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If you think that you’re in any way ever going to create epic money flow, a huge following of soulmate peeps, unparallelled success in all possible ways the way you’ve always known it’s MEANT to be, without ONLY doing work you’re insanely proud of and excited about, you’re even more delusional than what you already consider yourself to be.

A lil delusion and madness goes a long way in the life of a crazy-ass called creator like you and I, in fact we’d never want to do without it! Because of our delusions and madness, we ALLOW ourselves to dream of and then act on stuff that most people wouldn’t even begin to consider!

We live with our heads in the clouds and then we create entire new worlds based on what we see and feel up there!

This is a good thing, a great thing, an essential thing!

But, there’s delusion and then there’s delusion.

And one of the most truly FOOLISH delusions which purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you and I often fall into is the idea that doing shit we don’t really wanna do or feel AWESOME about –

In a way that doesn’t particularly suit us or light us up –

And with or for people who we’re not flat out in love with –

Can somehow eventuate in us having a business and life fully on our terms, and based on what we dream about!

We’re talking simple maths here …  a day + a week + a month + a year + a decade OUT of alignment can not and WILL not somehow result in the next day / week / month / year / decade being IN alignment and flow!

That makes no sense.

(You know this already)

And for every day, nay every MINUTE you continue to spend doing stuff that goes against what FEELS right, you more firmly lock in a LIFETIME spent off path …

Out of alignment …

And NOT fulfiling your purpose, or living into your destiny.

But yet –

– You continue to say yes to stuff that ‘should’ work or get you there, because somebody who, if you were honest with yourself about it you’d have to admit, does NOT actually inspire or expand you with their energy, said that this is how it’s done

– You continue to accept relationships in business and life which contract you, drag you down, or have you repeatedly explaining earnestly to all and sundry that ‘it’s not THAT bad …’

– You continue to throw good time and energy after bad, assuming that if at first something didn’t succeed it’s always because you just didn’t do it properly or perfectly, instead of that – HELLO – it’s because your soul knows it’s not needed for YOU

– You continue to desperately look for what you’re missing, do you need a better Instagram strategy? What’s the best free gift to ‘hook’ ’em in? Should you do an automated webinar? What is the PROVEN way to monetize a funnel? What’s the right stuff to have on your website, your ‘About’ page, your bio, so that people know they should trust and like and pay you?! What do you need to say? How do you need to stand? How should your photos look? What’s the right way to breathe? And so on, and so forth, ad infinitum, always looking for that missing link when the WHOLE damn time the missing link has been YOU!

You continue to try to prove yourself … to shout loud enough to be heard … to be fancy enough to stand out … to be cool enough to be accepted as a leader … I could go on and on all day here, but let me ask you a simple question to bring it ALL to a halt:

Of the work you do right now …

Of the work you’re currently giving your LIFE for …

Of the way you’re allowing yourself to be known, and seen, and what you’re showing the world you stand for …


Make a list.

A LONG list.

Of ALL the things, big and small, which you’ve done in let’s say the past 3 or 4 weeks (or even the past week if you can’t think back that far).

Include all the TIME wasting stuff, such as searching social media endlessly for the meaning of life, aka scroll scroll scrolling your life away.

Include all the time spent frantically or frazzlededly trying to work out a better strategy or plan or system to follow.

Include all the time spent hopping from idea to idea, or training to training, or person to person, looking for that magic bullet solution.

And then LOOK at the list, and circle the stuff you’ve put out into the world or given your life for that you feel SO FUCKING PROUD OF.

I’m NOT talking about stuff that you think or HOPE is gonna pay off …

I’m not actually talking about anything to do with what sort of supposed RESULTS were generated or you think should be …

Heck, we all know it’s possible to make money doing shit that doesn’t light up our SOUL, that is not the stuff to circle! Just because you did shit you said you’d do, doesn’t mean it’s the stuff you’re MEANT to do! You might just be really freaking good at self-discipline AGAINST soul! I know I’ve been that way in the past … I’m grateful I am a disciplined person who has learned how to do the WORK, but gosh –

I’m so grateful I eventually learned how to differentiate between getting shit done and getting PURPOSE done.

The work I’m talking about is simple –

The stuff to circle is obvious –

It’s the stuff where you can hand on your heart say yes –

“That was me doing what I am MEANT to do”.

