There’s an expression which may or may not even be an expression yet is certainly an expression I can’t seem to stop expressing to myself and one which just a few of you,

may know.

It’s one which comes along inevitably, unfailingly, in that ‘impossible to ignore’ sort of way a true word from God mostly IS –

(although I suppose you could ignore it if you really wanted to)

and it goes something like this:

“I don’t even know what I could possibly do now. I am RUINED,
for all that is not you now”.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience this reality, this having been RUINED by God reality, ruined for all that is NOT Him, you are exhaling a big phewwwwwww right now because oh GIRL do you know.

If you’ve not, I suggest just let TODAY be the day you truly encounter the one true living God, get on your face and ASK HIM TO SHOW YOU THE TRUTH.

It’ll come when it comes 😉

Meanwhile, if and when it has, if and when you have finally said YES GOD YES to him BREAKING you, WAKING you, SHAKING you, ohhhhhh yes you know.

And what you know is this:

There’s no going back.
Things which mattered so much and seemed so real just don’t.
Rules and ideas of what’s true go out the window.
The pillars of society itself begin to crumble, and why wouldn’t they? IT WAS ALL JUST A MADE UP FANTASY ANYWAY. Not a very good one, once you begin to see the deception and also just the … irrelevance.

Take the online coaching world.

And this is something I’ve gone back and forth on for absolutely years, just knowing in my spirit it didn’t MATTER (stuff like how much you charge, or what the rules are for valuing yourself or truly being ‘proper high level’). Before I saw it through the lens of God I still knew deep down that it was all such a skewed filter, but I didn’t quite fully understand why.

Now, like most everything in life, it’s as simple as OH –

why WOULD it matter, because the true quest was never meant to be for success, ambition, money, growth, fame or acclaim or anything the WORLD labels as accomplishment. And if the quest is not for those things then there would be no markers to hit to achieve those things. There would be no way of quantifying what represents valuing yourself based on something like what you CHARGE … or whether or not you’re putting any given amount of time or effort in … because your value
your worth
and also your blueprint of ‘what to do and how to do it
is ONLY found in Christ
which also means that the whole ‘what to do and how to do it’ bit does not need to make ANY kind of sense to anybody not looking through God’s lens. And not even to you!

An example is my current Christmas offer, which I’m feeling will be up til about Friday. It’s possibly (again lol, because it sure ain’t the first time) the most ridiculous offer I’ve ever made. $555 for fully private Idea to SOLD creation with me, including 24 days access? Um, wot?

It may not surprise you to know that as is mostly the case for me, this idea just ‘came’ to me and I just went without it; no thinking allowed. I’d be roughly 30 million $ down and one epic community of heaven-sent peeps right now if I were in the habit of thinking then acting!

What you might not know about me is I do think a lot AFTER, or WHILST doing things that make no sense and baffle most anyone who is, well, not one of ‘us’ but who thinks they have some sort of handle on the RULES.

I like to really sit with my own discomfort or self-consciousness around why I do these sorts of things, and come to a deeper assessment and ultimately reveal by God on the same.

And so I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days about giving, over-giving, whether it is possible to give so much that you are by default devaluing yourself, whether the concept of valuing yourself is at all even ATTACHED to money, and basically?

What are the core values we should be aligning to, believing in, following, and thus creating our business and our lives from?

I’m certainly not about to try and tell you what core values YOU should be living from, but I think that there is a conversation here which could massively shift the way you see business, your finances, and the general concept of what is the RIGHT way to position yourself and grow.

Here is the thing:

In this industry there is a widely accepted law of sorts, and it goes something like this:

What you charge for your courses and coaching work is undeniably linked to your value, how you yourself see yourself, how others will see you, and thus the perceived value of your actual work; regardless how good it may or may not actually be.

There are accepted ‘rules’ around what a truly spectacular ‘will change your life’ coach would charge you for access to her, and if said coach does not charge those rates then we must collectively assume she is NOT the Bentley of the industry after all, and therefore we should not be aspiring to work with her or be like her.

There are also accepted ‘rules’ around what a rising star or long-appointed-to-her-throne coach would charge for her courses,

whether or not she would make new courses (now and then is considered allowable and refined, consistently or regularly must mean something is wrong in her business or life and is considered disturbing),

whether should would run her courses live (again, allowable and seemly so long as it is rare and exclusive and high priced enough),

and, of course, whether or not you could expect to have a chit-chat with her in the DMs or would rightly expect to only deal with her team because the QUEEN,

don’t play like that.

