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Let’s get something clear and let’s do it now and let’s do it hard and FAST –

Whatever you make space for, is the thing you’re gonna excel at.

Plain and simple, the end, and that is how it WORKS!

You wanna be the best, have it all, live your purpose, press play now on the ACTUAL damn life you know you were born for, and see your every dream come to life?

Then stop fucking trying to jam it in to the leftover bits of your life, and give it the God damn respect it deserves!

Imagine if your lover, your partner, the person you were in a relationship with only ever had time or energy or attention for you in their leftover bits of time, as an afterthought, or just if all the stars were aligning.

Hopefully you actually have to imagine that and it’s not the reality, but either way – it’s a surefire way to a shitty state of affairs, and the slow but steady DEATH of the relationship, one way or another.

When a person truly loves another person and wants the relationship to flourish, they make space, they put aside time, but also energy, emotion, focus. They think about that other person a LOT, essentially manifesting the deepening of the relationship even when connection is not occuring in the physical! It becomes inevitable that intimacy and love grows, because the thing is being WATERED.

This is obvious; I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know! Whether or not you’re currently applying it, you KNOW this.

So why is it then –

That when it comes to your art then –

To your SOUL work, and the deepening and development of you not only DOING that work, but also gettin’ paid and seen for it –

That you don’t do the simple work of prioirising and making space?


And I KNOW this feels disgusting as well, ’cause I occasionally forget who I am for half a day and do this myself, and GOSH – I can’t even imagine the God awful horror it would be to live my entire LIFE that way –

You try to squeeze it in to the little bits here and there,

Telling yourself a story that you don’t have enough time, or that this half-assed attention will do, well guess what?

It won’t, and it doesn’t, and you know this.

If you want to be the BEST at something, first and foremost the best version of YOU, then you’re going to have to learn to say NO to most everything else.

And bit by bit to create the space, attention, energy and focus for that thing to flourish.

It’s one thing to start your journey into being all of you in the pockets of time, I did that too. I built the foundations of this empire while still doing full time hours in my personal training business and also pregnant and then being a new Mum!

15 minutes here, 5 there, was how it was!

But the only way I got to HERE?

I slowly but SURELY let go of things which were NOT THIS, and made space FOR this. Those little pockets of time felt like all I could offer at first, but I knew I had to use them to kick my ass to EXPAND on that, not buy into a bullshit story that I’d be able to build the empire or life I am really meant to create – this one – by continually putting other things ahead of this work.

The thing is … the thing ALWAYS is … it requires making space before you’re ready.

It requires making space before you have time.

It requires making space on a wish and a fantasy, really, the hope that it will pay off! Except – you know it will. Because it’s you. And that’s how you roll. And it’s what you motherfucking decide and choose, so it’s just how it’s gonna BE. So is it a leap of faith, really? Or is it you just finally saying yes to what’s inside of you?

Well, I guess the outcome will show soon enough!

This is true in every area.

If you want to be the best physically, you need to make the right amount of space for that.

If you want to get your art out into the world, you need to make enough space for that.

If you want to connect deeply to your soul each day, and be guided with CERTAINTY from what’s within, you need to make space for that.

If you want to deepen a relationship, you need to make space for that.

If you want to be better at selling and showing up, you need to make space for that.

How much space, for any or all of these things?


And that’s the thing, isn’t it? The reason most – MORE even, I believe, than 99.99% – will never make it, not with their purpose work, but also not really with ANYTHING!

They’re simply not willing to sit into the space. They’re not willing to WAIT upon their art, their message, their soul, their truth. They’re not willing to DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE UNTIL IT’S DONE, complete, DEFINITELY.

When you workout, you KNOW when you’re done. This is when to be done, not when the timer in your head gets back and you rush rush rush back to your busy life of disconnection.

When you do your inner work, there is a sense of completedness when everything that has come out has done so.

When you talk to somebody who matters to you, you can FEEL when everything that needs to be said has been said, and it’s time to move on.

When you sit, and just be, with your soul, listening in and leaning in, and surrendering to what is desired or required, no matter how ‘impractical’, there’s a knowingness when all that was needed has been given.

When you play –

When you laugh –

When you create –

Even when you sell – !

When you love –

When you actually LIVE rather than merely existing –

You can FEEL when it’s time to move to the next thing.

Living this way … following the flow this way … being with what IS this way … responding always and only and fully to soul this way …

It’s everything.

It’s the most amazing way to be.

It feels fucking INCREDIBLE.

But also, it leads to EVERYTHING you want, desire, long for. Everything you’re rush rush rushing around, hoping to get hold of, money, fame, glory, but what about peace, happiness, flow, having the body you want, the business you want, the life you want, ALL of it, do you really fucking think that any of that can come with you living out of the NOW, and continually CHOPPING SHORT THE DAMN FLOW?

