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Money Mindset


Do you ever stop and look at people, hopefully not the ones you keep in your personal space, but more so the random ones, the ones you encounter whilst out and about in the wild and the wilderness, the ones who haven’t yet realised they have a damn CHOICE, do you ever stop and look at them and wonder “what in the actual fuck are you doing?”

It’s so fascinating to observe, if not mildly horrific.

The whole of society seeming to be like some kind of mass experiment in how to condition NATURAL BORN SUPERHUMANS into dumb drooling fear-driven robots.

‘Like’ some kind of experiment?

Of COURSE it’s a motherfucking experiment. We’ve always known that.

Well –

WE have.

Keep ’em dumb.
Keep ’em blind.
Keep ’em compliant.

And most of all –

Keep ’em SCARED, so then they will do what they’re told while the WORLD IS RUN BY THOSE WHO KNOW.

This is LIFE.

If you don’t understand how it works, and you’re not actively and consciously and daily drawing yourself out of it, or if you think that what I just said is some conspiracy theorist mumbo jumbo, then guess what?

You one of ’em baby.

Running scared from purpose and maybe never gonna know about it.

But actually I’m not here today to speak to those who do NOT already know that all of this is true. I’m here to speak to you who KNOWS they have the power to create ALL of their reality, who is ALREADY awake, and who is actively, consciously and daily leaning further into connectedness to consciousness, to soul, to source, to self.

And to that you I say this:

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING, still walking around embodying so many traits of the old, the asleep, the controlled, the scared?

The way you hold any little bits of abundance to yourself, so miserly, so worried about losing the little you do have, so fearful of always making sure you get what you can when you can.

Like somebody who has to always take every bit of extra food possible from the buffet, because hey – it’s free! And I should get it while I can! And it’s free!

Don’t you understand?

“To him who HAS, more will be given, and he WILL have abundance, and to he who has NOT, even what he does have will be taken away.”

(Matthew 13:12)

If you want to receive more, have more, BE more, and tap into the infinite flow of abundance which ALSO IS LIFE, then you ARE going to need to act as though that is already true.

Does the person who lives and breathes and is abundance hold on so tightly –

Fists clenched together –

Shoulders rounded –

Beady eyes darting all around for what is next going to hurt them or take away from them or punish them?

Assuming that life is HARD and out to GET them and that they should take what they can get when they can get it because hey – !

Who knows what’s comin’ next?

Or is she grounded, upright, strong, stable, and also calm, patient, able to WAIT, knowing that exactly what she wants and what is divined for her will show up so long as she holds the vision, stays the course, refuses to back down, and repeatedly chooses to BE the highest version of herself in how she shows up, lives, moves, breathes?!


I think the latter.

THIS IS NOT JUST A LA-DI-DAH CONVERSATION about a general concept.

What I’m TALKING about, is specifically relevant to how you’re doing business and life right now.

The way you say yes to NOT soul aligned clients, rather than hold the vision of believing the ones you are MEANT to serve will show up.

You do realise that every time you allow the WRONG people into your space you make it so the right ones can’t see you, wouldn’t want to, won’t ALIGN to you?

Or how about the way you sell shit which you do NOT really believe in, love deeply and expansively, KNOW is your true soul work?


Well – that’s what seems to work right now! And I tried doing what I really want to do and nobody bit! And besides, I’m not good enough and I don’t know how!


You’re either being who you are meant to be as a messenger, an artist, a leader, or you are NOT.

There IS no grey area.

You’re either holding out for the real fucking thing no matter how long it takes before you get seen or paid for that, and you are just digging your damn heels in and choosing to endure – grow stronger from! – whatever is necessary along the way, OR –

You’re fucking not, because of your God damn fear mentality, which you use to justify why you ‘had to’ … citing money / bills / fear / ‘no choice’ when GUESS WHAT BITCH YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.

What you’re REALLY saying is you are NOT willing to do what it takes, until it takes.

Oh sure, up ’til a point … where it hurts a little and you’re squirming … but when the REAL fire kicks in you’re running shrieking away and then expecting that it’s JUSTIFIED, because surely, surely nobody should have to endure THAT, surely THAT’s not what’s meant when we talk about doing what it takes?

