Success Mindset


I used to ask for small things, I got small things.

Now I ask for big things, for the best things, for all the things I most dream of and desire and crave. I now get big things, the best things, ALL the things I most dream of, desire, crave.

This is a lesson on how to ask for everything you never dared to dream for and also GET it.


It’s infinitely easier to aim for a standard of 1% within the 1% type excellence than what it is to aim for something more ‘realistic’ or a stepping stone type goal.

What UNsuccessful or ‘somewhat successful’ (same same) people never seem to get is that the whole POINT is to simply ask for and then do the work for the ACTUAL thing you want.

Think about this:

If you believe remotely in the law of attraction (and by the way you either believe or you do NOT believe, just on a NOT so side note …!) then asking for anything less than the ACTUAL big crazy amazing dream you want is just plain STUPID.

If manifestation really works (and it DEFINITELY does!) then it works just the same whether you ask for a grain of sand –

Or the entire fucking ocean.

So the only reason REALLY for you to ask for less than the actual dream life manifestation of what you want is, what?

You think you’re not good enough?

It’d be greedy?


We’ve already established that you can’t believe in LEVELS of manifestation so you gotta let go of THAT one, so let’s talk about the whole not good enough / self worth / bullshit / greed thing –

– or let’s NOT talk about it because it IS bullshit, because think about THIS:

If anything is possible –

And there’s infinite abundance available to you –

And we KNOW that us receiving more does not result in somebody else having less –

And ACTUALLY you HAVING more and ALLOWING more also allows you to IMPACT more, which is the OPPOSITE of greedy and selfish –


What the actual fuck are you thinking by asking for so LITTLE?!

It’s silly.

It’s ineffective.

It’s selfish.

AND to top it all off, if in asking for less you’re NOT asking for the aligned goal you actually WANT then you not only won’t GET the goal you wanted to hit (don’t ask don’t get!) but you also won’t get the half-ass / second tier version … because you asked for something you don’t really want!

It’s time to get real here.

You exist in a world in which you have the power to write your reality. Whatever you ask for, in faith and on repeat, and surrender to the ‘how’ of, will be yours.

I can tell you that the BIGGEST mistake I’ve made in business or life, the biggest thing I’d change if I were to go back, is just not asking for everything I really wanted. And even once I started to understand what I’m sharing with you here I then still only gradually scaled my goals up!

Telling myself that I should ‘work my way up’ to the big stuff …

That you can’t just skip levels …

Really all it was was fear and an underlying belief that I personally wasn’t WORTHY of having the business, life, love, everything, that I REALLY wanted.

A few years ago I started testing out asking for what I really wanted. I did this in a somewhat detached manner. I decided to stop getting all emotional as to whether or not I was ALLOWED, and simply:

1) Identify what I really REALLY wanted, the from the heart aligned dream I’d been too scared to ask for

2) Write it down in my journal as though already done (i.e. “I am … I have …)

3) CHOOSE to release / not worry about HOW it would come to life

4) Surrender the outcome: aka, again, not worry about how or when or even IF it would come to life, just CHOOSE to trust it will but let it go

5) Get the fuck on with my day. Aka: take action. One foot in front of the other.

6) Repeat. Daily.

7) It fucking worked.

This is the EXACT process I’ve used since then (and also before then if I think about it, I just asked for less), to make millions of dollars –

Stay lean AF and in fantastic shape no matter my age or how many kids or whatever –

Attract in absolute SOULMATE clients who I can’t even believe how lucky I am to get to work with –

Have insanely high conversions and repeat buys throughout my entire business / community –

Build a business which literally just requires me to get up each day and be ME, hold nothing back and never have to filter or excuse myself –

Attract in the love of my life who is also in love with me, my twin flame, the ONE –

Seriously just have the most fun and hands down AH-MAY-ZING life ever!

My secret is simple baby.

I just ask or what I want! What I REALLY REALLY want, no matter how outrageous or far flung it might seem.

I ask.

In full.

I release.

In full.

I do the work.

