It always felt so fake to me, that period of time when it was all about how much money I was making, how glamorous the shopping was, the travel, the people, the life.

Well – not so much that it felt fake actually. More that it was fun … buoyant and uplifting and kind of giggly … a beautiful silly fabulous game … it was PLAYING PRETEND.

I don’t mean that it wasn’t all real, because it was, and anything I’ve carried over from that time and still flaunt or play fancy ladies with is still real.

But it was always just a wonderful game of dress ups and charades.

It never felt like it represented ME.

The bit I now realise felt fake, then, was not so much about the stuff or the money or whatever, but more so the idea of making myself aspirational.

Look at my perfect life, my perfect stuff, my perfect laugh, my perfect way of pulling it all together, now ASPIRE!

And it’s kind of taken me ages to figure out, you know?

That I never ever ever cared about creating anything that made you want all THAT.

And that I don’t think YOU actually ever ever cared about doing or being anything that made you want all THAT.

Because? And here’s the game-changer –

all of ‘THAT’ was always just an available consequence, a natural by-product, of you saying yes to what’s in you,

and letting it out.

So it’s not … one or the other, the art and the soul work, or the money and the glam life … it’s more –

money, schmoney. Glam, bam. Whatever. That shit shows up when you show up for what’s in you. And it is FUN, even FABULOUS, what a beautiful game, a game you may well choose to adopt as an ongoing part of your life, because hey – money IS fun. And it DOES allow you to do and give and enjoy so much. Why wouldn’t you?!

But –

it’s not what you came here for your life to be about.

And if you’re anything like me, the whole aspirational rich wonderful life thang may well have always left some kind of funky taste in your mouth too.

Which means you may well relate to THIS:

The only thing I ever actually DEEPLY cared about in all of this, was doing the work.

Letting the message out.

Letting the truth speak through me.

When I am in THAT …

I am free.

I am released.


I am CERTAIN, of who and what I am.

I am me.

When I have become distracted, forgotten that all the stuff is just a fabulous extra, the cherry on top of the fact that I get to live this life of saying yes to what’s inside of me –

I starting trying to be.

Am I hot enough?

Am I glamorous enough?

Am I aspirational enough?

Is my life aspirational enough?

Should I show more, share more, package and pretty up more?

OMG, a fabulous exciting or growth thing happened, and I didn’t talk about it or post a photo!


Lately, the game has changed.

Have you noticed?

Or maybe you’re still not listening inside.

I find myself wondering, hmm –

How can I let my MESSAGE live and breathe more, go out into the world more and do what IT is meant to do, whilst giving even LESS of me?

How can I play a game of DELIBERATELY hiding and holding back the most exciting and wonderful and accomplishment-rich things I am doing in business and life, as well as the small or large moments of wonderful learning, of LIFE, in my relationship, with my children, across my various companies, with my self –

and still let this thing, this thing that was always my duty to let free, go forth and do its work?

How can I let the work work,

without it requiring ME to be the one working it,

propping it up,

or pimping it out off the back of ‘look at the fabulous life it has brought me?’.

Because here’s the thing –

The purpose of the work is and always was, quite simply, to do the work.

The purpose of purpose is purpose.

The purpose of unleashing what is in you is – IT IS MEANT TO BE UNLEASHED.

The fact that it can result in you having or being or becoming all this … stuff …

is an extra.

A fabulous world you get to play in, and do what you will with.

But when you take that extra,

and you make it the WHY,

and you start to adjust your WORK,

in order to accomplish more of that false WHY,

you will not only build a house of cards,

but also – one you didn’t even have fun building,

and can’t stand the sight of.

And then you will wonder each day, what this distaste is, this resentment, this languid disdain, for the entire thing.

And why it bores you, fails to excite you even a little bit, whilst at the same time somehow quick-sanding you ever more into it.

Want to know what happens when you are in quicksand AND bored???

I wouldn’t wait too long to find out

Instead, do this –

Snap your eyes TF back open.

Slap yourself on each cheek two times. (more is allowed)



The saying yes.

The NOT making it about you.

The giving IN.

And the letting yourself be taken over,

by what you can’t possibly take with you,

and will die of rot with,

if you let it continue to stew.

It’s really not that complicated!