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Success Mindset


I’m so fucking sick of myself right now. Of the BULLSHIT. Of the ties I’m allowing myself to be BOUND with.

I’m ANGRY honey and I want to explode and unleash and just LET OUT THE MADNESS.

I’m blaring my angry fast-writing tunes on repeat and I’ve journaled out some truly mad bitch shit out this morning (see attached / below) and I just want to TAKE THE WORLD BY THE SCRUFF OF THE NECK AND SHAKE IT.

Starting with me.

And you, maybe, but honestly it’s really about me.

Do you ever just feel like you’re STILL – after all this time and all we’ve spoken about and how FAR we’ve come – bottling up what’s really within you? Like if you truly let the madness out it would terrify not only everyone around you but you as WELL?

I feel like I’m operating at about 1% of my creativity and content creation and that shit scares the CRAP out of me with its breathtaking arrogance but mostly with the power of what it would MEAN. On a purely practical level if nothing else! I mean fuck! I already write up to 10,000 words a day DAY IN AND DAY FUCKING OUT. I make up to 6 videos a day. I live stream most days. That’s just my FREE content, not the paid stuff; that also gets done!

HOW MUCH CAN ONE WOMAN GIVE?! How is it even POSSIBLE? Who would want to HEAR OR READ all of that? I can’t keep emailing more … posting more … I can’t be THIS freaking crazy with everything I put out there … can I?!


Well here’s the reality bitch. LOVER. I do love you if you’re reading this, I ADORE you in fact as I truly adore those very few mad bitches who are just as crazy as me … we are few and far between and know that I WILL CALL YOU OUT WHEN I SEE YOU …


You can do whatever the fuck you want.

REAL reality:

You MUST do whatever you’re called to do.

It will NOT make sense.

It WILL be too much.




And … what? So you’re not going to unleash your art in the way you’re called to? You’re not going to say what’s on your mind, your heart, your soul, what forms the very core of your DNA?!


Well fuck that shit.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and it says FUCK THAT SHIT.

You’re allowed to be you. As an artist. As a creator. As a REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADER. As YOU.


Now if you want to build –

Or grow –

Your business –

In a way that is structured –

Systemised –

And organised –

You MIGHT want to get some input from someone who EMBRACES that side of things because what YOU need is to be able to be free to do your art.


I’ve got THAT t-shirt and it’s even worse than the first!

So on a PRACTICAL level, just VERY quickly ’cause really I just want to YELL AND SHOUT right now –

Get a mentor to help with your big picture STRATEGY of how to reach more / sell more / etc
Get people on your team and all around you to help you pull that shit together

But don’t filter that stuff.

Don’t SECOND GUESS yourself.

Don’t WORRY about what someone ELSE might think of it because you … you’re creating for you anyway. It’s ALWAYS ABOUT YOU.

And what you need.

And what you need … what I need … what WE need … is to breathe into FULL FUCKING EXPANSION.

Stop LIMITING ourselves.

Stop trying to make it WORK by forcing YOU into a box.

Stop trying to MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

You are a fucking POWERFUL CREATOR … you have stuff inside of you that most of the world will NEVER understand … IT IS THERE FOR A REASON.

And it’s going to be MORE than okay.

Let the crazy out.

Fuck the rules.

Fuck the ties that bind you.


Fuck playing it SAFE.


Live INTO it baby, not away from it.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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