Well – 

It is!

WHATEVER it takes is what it takes!

You wanna live a life like only 1% within the 1% within the 1% ever get to? You believe you were born for that?

Then you damn well better act it!

How about with dating, with calling in the one?

You saying yes to a second date with somebody where it’s “well, maybe it COULD work … I’ll just see … I don’t want to judge too harshly … ‘such and such’ (thing you fucking value) doesn’t matter to me THAT much … he really is quite amazing in so many ways …!” –


Success knows that in order to have it ALL there is a need to ruthlessly shed and walk away from anything which is not a 100% fuck yes.

Fuck yes is fuck yes, it’s not fuck yes, “just that this one thing …”

If you’re serious about living the life you know you can have then you MUST also be serious about identifying and dealing with the traits you still embody of a person who is NOT successful.

You MUST be like a warrior with this.

Absolute focus.
Absolute determination.
Absolute unwillingness to back down.
ABSOLUTE ability to come back to the vision and to keep.on.moving.ALL the way to it.


And here is the reality.

The reality is that most of you just won’t do it.

You’ll cave.

You may be strong one time, two times, three times, but get knocked down or back a fourth, encounter the rejection or the lack of accomplishment again, and something in you just can’t keep doing it.

“I tried!”, you’ll say. “I really gave it my all! But it’s just ____ BLAH BLAH BLAH EXCUSES AND BULLSHIT ____”

And your equally soft and UNSUCCESSFUL friends will nod their heads in compassion and agreement, pat you on the back and give you a hug and say “well, at least you can say you tried”




And whatever comes in between decided and did is just WHAT COMES IN BETWEEN.

You WILL endure it.
You MUST endure it.

And motherfucking GRATEFULLY too, let’s not forget.

Leaning EVER more deeply into it.

Letting the pain, the fear, the “I can’t I can’t I can’t I’m gonna die!” wash over you.


“I can’t?”


That is the ONLY answer.

The only POSSIBLE answer.

Unless it’s that actually you weren’t born for exceptional at all and you’re just fucking average.

If so, good luck to you.

Choose what you want to choose.

But don’t kid yourself that it’s not a choice, ’cause it is.

So what you’re really choosing is –

“I have faith but I don’t have THAT much faith”

“I have strength but not like THAT!”

“I believe but just … that’s crazy!”

And so on.

And so forth.



It doesn’t work like that!

FAITH is absolute.

DRIVE is absolute (or damn well should be; has to be for it to be effective!)

STRENGTH, in terms of what’s required internally to be the damn you who prevails is ALSO absolute … infinite … it IS DONE WHEN IT IS DONE.

Not when you have an ouchy.

BELIEF, in yourself, and willingness to do what it takes REQUIRES ABSOLUTE PERSISTENCE.

I don’t know why more people don’t understand this inherently.

It boggles my mind.

But the ones who don’t understand, they’re not my concern, there’s not much I can do or say to somebody who has no ears to hear.

YOU however.

You, who understand.

You, who understand but do not WOMAN THE DAMN FUCK UP AND DO WHAT IT TAKES.

For the love of God.

HOW do you even look yourself in the eye.

Oh, that’s right.

You DON’T. You can’t. Instead you ‘survive’ by numbing. Binging. Hiding. Scrolling. Doing anything you can to drown out the increasingly more desperate SCREAMING OF YOUR SOUL.




You say you’re awake, and you talk about being conscious, and you post shit about doing what it takes and being different.

But yet you continue to be weak.

You continue to opt out.

You continue to CHOOSE FEAR.

You think I’m a bitch, a hardass, that I don’t understand YOUR woes or hardships?

I understand just fine.

I understand that I too used to listen to my own bullshit, and make it more important than my purpose, my soul, my destiny.

It felt so valid, and so real.



I did.

As I numb numb numbed and cry cry cried my way through life.

And I understand that in order to become this person?


And do the damn work anyway.

All the work.

Inner and outer.

No matter what.

In every area.

No matter how hard.

And no matter how long it takes.

For the rest of my life.

I really don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

And if ya do?

Get the hell outta here.


Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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