Stop chopping the flow short! It’s ridiculous! If you want it all you can HAVE it all, you know this and you’ve always known it, but you DO gotta be willing to do what it takes, and the WORK that we’re talking about here is the work of BEING WITH WHAT IS REQUIRED.

Being patient.

Not just once, and not just in one area of your life, but every DAY, and in every area of your life that matters to you.

And if you can’t do this –
Or won’t –
Then I guess it doesn’t actually fucking matter to you, that you have that outcome, that joy, that result, that FULFILNESS, never mind –

The connectedness to YOU, and to all you came here for.

So yes –

It might be scary.
It WILL be daunting.
It will feel as though you can’t, and you don’t have time, and you shouldn’t and there’s SO MUCH ELSE THAT NEEDS YOU INSTEAD!

But what if –

(and this is just an idea, you understand, but one I’ve tested extensively and found to work EXTREMELY well!)

– what if

from this moment forward

you ONLY said yes

to what your soul needs, hmm, and you decided to live by faith?

it’s very very VERY fucking simple –

When you say yes to your soul, always and ONLY and also fully – ?

Life says yes to you.

You know this.
You’ve always known this.
Might be time to live it.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS UNTOUCHABLE is here gorgeous.

*** 10 Days 1:1, You and Me, the Smackdown to End All Smackdowns! ***




Have you forgotten you’re meant to be untouchable?

Have you forgotten what it means to be superhuman?

Have you forgotten what it means to activate SUPER superflow?

Have you forgotten what it means to be unstoppable –

Flying so damn higher and the higher you go the higher you just keep GOING, rising faster and faster and faster until you’re SO damn high that it actually seems bizarre –

MOTHERFUCKING UNTOUCHABLE, baby. #onceagain, and, for GOOD.

If so … and if you’re ready to unleash ALL that is inside of you, in a fury of glorious colour and mayhem and EXPANSION, then, well –

I made this for you.

UNTOUCHABLE is a 10 day wake up call in which, quite simply –

I smack your ass back to where it’s meant to BE, baby.

This will be intense.
It will be EXTREME.
It will HURT.
In the most FABULOUS growth and expansion possible way!


I’m going to be pushing in a way you ain’t NEVER pushed before.

How it’s going down is simple –

– You’ll receive your instructions daily. A mission of asskickery and alignment, WHICH YOU WILL FOLLOW.

– We’ll be addressing each AREA daily. The physical. Money. Business. Soulmate following / clients / creation and purpose work. Relationships. Fun. Flow. LIFE.

– This means: you’ll be gettin’ exact ‘what to do’ as far as the WORK. YES I MEAN REAL ACTUAL WORK, the ‘practical’ shit too!!

– And, naturally, we’ll be going DEEP on the inner game of being that person. No matter the turmoil. No matter the madness. No matter the CRAZY.

– You’ll be talking 1:1 with me, of course, as part of this, within our first few days on your call with me, as well as DAILY and unlimited over my private client channel. It’s continual conversation and BOOTAY-kicking.

– And you’ll receive access to my BEST resources on the empire building side of things, FAR more than what you can possibly use within the 10 days, the purpose being that you walk out of this BEING the damn person – UNTOUCHABLE, BITCH – and also with EVERYTHING that hot ass person needs in order to keep on firing and firing 

As a result of our work in UNTOUCHABLE, what you can expect is VERY VERY SIMPLE:



– Your body will level up. You’ll be tighter, leaner, stronger, fitter, faster, more POWERFUL.

– Business will level up. You’ll be calling in the right people, knowing EXACTLY what to say to ’em and sell, from FLOW, and your energy and magnetism will be through the roof, making you not only a soulmate BIZ magnet but of course a money magnet

– Wealth consciousness at the HIGHEST level will be activated. It is what it is … and it IS a thing you will feel, notice, and SEE A CHANGE FROM. Like – FAST.

– Your RELATIONSHIPS (personal and biz) will be on FIRE baby, exactly as they’re meant to be. Could be the fire of burning down what’s not right  … WILL be the fire of calling in what is

– And most of all – OVERALL BADASSERY, CERTAINTY, HAPPINESS, CHEEKINESS, POWER WILL BE ON POINT. The WHOLE entire damn point of this is to GET.YOU.FLYING. Every cell lit up. Where you KNOW you can do anything –

Have anything –

SPIN THE WORLD ON YOUR FINGERTIPS, and produce money, hotness, love, oh insane SEX of course, out of thin air.


Let’s go, what are you waiting for?

99.99% is BULLSHIT, and you know this. PM now for deets x

PPS Wanna spend a day with me in person?! Are you in Melbourne, the Gold Coast, London, or wanna be?

My Soul Shifts & Money Makin’ Days are happening LIVE, starting next Monday in Melbourne!!

Details here –

PPPS Do the damn work of being you. It’s time.

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