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Anyone who is telling you that you can’t allow something through from nowhere, or ‘for nothing’, doesn’t understand quantum physics and how it actually works. In today’s teaching we’re going to dive in to a different form of the ‘how’ of accessing from the quantum, and creating a supernatural reality in a natural world.

I’ll explain to you what needs to be in place in your own actions and energies in order for you to receive results out of thin air (so to speak), including whether or not you can actually do this without doing any work. Can you actually just go fully quantum and change your entire life overnight, without lifting a finger?!

Let’s find out. 😉

Firstly, a little aside or rule of thumb to keep in mind when learning on the Internet, or really, anywhere –

>> People tend to rant about what they don’t understand and wish they did. <<<

They will get all up in arms and so damn hot and bothered you’d think they just did a Bikram yoga class whilst wearing a full racing suit, about the thing they simply HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE OUT YET and the not-knowing is doing their head in! They think that they disagree WILDLY with whatever the premise is, that it’s outrageous, ridiculous even, that people are saying you can just ‘x’ without ‘y’, and so they will shout to the heavens about all the reasons why this can’t be. What is actually happening is that their soul is trying to get them to figure it out! Eventually, if they’re willing to be humble about the stories they’ve been bound to and also passed on to others, they MIGHT. They certainly have the ability to figure it out; we all do! But whether they have the willingness to drop ego, and consider a different paradigm – one that actively destroys all their conditioned beliefs of how things ‘should’ work, thus taking with it a good chunk of the life that they have built – well. That’s another thing.

I’ve seen this again and again. A common example in this space is the coaches who rail on and on about how you ‘have’ to have a certain strategy. They are the ones who behind the scenes are desperately seeking flow and ease and having it just show up. Often they tell me this which is partly how I know. Mainly I know because I know how this shit works. And, I’ve been there myself, so I get it. Anyhow, why are they seeking it? Because their soul knows its true! We only seek what is ours 🙂

In the same way, those people who most loudly and passionately tell you that you can’t just think or feel your results into reality, that magic or quantum reality doesn’t mean you can just sit around all day having whatever the fuck you want show up for you, are also the ones who are wondering ‘BUT CAN YOU?’. And if so – HOWWWWWW?! Every time they post their outrage, on a soul level it is another attempt to drop in and find the answer.

Then, maybe, they too go seeking, asking, wondering, learning, but once more fear gets ’em and they go back to telling everyone on the ‘net why you can’t just blah blah blah.

So, let’s wish them well, they’re figuring it out, and we hope that they do! By the way, don’t think I am saying that this applies every time somebody rants. Der. A good rant is good for the health for all of us on occasion. I’m talking about a particular type of ‘me thinketh the lady doth protesteth too much’ rant. You can feel it!

With all that in mind, and the point of why I said it, consider being consciously considered before you take counsel from an overly shouty angry person, whose message is pretty consistently fuelled by outrage. Really what I’m suggesting to you is that you don’t allow yourself to be swayed from your own soul truth by somebody else’s insistence that it is wrong! YOUR fear mind will try to taunt or deride your beliefs of just how much flow and ease life can be, and it may do so by presenting to you the strong viewpoints of others who oppose your supposedly idealistic thoughts. Be stronger! Be strong enough to stick with what you feel inside of you.

Finally on this point, remember that in general it is wise to tune in on the energy of a person you are considering learning from. Are they grounded? Do they feel stable? Yes, of course they can still be passionate! And should be. But, be honest. Your soul can tell if what they are saying is them trying to prove something to themselves, and you can tell whether they’re coming from soul certainty and an energy of sovereignty or if they’re just really good at yelling on the internet and magnetizing other venty but not yet anchored people. Be careful not to be one of the venty but not yet anchored people! It’s a choice. Your soul knows truth, always. It’s just whether or not you’re courageous enough yet to choose it.

Meanwhile, guess what? You CAN just blah blah blah! Even without blah blah blah! Whatever the blah blah blah is! You can just ANYTHING, actually, which is kind of the point of the whole thing.

Let’s get properly into it now:

1) It’s NOT About Being a Do Nothing Bitch

On the one hand, it seems to make sense that snapping an alternate reality from the infinite possibility of the quantum into the now does not mean you can just sit on your ass, do nothing, and receive all the things overnight.

