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You’ll never have the money freedom and ease you should rightly have as long as you pedestal it and make it something you have to have or else.

Or else ‘I’m not good enough’.
Or else ‘I don’t feel safe’.
Or else ‘I don’t fit in’.
Or else ‘I won’t be loved or worthy’.
Or else ‘I suck at life!’

It’s the same as being in great shape. If you desperately want to be because your entire identity has somehow been wrapped up in an idea that looking a certain way or having a certain level of fitness is gonna somehow free or save you, guess what?

It’s going to continue to be an uphill battle and you will only EVER experience a pained and minuscule forward movement while never EVER feeling as though you are really in any way ‘getting there’.

The thing with money is … it really does operate kinda similar to that person you had a crush on way back. Meaning – chase it, want it desperately, neeeeeeddddd it, act kinda stalky and unhinged about the idea of ‘having’ to have it and?

It’s gonna run its sweet green boot-ay straight in the opposite direction from you. (Hopefully the person you had a crush on didn’t have a green behind, but you get the idea).

Also, this:

Money (nor being in great shape) does not free or save you, and it will not in ANY way give you any true sense of identity. That’s Jesus baby.

I get that it’s difficult to cut the thang loose if you’re oh so far from where you wanna be or feel you rightly should be, but you really have no choice. The things which are FOR you (available and RIGHT, yes I mean spiritually aligned) will simply not show up when you pedestal them and anoint them with special powers they really do not have and SHOULD not be given. Idolatry, anyone?

Instead, it needs to be a relaxed expectation.

A relaxed expectation of wealth simply flourishing in your life and also THROUGH you.

A relaxed expectation of wellbeing.

A relaxed expectation that ‘of course’ things work abundantly in your business and finances, for the greater good of Gods kingdom and others, as well as the blessings which do ensue into your own life. Why wouldn’t they? Why SHOULDN’T they?

A relaxed expectation of operating at a standard of excellence in every area OF your life, but never ever because doing so ‘makes you’ something.

You are only made who you are meant to be in Christ.

And I can tell you with certainty-

that when you cut money loose and decide to be one million percent content with or without more of the stuff, whilst also EXPECTING that of course God has a great and flow and ease based plan for you in this as in all areas, and beginning to truly believe that that gets to be now –

watching with curiosity and remaining in surrender mode whilst simultaneously taking aligned action as led –

day day day dialling up your expectancy of your physical circumstances dropping in to the fullness of the vision you continue to seek direct from God Himself –

you will wake up one day and realise OH –

somewhere along the way that just happened.
Became normal.
and a state of excellence,
became ‘of course’.

Yes you do need to rally daily, to build your faith and to know God’s heart for your life, your finances, all of it. It takes perseverance in a way which simply does not exist outside of the supernatural.

But it’s not ‘I desperately had to have and then I got’.

You straight up KNOW that is never the vibe.

So today I simply encourage you to look within and ask “Lord –

show me what is.

Where should my focus be in this area?

And what would you have me know,


or let go of?”

Belief is a choice.
And sure, faith has action attached to it always.
But the action which follows relaxed expectancy? That hits different.

And maybe it’s just time for a different hit.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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