Business Mindset


I was listening to Kamikaze (Eminem’s new album) this morning, interspersed with a bit of Britney Spears – as you do – cruising down the highway on my way to yoga and thinking about, well, not much of anything really!

I feel a little bad that I don’t seem to have as extreme of an opinion as everybody else about MM’s latest – everybody seems either thrilled or outraged and disgusted, and in no uncertain terms either! All feels a bit extreme to me, but considering how much I DO listen to his stuff it makes me wonder why I’m not as emotionally affected in one direction or the other as what my entire feed seems to be. Well, okay, I guess I do know why –

Because I’m loyal to who I’m loyal to, and it’s kinda ‘period, The End’, on that for me.

This is true with people, and with brands. 

Of course there are situations where trust is broken and I completely let go of something or somebody I loved, but as an overall rule – once I love someone or something, I love them, and that also means I tend to love what they’re doing or producing BECAUSE I LOVE THEM.

THAT is how I feel about his latest album. There’s some songs on there that really speak to me, some I will probably never play again, but so what? His music has meant a lot to me over the years, and my loyalty will die hard for that reason. I’m like an indulgent old aunt with the random shit, chuckling and shaking my head at the shenanigans even if they’re not my favourite.

Indulgent old aunt, that’s me!!

Anyway –

HERE is what I was actually thinking about as I drove along, I’m just musing on the loyalty thing now, but what was running through my mind earlier was around putting on a SHOW.

Eminem’s music has a certain rhythm, a certain beat, a certain energy; it’s recognisable; duh.

This is true with Britney as well; it’s true with all artists – even those who have wild variance in their style of creating, the recognisable bit tends to be the ESSENCE OF THEM.

But if you think about the lyrics … the lyrics of a lot of his new songs for example are essentially somewhat passive aggressive, or just straight up aggressive, smack-talking everybody who smack-talked him, and then we have that whole ‘survival of the fittest’ style theme coming through (which I love and ALWAYS resonate with), but really –

What makes any of it new, or different? 

Another day, another album, another bunch of songs, and the same fucking message (essentially!) which we’ve been hearing from him the whole time.

In the business of what we do, as online messengers, coaches, leaders, truth-sayers, something people worry about a LOT is being repetitive. I used to worry about this too, and it still gets me from time to time! I’ll find myself writing a post sometimes even with the same NAME of something I’ve written previously. Often it will feel like I’m just regurgitating shit from last year, the year before, heck, even way back to 2006 when I first began blogging!

It was always some sort of version of what you feel inside of you is real, believe in yourself, live according to your values, do what it takes, press fucking play!

In fact, you could go back earlier than when I first began writing this stuff online, and you would have heard me messaging it verbally, to my clients, my friends, my journal, anybody who would listen!

The message has always been the message, it remains unchanging; like God 

But how it’s PACKAGED?


How I wrap that shit UP for you? Ohhhhhhh baby, I guess there’s been some changes there!

There’s been sweet and nice and all things lovely and light Kat …

There’s been passive aggressive and angry and ‘fuck the world’ Kat …

There’s been introspective and deeply soulful Kat, who will plead with you to save your soul …

There’s been crazy ridiculous shenanigan-ery Kat (I love her!) …

There’s definitely been some boring, bland, MEH Kat in there …

And there’s been a LOT of fire and brimstone and do what it TAKES Kat.

Over the years, I’ve seen people love me, hate me, loathe me, rage against me, become obsessed with me, copy me, fangirl on me (please don’t, it feels weird!), want to be best friends with me (yes, let’s BE friends if it’s for real!!), try and take me down publicly, build me up and promote me to everybody they know, and you know what else –


Up, and down, and all over the damn place with their FEELINGS about me.

Well, I understand that. I can understand it from the point of view of, for many of my soulmate clients and community, there was a time where I WAS ‘too much’ for them. Too much of a mirror, mainly 

So, that’s one thing.