In full.

Now here is where a lot of people fuck this up –

They worry about HOW to do the WORK. What action do I take TODAY, Kat, to achieve that big dream?

They get really anxious if they don’t KNOW what to DO to:

* Make that sort of money

* Get that sort of body

* Attract in those high level clients

* Get paid to do what they love

* Meet their soulmate

* Do it all with EASE

Well, guess what? If you don’t know how you don’t fucking know HOW, but also it’s not ABOUT how, it’s about seeing | believing | feeling it in your cells as DONE and that is how you will ultimately step INTO the how.

I don’t really know HOW I made this money, got this body, found and fell in love with him, attracted in those sort of clients, etc, but I do know that I just kept asking for the full version of what I wanted and I chose not to get caught up in whether I was asking for too much.

And then I simply take action every day in every way to be the best version of ME that I could be.


And out.

Because ultimately here is what else I know fo SHO:

You attract in what you ARE.

Your results reflect YOU.

It’s not about the HOW or what you should DO it’s about “who do I need to BE in order to AUTOMATICALLY have that outcome?”

So here is the missing step I didn’t put above, plus all the other steps repeated:

1) Identify what I really REALLY wanted, the from the heart aligned dream I’d been too scared to ask for

2) Write it down in my journal as though already done (i.e. “I am … I have …)

3) CHOOSE to release / not worry about HOW it would come to life

4) Surrender the outcome: aka, again, not worry about how or when or even IF it would come to life, just CHOOSE to trust it will but let it go

5) Get the fuck on with my day. Aka: take action. One foot in front of the other.

—> MISSING LINK STEP: Be the ‘now’ version of the you who would already have all that stuff. STOP ASKING HOW. Eyes on your vision. Move towards it in faith, 0.01% adjustment every day, every moment, every breath.

5) Repeat. Daily.

6) It fucking works.

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.



#KATFESSSION, eeeeekkkkkk

Sooooo …

I kinda sorta did something REALLY not ideal! I made a mistake 😞

I then found about that mistake a day or so ago, when one of my amazing clients let me know!

I then fixed it of course, but since then something has been nigglin’ away at me telling me that maybe the mistake was a SIGN and a DIRECTION and I shoulda fixed it the other way!!

What am I talking about? My Easter Extravaganza Instant Manifestation Bundle, which is supposed to close TODAY in just a few hours, and contains 4 of my BEST money and manifestation courses, over 85% off!

As we do, we threw this thing together last minute like usual (aka KAT style) – and somehow managed to put THE WRONG PRICE on the sales page!!! ‍♀️

– Correct price on order form, when you actually click the buttons.

– Incorrect price on sales page. Doh.

The one on the SALES page was lower, about 25-30% lower than the already reduced 85% off! I think what happened is we copy and pasted off an old previous bundle sales page and so the old price just carried over.

Anyway, a few people pointed it out and obviously we honoured the mistaken lower price while fixing the page for future peeps.

BUTTT … I just felt ugh about it, y’know? Even though the lower price was a mistake! And even though the actual price was literally already 85% off for this offer!

It wouldn’t stop bugging me.

So, long story short, I’m changing it!

My Easter Extravaganza Bundle is now over NINETY PERCENT reduced … for anyone who already bought and paid full we will honour the lower price for you as well of course (watch out for an email later today!) and for everyone who has NOT yet, the price has now been adjusted on the sales page, DOWN!

And, because of the muck around and confusion, I’m extending my bundle sale for one more day into Easter Tuesday 🐣


Jump on now and grab four of my best Money and Manifestation courses now at 90% off, next 24 hours ONLY!!! 💥


Literally just as I finished writing this my brother walked in to my room with my (fixed!) phone. OF COURSE. Everything always works out in my favour. Just like I told ya. And just in time to snap a quick pic for this blog.


Get it! One more day! Lessssgooooo, now 90% off! —> this price is CRAZY! Extra crazy!!


I wrote half of that with my eyes closed while having makeup done. #ninjaAF

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