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If you have a calling and you fail to follow it you are being irresponsible with the gifts you’ve been given which WERE for a purpose, and you are operating against your true design.

I once saw somebody rant off on Facebook about how ‘wrong’ it is to say that it’s irresponsible to not get your work out into the world (it may have been in response to a post I’d made during my peak Queen of the Facebooks era) and I just thought –

you don’t get it.

If you think it’s wrong to say that it’s because YOU either are not doing work you were actually called to do, or you’re just in denial. And sure, it’s not about responsibility to other PEOPLE; that’s not the kind of responsibility I’m talking about.

It’s responsibility to the CALL. To the GIFT. To your DESIGN. And ultimately – to being who you came here to be. A reality of which is – MORE THAN JUST YOU. Who you came here to be is about more than just you, and it’s selfish, foolhardy and also EXHAUSTIVE to not submit to that.

You can get your knickers in a knot because the word ‘responsibility’ makes you wanna shriek and shout about you don’t HAVE to do ANYthing, thank you very much, or you can baulk at the word submit because you iz a LEADER baby, but if you look beneath these perhaps initial responses and into a part of you where you’re ego is not feeling threatened, you’ll have to admit something you already know. Which is –

you came here to do certain things and that is just the facts of it.

IN fact, if we do want to make it ‘all about you’ for a heartbeat, the fact of it is that when you DON’T do these things you don’t feel right.

You feel drained.
Simultaneously pent up and needing to be filled up.
Things are not RIGHT.

But here is something you may not have considered. And it could be a GAME changer for you if you, like me, and like so many of the women I write for, battle perpetually against your own will and desire, continually push-pulling on whether or not you ‘feel like’ or ‘should have to’ show up for your art, your genius, your flow, your purpose work today.

Do you want to know why you fight so much? Why you yearn to pour out more and BE that vessel, yet so often hold yourself back, spin your wheels, do NOTHING, and another day passes in which you didn’t show up because well – what’s the point if it’s not already perfect, and perfectly seen, heard, wanted, acclaimed? ‘PEOPLE DON’T RECOGNISE MY GENIUS ANYWAY, SO THEY DON’T GET TO HAVE IT! HUMPH!’

>>> It’s because you have wrapped your sense of self into your work and you are depending UPON said work to in some way complete or make you. This puts you at a TOTAL energetic and emotional standstill, because you both ‘need’ to do the work in order to feel or be enough … yet you CAN’T do the work because the pressure of it having to make you feel or be enough is too immense, and also –


On a deeper level you know it is also not RIGHT. Your work, by which you KNOW I mean your genius, your art, the POURING OUT, it shouldn’t have to bear the weight of COMPLETING you.

You’ve taken the thing which is the magic thing, the true thing, the you thing, and turned it into a dancing monkey on the street corner.

‘Do this for me!’

‘Do it for everyone!’

‘Delight the world and satisfy my soul and fill in the gaps of my identity and make me a million bucks by breakfast too!’


No wonder you don’t show up half the time! No wonder you’re as inconsistent as snow on a beach. No wonder you’re exhausted before you even DO anything. No wonder you feel like it’s all just pointless anyway … because the deeper and actually reasonable part of you knows that THAT IS NOT WHAT DOING THE WORK IS FOR.


at the same time,


The work IS a supernatural thing which is also an absolute FOLLOW on to you being you. So – what gives?!

The answer is in the FOLLOW on, don’t you see?

It is a FOLLOW on to you being you. It SHOULD occur. It WILL leave a legacy which will transcend you. It SHOULD reach and make millions. It WILL fill you up and pour you out all at once when you submit to it each day, when you ANSWER THE CALL, when you are RESPONSIBLE to the task of you being you.

But it is not you.

Anymore than having a fit body or a skilled ability at gardening, or an admirable approach to parenting, or any OTHER thing is ‘you’.

When we take a thing which should rightly be attended to in our lives and we make our very identity interwoven with it, we put ourselves in a position where we equally need and crave the thing yet at the same time cannot in a healthy way do or receive the thing.

You were not made to be co-dependant with your destiny, nor any part of it.

Do you get it?

So here is the answer. The ONLY final answer.

Just like working out. Or tending to your garden. Or keeping your home in a particular way. Or parenting in a particular way.

Make it a thing you are RESPONSIBLE to because that is what is RIGHT, TRUE, and it is a call to be answered, but NOT because without it you wouldn’t be you and your entire identity would implode.

The only thing your identity is ACTUALLY meant to be interwoven with and hinged upon is God.

Anything else you try plug in there just becomes a thing you’re now idolising and worshipping and dependant upon in ways which can only ever deplete you and ultimately lead to rack and ruin.

And what was meant to be a wonderful beautiful part of your life and EXPRESSION of you being you, and yes also something you were given RESPONSIBILITY to attend to, nurture, grow,

has now become twisted and wrong.

It’s time to return to your art being your art.
Your work being your work.
Your leading being your leading.
And you?

Being motherfreaking you.

This is how to lead,


and FLY,

as you CONSISTENTLY show up for what’s inside of you and what you’ve been given,

without weaving it so dramatically into the fabric of your soul that you simultaneously can’t live without it and also refuse to do it because you deep down know it shouldn’t be done from that place.

So straighten up.
On what would it look like right now,
if you simply did your JOB,
and knew that that was a thing which came to change the world,
but it is still simply something you DO
and not actually you.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Become the Leader Now begins in just DAYS gorgeous, are you coming?

It is 10 weeks together …
It is all new and LIVE …
And it is what will be my last live course in a VERY long time!

God showed me this one as the pinnacle to my new 2023 product suite and the work He has been doing through me for those entrepreneurs leaders & waymakers who are truly called to build with PURPOSE.

I’m stopping new live courses because He is pulling my focus beyond this into a deepening with my books, and a growing of the platforms which will lead IN to those books and my existing courses.

I’m sure at some point something new and live will flow again, but in the meanwhile – this is what we’re doing!

Here is what it is really about though. For you.

There is a way you know you should be showing up as HER. THAT version of you, whose business flows in a particular way because she is BEING the leader who she came here to be, and both the practicalities as well as the inner game + energetics of that are finally RIGHT.

> The frequency where things just take off is a real thang.

And it is NOT meant to be by endless pushing, joining of dots, following methodology that marketers or coaches or ANYONE say is the ‘rules’, or by fighting one step at a time to move forward.

The truth about you is you CAME HERE TO RUN THE THING.

You were DESIGNED to go straight to the top.

But it ain’t gonna happen while you continue to kow-tow to ideas of what people are ‘supposed’ to have to do to lead on the internet.


Time to act freaking-accordingly.

And join me,

in Become the Leader Now.

We start next week!


You’re supposed to be in.



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