Another way to know for sure is – what is the stuff which, after doing it or even whilst doing it, allowed you to EXHALE … and possibly you experienced a shedding directly afterwards, such as a spiritual poo (seriously … google my name and this term; it’s important to understand, and it is a PRIME way of knowing you’re in alignment!), or simply a general lightening of body and soul.

If you’re holding on to so much right now –

If you feel tense and tight and blocked and stuck and ALL backed up with energy or fluid or shit, literal or emotional –

If your soul feels HEAVY and DRAINED and SAD –


(And again – you already know this).

It doesn’t MATTER if you’re the hardest-working gal on the block, and it does NOT matter how much shit you’re getting done, or chasing your tail on, if it’s the wrong.fucking.shit.

You may THINK it’s getting you somewhere, and you may even have evidence of that …

But success is a feeling.

Your dollars earned or markers of acclaim achieved, which did not come from soul, mean NOTHING, and you’ll quickly find that they also don’t really DO anything for you in a physical sense either … the money made from selling out somehow slips through your fingers, and the anything achieved from acting against higher self just feels hollow and empty, you don’t care and you CAN’T care.

You already know this.

But yet you continue to sell out.

You continue to try to work the system.

You continue to preach soul, and purpose, and you believe at your core that you were born for more and that you CAN have it all, from soul, on your terms, but yet you CONTINUE to act in a way which demonstrates quite clearly, where allegience has been made.

To the conditioned self.

To fear.

To the expectations of others.

And to the fact that you haven’t made a full commitment to living ONLY for what matters, and fuck the so-called consequences … aka the FEAR mind telling you that if you do that, be that, show up that way it WON’T WORK AND EVERYBODY WILL LAUGH AT YOU OR HATE YOU AND IT’LL BE PROVEN THAT YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE PAID OR SEEN FOR THAT ANYWAY.

The thing is, that beneath the fear –

Beneath the resistance –

Beneath the conditioned BULLSHIT, and the habits you’ve gotten yourself into of ACTING AGAINST SOUL –

You do know.

You’ve always known.

You can’t NOT know.

That the pathway to success, TRUE success, the kind you FEEL but also the kind that ACTUALLY fills up your bank account and gets you ALL the gold stars.

Is the pathway inside of you.

How to find it, is simple.

It’s in the exhale.

It’s in the expansion.

It’s in the being lit up.

It’s there when you feel SO freakin’ high vibe and excited and passionate and PROUD of yourself.

It’s in the stuff that lights up your spirit and your energy, when you see it in others, or when you get a glimpse of it in an article (like this!), or when you feel a flicker of it when you on occasion just do something ’cause you can’t NOT rather than because it’s the thing that THEY seem to be saying you should do.

You’ve always known where to find it, if only you’d be honest with yourself.

But how to LIVE it, well that’s another thing, isn’t it?

It’s another thing which is in fact EVEN MORE SIMPLE:

Just decide.

That from this moment forward.

You’ll be damn truthful with yourself about what matters to you.

About your values.

And about what lights you up, and fills you with that IRREPLACEABLE CERTAIN FEELING that this is what I am MEANT to be doing, and releases and expands me all at once.

And that you’ll do it.

Even if you never make a cent from it.

Even if nobody EVER listens or hears or sees.

Even if it never gets you ANYWHERE.

That you’ll give your life,

For what it was created.

And if you can’t do that, and you can’t understand that that release, that detachment, that CONTRACT of commitment with NO expectation of so-called reward, isn’t the ONLY way to ever live the life you were born for and dream of with SUCH longing –

And you can’t understand that the way to receive ANYTHING is to first let GO of it and acknowledge that you don’t need it, because the reward is always and ONLY in living for what’s IN you –

And you can’t understand that the fastest way to success is to simply BE WHO YOU’RE MEANT TO BE, and to let go of having to get to or have ANYTHING aside from that –


Well, we’re done here.

And you’ll go on your way –

In another place, because God knows I can’t help you, I don’t speak to those who aren’t willing to die for their art, their message, their truth, who don’t GET that makin’ and impacting millions comes from first letting GO of it and committing ONLY to what really matters –

And we’ll probably never cross paths again, because we operate in different realms.

But there are a few who will read this, and get it.

And fewer still who will get it, and then live it.

In an instant, right now, this very moment, letting go of ALL the chains which have bound them, all of the allegience made to a false God, and who will this VERY second decide –

From now on, I will say yes to my soul.


And only.

I choose to trust.

I choose to believe.

And I choose to motherfucking BACK myself.

If that’s you?

Tell me.


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