Obviously you gotta WERK, bitch, because after all, you receive based on who you ARE, yeah? So at the very least you gotta do whatever is necessary in order to BE that fully expressed and most dialled in version of you.

So there we have it, case closed! It’s not about being a do nothing bitch, it’s about identifying what the behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, actions, emotions, energies and so on of that next level you are, and then living into them!

This is all true and indeed I have taught it myself, but bear in mind that much of what I teach publicly is the grade school version. The further down the rabbit hole you wanna come with me, well –

The deeper the learning shall go 😉

So now that we’ve established that OF COURSE THERE IS WORK TO DO (cue outraged emoji!), let’s have a bit of fun and completely undo that premise.

Bearing in mind as we do that contradictions are part of life, so if you feel like it’s all contradicting itself, firstly know that it’s actually NOT (go beyond your thinking mind, you’ll see!), and secondly – get over it 😉

2) Don’t Be a Do Nothing Bitch, But At the Same Time – Know That There is No Do!

Here is the fact of the matter, okay?

It is all, entirely, and absolutely, down to the level of your faith.

You BELIEVE that it is divined and aligned for you to sit on your peachy AF booty, doing sweet FA, and have manna rain down from the heavens, a hot AF partner show up to take care of you like the Queen you are, and an itty bitty waist just perfectly proportioned below your perfectly sweet face, then guess what? SO SHALL IT BE.

The reality is that there is never – NEVER – anything you have to ‘do’ to receive. Infinite possibility already exists in the quantum, ALL outcomes are already available, and it is a literal choice to ‘bring down’, or ‘snap into the natural’ as I like to say, the one you want.

It depends on jack.fucking.shit except for the level of your belief, oh oh oh, and one other kinda the same but different thing –

Your frequency. Which we shall get to in a moment.

But no. It doesn’t depend on works. It doesn’t depend on earning. Not a little bit. AND NOT EVEN AT ALL. I know it sounds outrageous, ridiculous, and plain WRONG, but allow me to put it to you that that is your SURFACE reaction. It SEEMS as though it is outrageous, ridiculous, wrong, almost immoral in fact!

Let’s go deeper, so that you understand why it actually makes perfect sense –

3) When You Allow Through From Quantum, You Are NEVER Getting ‘Something for Nothing’

On the face of it, yes, I just postulated that you can absolutely just choose your natural world reality, and that there is nothing you need to do for that. You can be the laziest mofo in the world and just get all da goodies because you decided to, and believed.

(Also surrendered, trusted, handed over … and all the other things which innately belong to ‘belief’ … but we won’t be recapping on all these today).

Sounds like a really weird bunch of stuff for somebody like me, who is well known for doing the work, all the work, and LOVING it, indeed even known for chasing down purposeful pain, to say! Especially when you factor in that for years I have been actively telling people that they MUST do the work, all of it, or else!

Put that bit aside a moment, I’ve got you, it’s the next point, and let’s come back to the whole ‘something for nothing’ bit.


This is the game-changer, okay? The whole point, the foundation of the whole bloomin’ paradigm, is that we are simply CALLING IN TO THE NATURAL what always was. What was OURS, given to us since before time began. We were born worthy for all of it. IT IS ALREADY OURS.

Life is a big ole journey of allowing yourself to live into what always was yours, for you, of you, and given you! Which, by the way, is IMMEASURABLE, UNLIMITED, and INFINITE. That’s God talking just FYI.

The long and the short of it is that if you can see it, it’s yours?

YES, this absolutely means you need to be pretty tapped in, so as to know that you are truly seeing what is yours, and not just distracted from your soul aligned and divined path by a whole bunch of eye candy or shiny shit.

So, get tapped in. Daily. There ya go, there’s some work for you to do 😉

Anyway, key point here: we are not trying to ‘get’ something separate to us or outside of us, we are allowing through what always was. This applies equally to material / practical shiz niz as well as internal, energetic, and so on. It applies to everything.

It’s a calling back what was, not a getting of what was not.

4) It’s a Frequency Thing

Okay, so here is where the WORK bit comes in! Fun! You KNOW I love to work, I love love love it, work is NOT a dirty word, work is like air to me. I crave it for many reasons. When I say work I mean practical work, ‘hustle’ if you will (always from purpose), I also mean the inner work and energetic work, really I mean everything that I do, down to the autonomic (unthinking) actions of my body! But yeah – I definitely DO shit, for my business, my money, my body, my life. Quite a fair bit of shit, actually. As well as quite a fair bit of la-di-dah-ing around in another space and place and just kind of floating through no-time.