These are the rules, Your Honour, and the people have made it quite clear by their compliant behaviour that they agree with them and indeed are willingly to mold and sculpt themselves rightly in order to reach said critically acclaimed heights and finally be one of ‘the chosen’.

There will be no QUESTIONING of the rules.
The rules work.
The rules are beloved by all.
The rules are REQUIRED for the continuation of the society we all get to enjoy being part of and the one in which we UNDERSTAND OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE.

If you are a leader, a ‘Queen’ of this world you TOO understand your rightful place, you MUST continue to demonstrate to the people how it is at this level and if you deviate from that, then well –

sum-body gon’ have to take you out the back and shoot ya.

It’s what’s best for all, no hard feelings.

Having been one of the ‘chosen’ and held in good stead for years leaders of the industry you can bet your bottom dollar I understand the rules.

But I’m going to tell you something which the vast majority of people who’ve been in my space for more than a minute over all those years already know, and yet STILL NEED TO REALLY REALLY HEAR.

Whilst I certainly dipped my toes more than well and truly into the world of rule-following and I absolutely embraced a certain je ne sais quoi when it came to my leadership ‘status’ in the female coaching world … and nobody could argue I have NOT played the high ticket high value game, the truth is and always was, well. Hmm. Not QUITE.

The truth is there were always cracks.
I was always aware and often told – by clients and peers alike – I ‘should’ be charging more for ‘where I was at’.
I was always aware I wasn’t continually just pushing my rates or exclusivity higher on par with what I was ‘supposed’ to be.
And even though my private client work has mostly been inaccessible price wise for most people …

the WHOLE entire time I would randomly just do stuff like give everyone who wanted it an entire free course of their choosing, yes actual courses people were paying for,

or open up private access at some kind of price point that made ZERO sense and was less than even what most baby coaches charge,

or hang out in my DMs all day err’ day when I felt like it, voice noting all and sundry no matter who they were,

Oh, and the whole new and /or live course thing? HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. Yeah, well, to be fair I guess I only did that on MOST EVERY DAY ENDING IN ‘Y’.

Look, I have no excuse, okay! I’M GUILTY AS CHARGED! I KNEW the rules and I willingly and wilfully broke ’em anyway. lol.

The thing is,

Whilst I always knew that for me it was really about being truly led in my SPIRIT and that I just knew that I knew that I knew that doing whatever it was that was true was right, I also took the line that it was because I was being the ‘black sheep’ of the marketing industry. I had a point of pride about being rebellious and not like everyone else. It was a way I learned to find my voice, and to stand for what I stood for.

I’m grateful to God for using that part of me, as He ultimately does use all wayward parts of us once we find our righteousness in Him!

Because here is what I now understand and know to be the WHOLE truth about this continual pull I have to ‘apparently’ do the illogical thing in my business or finances.


The filter was never meant to be ‘am I chasing or growing money right!’

‘The filter was never meant to be ‘am I chasing or growing money right!’

Do you get it? But REALLY get it, deep down in the core of you? All of these rules can only POSSIBLY make sense if you are opted in in the first place to the idea that the quest for you is one of worldly attainment.

And I guess what I’m saying is, well –

what if the quest were not that
and instead was simply

And on top of that, what if the things you thought you had to pursue, secure, or prove your worth for,
were already given abundantly in Him
and so the moves you then made
the actions you take
the way you shared the gifts you were given
was simply
what God said
what you were shown
and what you said yes to.

I mean …
it’s just an idea
a relaxing

Let me know what you think 😉

Oh, and as for the Christmas offer? It’s going like hot cakes so I may close it before Friday.


– From ‘IDEA TO SOLD’ with me personally, at a price the industry considers illegal

> Your next big idea + money da flow way maker crafted,
down to the last ‘i’ dotted and ‘t’ crossed

(meaning extra monetisation, add ons, upsells etc, automation + systematisation to follow)

This is LITERALLY like sitting down personally with me, and going from ‘IDEA OR NOT EVEN IDEA TO SOLD’, and with every RELEVANT bell + whistle, what to do and HOW to do it YOU need

> full offer creation
> full launch plan
> full social media plan
> support on tap as you roll it out
> personalised feedback / yes I will read your sales page/s etc
> alignment + butt-kicking slaps as needed
> mindset strategy / WAKE UP + BE THE PERSON
> TIMEFRAME of the time together is 24 days. This includes the full process through to launch.

Basically what is commonly charged at thousands of dollars of coaching and often TENS of …

and it is $555.

Details + your place at https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/ideatosoldprivate/


Life is Now. Press Play.


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