“Show me how I would use the space I refuse to make time for? HAHAHAH, okay”.

I couldn’t even make it through one of my morning journal prayer requests this morning without the request itself turning into a smartass response from God, higher self, soul, and I just started LAUGHING as my words came out.

I was feeling in to what ‘next’ or ‘else’ would be true for me right now, if I had absolutely nothing to do and seventy-seven hundred million $ on repeat hitting my bank account each month.

Some version of this journaling exercise, around what my day … week … next offering … business … life … ME would look like right now if money were taken care of forever, and there were nothing I had to do EVER, is precisely how I have found my way to a life where my money needs ARE always taken care of abundantly and where there never IS anything I have to do.

I used to sit nearly a decade back in a coffee shop just over the street from where I’m sat right now, pressed up in the smallest corner table next to the real estate office; there by 5am most mornings, and I used to journal, and dream.

More than that though – I used to DISCIPLINE myself into consciousness around who I’d be TODAY, if I were there. And then? I would act on it. I would live out my day only AFTER first connecting in to that ‘future yet available now’ part of me.

I was saying to a client just earlier, a client who adores fiction writing and finds it just lights her fire in a way nothing else can, and yet who also wants to be committed to the continued growth of her coaching business, and I said this –

“Think of it as though the fiction writing is the fuel that lights the fire of the coaching business. Giving time and energy and effort to the coaching business without first making space for your writing each morning is equivalent to trying to put a match – an unlit one – to a pile of wood with no kindling.

It’s uphill work which will NEVER allow you the expansion, creative flow, nor receiving, that first fuelling that fire effectively can do!

So even though you feel as though it’s scary to ‘push back’ the time for the coaching business … you don’t HAVE that time to first write, drop in, work on your books … the reality is you don’t have time NOT to.

Putting first things will CREATE you time, space, energy, flow, and more. Start with 30 minutes … maybe 60 … and then just keep stretching that time out, and watch what happens. The reality is that time starts to work for YOU the moment you become non-negotiable around your boundaries, and what you require it to be given to”.

It’s the same sort of principle which I used, in all those years – and yes I did that journaling nearly daily for about 3 years, coinciding with the exact years I hit my first million $ and then multi-million $ years, to ensure that I was acting FROM, not towards.

Acting FROM?

Is one of the most powerful choices you can make to intentionally create your business, your money, your relationships, and your life, and I hope that you do!

Particularly when you consider the alternative – continue to run run run on the wheel of never having time, of making do, of creating success only from a place of I pushed TOWARDS.

This will certainly create some sort of momentum … and momentum will invariably create an outcome … but what sort of outcome are we talking here?

And is that really what you came here to do?

More sobering still –

is it really who you came here to BE?

We both know it’s not.

I know that YOU know there is a different way, if only you’d give in to it. If only you’d discipline yourself BEYOND fear and busyness and overwhelm and doubt and into AND I CHOOSE THIS ANYWAY.

I look around, or back, at all I’ve allowed in to my life, at the financial wealth I’ve created, at the abundance of love and God and connectedness and a life which flows from purpose and alignment and the values I want to live for, and I know that NONE of it would have happened had I had not learned to step outSIDE of the now in order to more intentionally choose it.

Life is a continual game of connecting in to the who and what and how and why you know is meant for you, saying yes to what you’re shown or led to or want, and then bringing it back to THIS moment, and acting INTO it.

How do you act INTO creating that evolved you, and the life that goes with it? You act FROM an assumption of it already being true.

This is why, even after all this years, and even though my business already serves me in a way which means my money is taken care of and continually growing, and even though technically there is never anything I ‘have’ to do, and I always get to choose, I still pause myself. Check in. Make sure I’m not getting caught up running yesterday’s race, when something new is being shown for right now.

Now here is the kicker, and the thing most readers simply won’t implement.

Perhaps you’re different.

It’s all very well to dream, journal, pray on what would be true if you were THERE. If you had the time, the idea, the knowledge, whatever.

But the real game-changer?

Is when you realise that the thing you thought you NEEDED, in order to then KNOW, or DO, is the thing to choose now anyway.

How do I know what I’d fill extra space and time with, if I had it? Is that the question to ask to reveal new creative flow, ideas, direction?

Well – maybe.

But as my journaling revealed this morning, it’s a funny sort of thing to ask how you’d fill the time you refuse to take.

And so, the most ‘ultimate’ challenge of all. For those who understand the power and wonder of the void!

“God, I now take the time I don’t have,

and I give it for the unknown which I know you have in store for me”.

I always did love a good live on the edge challenge of directing the most ME-ness of me into things I have no time and space for,

yet decided to anyway.

In fact it’s how I made all of this.

Just something to chew on today,