So –

If it’s all just available to us, it’s all already OURS, and there is nothing we need to DO, then why do so many people never RECEIVE, maybe including you?

Well, belief is the main reason. Their faith is not great enough, and that’s all there is to say about that. Most people, if they wanted to get obsessed about something, would be best served getting obsessed about building faith in the unseen and pressing pause on everything else.

Because here’s the thing – being in a state of pure belief puts you on the FREQUENCY of receiving.

One part of how receiving from the infinite possibility of the quantum is, you have to be OPERATING on a quantum frequency of receiving so to speak. In crude terms this means – expanded not contracted energy, open, IN belief / faith, certain, joyous, and so on. We could add to it, but let’s not for now.

^^ what happens to most of us if we don’t do the work our soul is calling us to do? Whether that work be taking action in business, or fitness, or how you parent, or tracking your money, whether it be ANY form of practical work OR inner work, it all comes back to the fact that we are programmed to DESIRE to ‘do’ in certain ways.

Part of the human experience is to thrive on striving, on stretching, on expressing, on overcoming, on figuring out. On doing! And THAT my dear fellow seeker, is exactly the REASON you must ‘do’. FOR THE SAKE OF DOING. For the joy of the journey. For the expression of your soul, and the stretching and recalibrating of your mind and every other part of you! When you DO whatever YOU are naturally coded to desire to do (which let’s remember also obviously includes a helluva lot of stuff you at first probably resisted) then you FEEL good.

Take it to the next level, drop right into your ‘soul aligned doing’, whatever that happens to be for you, say yes to soul rather than fear or resistance, and? You might just enter the superflow lane.

Losing track of time and space and self …

Not really sure who or what you are anymore …

Accessing creativity and knowledge and magic and certainty in a way the chained to the only natural world human cannot …

And so on.


Kabam, and bam, and BOOM bitchessss.

So. To sum it all up:

NO. You don’t have to DO anything in order to GET or RECEIVE or HAVE. You get or receive or have or become by realising it is all simply ALLOWING what always was, and that as soon as your faith is great enough combined with your energy / frequency a match then it HAS TO SHOW UP, it can’t not, and it COULD also be perceived in the natural as ‘instantly’ or ‘overnight’ or ‘from nowhere’, but really it was right there in the wings the whole time anyway; already yours.

And in order to HAVE your energy / frequency be a match you only need to be in (again, to put it really simply and quickly) in what I would call the superflow lane, dropped in, expanded, VIBING in that no time / space / self sense.

And for THAT to happen, being as how you’re human and all, there are PROBABLY things you will ‘do’ … but it’s different for each of us, and whilst I personally absolutely love having a million balls in the air a lot of the time and running life HARD, for other people it may literally be sit there –

Do fuck all –

And let it show up. Indeed for me it is also often that! I like to have the best of all worlds.

But as far as ‘deserving’ … ‘earning’ … ‘doing enough’ … yeah none of that is a thing.

You were born fucking deserving. Your only job is to be you. WHATEVER THAT LOOKS LIKE, changing of course, as it does, moment by money and day by day!

‘Born deserving and already worthy’, that’s not a throw away statement.

One assumes you will also be a human who learns, and serves, and stretches, and grows, and expresses, thus dropping deeper into the knowledge and truth that was always there for them. Indeed you already ARE, the very act of existing has caused you to grow, learn, etcetera. So, you always have gifts to pass on.

But as far as what you get to HAVE? That’s an entirely separate fucking thing from the doing.

This is the paradigm shift, okay. That last bit. It’s not 1+1 = 2, that’s Newtonian reality baby, and we ain’t playing there. If you happen to be someone who is in the frequency of receiving without lifting a finger (which of course we ALL are at times) then shit can absolutely show up for you from nowhere.

What you do is not linked to what you receive. You do for the sake of doing, based on what your soul requires in order to be watered, fed, and grow. You receive because you always could.

I guess what it all comes down to is pretty damn simple, and exactly what I tattooed onto my ribs a ways back! Say yes to your soul. And life will say yes to you!



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