How do I PLAY LIFE at the next level, the one beyond that, the one I can’t even SEE yet?

When you WONDER or WISH for all of this what you have to realise is that EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ORDER TO CREATE IT is already inside of you. It is literally not POSSIBLE for you to dream a dream you’re not capable of creating, living into, becoming!

God doesn’t give you dreams that aren’t yours …

So if you can SEE it? You can damn well achieve it, but it sure as shit won’t happen by sittin’ back and wondering. You might be in PAIN or TURMOIL at having to be ‘stuck’ where you are now, but that won’t do it either.

It will happen, plain and simple, when you decide that enough is enough.
When you decide, ‘fuck the how’.
When you decide, you’re DONE, and it’s time to move on.

Exit stage right.
Prepare for the next Act.

The thing is …

Most people will spend their entire lives thinking that they need to wait to be told it’s time for the current Act to finish, thinking they need to be led by the hand or shown a plan to get to the next one. Not realising, that the life they’re playing right now is one where THEY THEMSELVES are not only the star of the show, but also the director, creator, manager, the works.

YOU get to direct your life.
YOU get to create it.
And YOU and nobody else BUT you get to decide when it’s time for this current reality to become a thing of the past.

Aren’t you sick of playing the same old level on repeat?

Aren’t you sick of letting FEAR rule you?

Aren’t you TIRED of hanging out where you already know what to do, how to deal with the hurdles and challenges at this level, where the ‘hacks’ are?

It’s like you’re playing a computer game without ever wanting to advance!! Isn’t the whole POINT to ADVANCE, to have to figure out new challenges, to need to upgrade your thinking, your skill, your ability to react, and also, to CREATE?

You need to stop this mindset that one day the answers are going to just come along, tap you nicely on the shoulder or knock upon your door and present themselves to you.

If you don’t CHOOSE to level up, you will CONTINUE TO PLAY AT THE LEVEL YOU’RE AT NOW.

Except that likely THAT will become BORING, and because the human mind requires challenge, you’ll probably SABOTAGE yourself and crash the fuck DOWN from where you’re currently at!! Just to give yourself something to have to work on to claw back up again.

Sound familiar?

I bet it does. I’ve BEEN there. I did that shit on repeat, for years!

Make money, lose it.
Get lean, gain it back.


Eventually I got sick of that. I got sick of getting up off the nail in my ass, having the pain relieve itself, then sitting back down on the same fucking nail!!

Eventually I realised how STUPID this was, but the truth is that most people never realise the absurdity of their behaviour.

And they will spend their entire lives –

Going two steps forward.
Then the same two steps back!!

At some point, you’re going to have to have to decide:

Do I want to keep playing the same life, on repeat, just getting older and wearier and less certain of my ability to create ANYTHING?

Or do I want to get the fuck up and make a DECISION, today, to go to the next stage?

And if the latter, stop making it so damn HARD –

All you gotta do for it to be automatic is vibrate to where it’s your NORM.

And all you gotta do for that?

Change your thinking.
Change your beliefs.
Change your God damn ACTIONS.

And change your fucking life.

The bizarre thing here, is that most people who read this will assume it can’t be that simple.

And will sit their ever-expanding asses back down on the same nail.

Please –

Stop being one of them.