But to be honest, aside from that … the ‘reactive’ on-and-off-again loyalty, whereby people love me / hate me / think I’m inappropriate / silly / too extreme, etc … that’s not loyalty. It’s not love. It’s not SOULMATE connection.

My soulmate clients and peeps love me for who I am, at my core, period the end. And I them. This does NOT mean they blindly follow or do everything I say, of course not! It also doesn’t mean they love every single piece of content I put out. God, I send 6-8 emails a day, PLUS all the stuff I put on social, you’d never get your own life playing if you were absorbing all of what I create! Besides which – I don’t EXPECT everything I unleash to hit home with you. I understand there will be a ton of my stuff you’ll skip over, or begin reading or watching and then not jive with, or you’ll press delete in your inbox without even opening it! Outrageous! Haha. No, it’s FINE.

But to all of a sudden decide I’m shit because you didn’t like a livestream I did … or even if it felt like I was losing you for an entire month or so … or you just weren’t as ‘into’ me anymore … well, that’s part of how it goes, isn’t it? But at a certain point, you do start to notice, as a leader and an artist, who actually is sold on YOU, versus who is just alternatively getting their rocks off on your content or being offended or appalled by it.

And here is what all of this comes down to, if you’d like to build a loyal as FUCK tribe of soulmate peeps who are in it for the long haul with you –

It comes down to, what is the SHOW you’re putting on, and who is it for?

Your message is your message, it doesn’t change and it’s not SUPPOSED to. You believe what you believe and you stand for what you stand for! Well, of course beliefs shift in people, but our underlying beliefs around what life is all ABOUT tend to hold pretty solid.

For me, for several decades now, in fact since I was younger than 10 years old, all I’ve wanted to do was inspire and empower others to press play and live their lives purposefully!

For a long time, I was trying to DO this, and whilst it always spoke to those who it got through to, it didn’t get through to many.

It wasn’t until I released the SHOW, the performance, that it became a thing … an empire … a BRAND … an entity of its own which ain’t going anywhere. Because I found a way to package and PRESENT it all that became my style, my essence, what identifies and separates me and also allows me to draw ATTENTION to that same-same message which you DO need to hear over and over again!

Now before you get your knickers in a knot about the idea of putting on a SHOW, the whole damn point of the show is YOU BEING YOU. Aka#iamthekatrinaruthshow beatch 

Who are YOU?

Who are you when you’re being your MOST you, over the top, or playful, or outrageous, maybe aggressive and angry and fired up sometimes! 

Who are you when you’re letting your TRUE feelings show, and not hiding ’em, maybe even turning what people say about you or how they try to shut you down into part of your content?

Who are you when you’re not filtering, not editing, and no WAY in fuck letting any idea of what you should or should not do impact what comes out of you?

Who are you, in other words, when you are BEING ALL OF YOU all the time, letting whatever version of you that lurks inSIDE of you take the stage?

I find it hilarious when people refer to Eminem as having let down his fans …

If him being whatever the fuck version of him he is being ‘lets someone down’, then guess what?

Baby they were never a fan.

Not in the SOULMATE sense, which is all I’m interested in and here for.

And how about you?

Will you cater to the masses, or even to the people who have at one time lauded you, applauded you, told you ‘well done; you’re great!’, but now woefully shake their heads and indicate you’re not doing it right?

Will you bend over and take it up the ass like a good girl because you’re TOLD to, even though you actually don’t really WANT to?

Or are you going to let the message be the message, come hell or high water, and you be YOU, no matter who is lost along the way?

In the end, it’s VERY black and white –

You’re either showing with FURIOUS glory all that’s in you and fuck what anybody thinks about it, you’re TRUSTING that the right people will come along for the ride –

Or you’re a manufactured God damn wannabe who is never going to EVER really stand out at all.

Which is it?

I guess there’s only one other thing to say, isn’t there?