And what if today were simply the day you got over it and got on with it?

What if today were the day you simply started to write the thing, say the thing, create the thing, make people an invite to the thing, show up WITH the things which God has given you and placed within you as though you knew they were already REAL,

and not just a passing whimsy,
or ‘one day when I’m ready’ idea?

What if today were the day you realised it’s not actually ON you to be good enough. Organised properly. Aware of all the steps. Or anything other than made worthy and whole and called in HIM?

What if today you just started to put one word in front of another.

Wrote one page and then the next.

Recorded the first 10 minute episode.

Wrote the bones of the sales page.

Wrote a from the heart invite.

Drafted up the landing page.

Wrote your new THIS season bio.

Took a freakin’ photo and ran with it instead of painstakingly analysing every possible reason why it’s not perfect yet and neither are you!

Do you get that the longer you hem and haw and wonder and wait the more days pass where you could have done it ANYWAY?

Do you get that those days would have stacked one on another to where there would have been things created ANYWAY?

Do you get that while you were trying to figure out what everybody would think or what would REALLY be the game-changer, the things you could have written, created, shared would have changed the game for a lot more people than what you realise ANYWAY?

Do you get that the people who your message, ministry, leadership is here to impact are NOT WAITING ON YOU TO BE PERFECT OR READY OR TO DOT EVERY ‘I’ OR CROSS EVERY ‘T’ and in fact if you DID –

you’d miss them?

The thing with vision, the biggest and most wondrous vision you can imagine, the thing beyond the thing which God has planted in you and you can’t even quite articulate is that in the end it was still just a human person who gets on and off the toilet each day, has oh so human ups and downs each day, is absolutely not sure each day, and who JUST SHOWED UP ANYWAY

who brought it to life.

And I’m just talking about vision WITHOUT GOD!

Now imagine when that human person is empowered and equipped by the SPIRIT of God, and when the vision is a supernatural thing beyond your own imagination!

And then imagine standing before God and saying “yes, well. I was going to. I knew I had to. I believed I would do! But I wasn’t quite ready and I wasn’t really sure and besides which, surely I needed to do ALL THESE OTHER THINGS FIRST, and so sorry God. Even though you put the thing inside of me. Nudged me on repeat. And told me you would be with me every step of the way, even MAKING the way,

I kinda sorta just

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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