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When I think about life, and what I believe we are really here for; what it’s all about, there is one thing that stands out for me above all else.

Even talking about this can bring me to trembling and tears, and with it a sense of urgency so breathtaking and profound that I think I often avoid really facing into it, because it hurts so much.

And the thing is –

I’m SO aware that the pressure and desire and pull and push I feel about what life must BE, is so different to what is taught to us and what is expected.

There’s a part of me which feels so bad, that I will never be that person who hand on her heart says that the greatest work is to be a Mum, or a partner, or that relationships are what matter most.

But, it’s the truth that I don’t feel this way, and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s tell the fucking TRUTH. Firstly to yourself. That’s a good start. But from there –


Do I think you have to shout it from the rooftops and make a big song and dance about it? No, actually, I don’t think that, even though yes, of course, I know I do that.

But conceptually, no. My feeling is: speak when called to speak. At the same time, if life puts you in a position of needing to choose whether to stand up for and claim YES I FUCKING DO THINK | LIVE BY | BELIEVE that, then you DO so.

Don’t back down.

Accept and even EMBRACE the fire.

It’s all, always, exactly as it is meant to be.

And of course, exactly AS it’s meant to be in order to help you to grow, life certainly does put you in those positions. Quite often, I find!

Mind you, there is one way to avoid having to face into such fire, having to learn your own path of handling conflict, having to be perhaps burned at the metaphorical stake just because you dare to exist AS THE REAL YOU.

Would you like to know how to avoid such pain? Why, it’s simple!

Hide from your message.
Turn away from your truth.
Do work that freezes your soul.
Until eventually it cracks and falls to dust, and you, at some point then or later on, whenever time and God says so, die.

Still inside, but hey, that’s cool, it’s not so as you’d actually really KNOW, since you buried it so deep.

Except, of course, for this one small thing:

You always fucking know.

– wait

I was telling you about how there’s thing, one concept, which can without fail bring me to my knees in tears, in sadness, in no, in PLEASE no.

About how this thing …

I believe …

Is what life is all about.

And so many people will tell you:

“What matters most is relationships.

What matters most is self-love.

What matters most is contribution, giving back.


(they don’t say that last bit, not with words at least)

And I just feel like –

OH. I’m nervous, depending on the company, and even then, to say this. To say this. Fuck, just say it!

I don’t believe
That what matters most
Is love.

I don’t believe that what matters most
Are relationships
(No, not a single one)

I don’t believe
That what matters most
Is even
Being of service

And actually
What I do believe
If you’re here, and you’re reading THIS, and you’re somehow, and maybe you have no fucking CLUE how, but yet here you ARE now, magnetically drawn in to being here with ME, what I yes I DO believe, about YOU:

Is you feel the same
As me.

Perhaps you admit it
Perhaps not
Either way
You can’t deny it

I mean –

You can continue to attempt to do so
If you like

Telling yourself
The world will wait
Time will be my friend
I’m going to, no really, I will!

Can I tell you?

As much as it’s ‘never too late, you’re never too old, you’re never too broken, to begin again’ and that’s TRUE, eventually?

The final bell WILL fucking toll gorgeous.

And when it does …

If you have a moment to reflect …

Will you nod your head the slighetest bit and breathe out your last breath knowing that YES –

I fucking DID THE WORK.
The work I was BORN for.
The work I was FORMED for.
The art.
The madness.
The mayhem.
The message.
The YES.

Will you?


A story:

Everybody has a story
That one day they’re going to wake up, do the thing, be ready, get it happening!
A book in a week –
Their entire business just done –
A dream, which has been waiting in the wings and gathering dust, brought to LIFE and NOW look at me bitches!

Do you tell yourself this story, I wonder? And if you do …

Do you believe it?




Let me tell you another story.

I know that maybe you think, as I did, once upon a time, that the reason you KNOW YOU WILL is because you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW that you WILL and that you were born for MORE and you just fucking KNOW BECAUSE IT’S DESTINY, BITCH!


It’s a BEAUTIFUL story.

And it’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL FUCKING PAIN to work through, if and when you DO actually wake the fuck up and realise that life is NOW and you’re not pressing PLAY and you better get the fuck ON with it, but, well, here’s the THING:

The thing about the other story.

It’s a story of one hundred million souls, or maybe more, or maybe less, or maybe just that ONE person in your life who you –

Used to know.

It’s a story of a man.
A woman.
A child.
A fucking MESSENGER, an artist, a creator, a visionary.

And this person –

Was born for more.
To change the world.
To live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

And they came –

Grown and planted and tended to by God HIMSELF, the mark of one who was called upon them from before the dawn of time.

Do you know this person?
Do you remember?

Your mother, your father, your aunt, your lover, your friend, and a hundred
All around you.

And as they grew up, they dreamed of things beyond the realm of possible, beyond the realm of ordinary, beyond the dreams of even the greatest dreamers of all time.

And they knew:
Deep in their heart, their soul, their DNA, their EVERYTHING:
That one day they were going to do something amazing.
Fucking DESTINY baby, it said so!
And so it was

But the problem
With this person
Is that they forgot one piece of the destiny pie
And how it works

And that piece?


We were born with INFINITE CHOICE gorgeous.

God made you in the image of himself.
You were born with a blueprint, a plan, His hand in your very making and your soul KNOWS all of this.


EVERYTHING you dream of is real.
You ARE meant to do something amazing in the world.
The art you LONG to create WILL change thousands and thousands if not millions of lives.

And you will love and you will laugh and you will serve and you will build INCREDIBLE relationships and you will do EVERYTHING you came here to do.

AND that’s all just one option.

Because you get to choose.

You get to choose.

You get to play.
Or not.

And the person who you used to know, who was born for ALL of this and more, is also the same.fucking.person.who is now DEAD.




And those who remember them will remember the always slightly haunted, lost, sad, feeling they carried.

And you can fill it.
If you try.
With love with life with relationships with contribution with ALL the fucking THINGS


Because the missing link? The thing which life is actually ABOUT, and which also leads to ALL the other things, really:

That’s it.
That’s it.
That’s it.

Wake up baby.

The person you used to know is you.

Get a fucking grip.

And remember:

Life is Now. Press Play.




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