I’ve torn down most of what I’ve built over the past 5 years.

Lost millions of $.

Dropped most of my team.

Given up or am giving up a lot of my ‘lifestyle’ stuff.

Stopped outsourcing nearly my whole life.

Watched as pieces of me and my empire I insisted ‘had’ to be there have been stripped off me, faded out, or I just somehow stopped caring.

Completely quit trying to ‘next level’ bits of my brand I thought still needed to be cleaned up.

And all in all? Stripped back pretty much EVERYTHING I started adding in order to reflect that I had BECOME somebody.

Now don’t get alarmed (or gleeful haha) – this is not a riches to rags story. I’m not about to start dressing in hemp and growing out all my hair. And you won’t catch me NOT eating and living my best life.

The question is …

what was actually ‘my best life’ here, and what did I think it NEEDED to be?

5 years ago being was I really hit the first big ‘peak’ in business, and started making the kind of money ‘everyone’ wants to make. It was phenomenal. It was off the back of years bit by bit aligning to ‘the millions on repeat’, learning SO much truth about money, life, and flow, and eventually? Realising that I actually WAS making ‘that’ money and better still doing it in ‘that’ way. The flow and ‘be who I came to be’ way! Had been for years at that point actually. But that point, it was a tipping point.

I had famous clients.
Was jet setting first class everywhere.
And, well, I had proof! That everything I’d thought and dreamed for years WORKED! It worked baby, it worked!

The tipping point was … I took what had WORKED – listen to what’s in me, and let it out – and then I added what I thought SHOULD be worked.

Like leveraging my content everywhere.
A big big team.
A lot more stuff being made because I COULD.
Paying everybody to do everything because isn’t that what successful people do?
And continually elevating my lifestyle because, well – fun! Success! WHY NOT?!

I’m glad I did all of this. I’m glad it’s cost me millions to realise how much I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I’m glad I spent years fancy-fying my business and my output so I could have the gift of realising I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I’m glad I produced more so I could realise I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I’m glad I went way down the aspirational lifestyle path so I could realise I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I’m glad I complicated and filled up my life with people running all around me doing this that and the other thing so I could realise I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I’m glad I spent so much money and time on so much stuff I never needed not because I’m proud of being wasteful but because … that’s just where I was at. And what I needed to GROW through to get to a point of coming BACK to,

who it was I came here to be.

It all served its purpose.
It all was what was needed at the TIME,
to ultimately bring me to HERE.

And where ‘here’ is, is this:

The biggest thing I have learned about business is that me, left to my own devices, THAT chick –

She complicates things.
Makes them WAY more fancy than they need to be.
Adds in a WHOLE bunch of stuff which nobody ever told her to.
And all in all – takes what was simple, flow, and YES, and turns it into a gargantuan steaming pile of mess which SHE then just wants to turn and run from!

ALL of this, at its core, is just a big ole repeat lesson of coming back to what is TRULY in you,


Truly desiring one thing first class does not mean you always need everything to be. Your definition of first class is different from the worlds anyway.

Support / outsourcing / team being good does not mean more is better.

One luxury car does not mean you need several. (You may! I’m just saying!)

A few fancy pretty things in the biz warming your heart and being fun does not mean make everything like that.

A few fancy designer things does not make you a person for whom that is your STYLE.

The issue is not in spending … adding more … being supported … choosing the next level. You’ll still always catch me in ALL those things. The issue is …

is it purposeful and is it truly YOU?

Me, I like some expensive stuff but a lot of vintage and eclectic and random. I like some things polished in my biz but most raw and on the fly. I like basically NOTHING scheduled or planned or done ‘proper’. It’s always been a myth that this will help me, or help my clients. One I’ve fallen for many times.

What else?

I like having a luxury car but don’t think I need several. Maybe one day I will again? I don’t think I really care. Right now I’m selling. Ha, and one of my cars turned out a better investment than a home I just sold. lol.

I like having a team but HATED having a big one.

I like getting my hair done, or any number of ‘people doing things’ for me … but hate when it becomes a schedule or system or way of life. It feels like I’m responding to who I have to be not BEING!

I like making a lot of money on the internet, but not for the reasons it often ends up being about which is … making more money on the internet.

I believe money should be easy, and is.

More is not harder to make than less. Usually it’s the other way around.

You should say yes to anything that’s a true yes.

And you should be supported!

You deserve to live the life in the vision God has SHOWN you.

But I believe most people – including me – got side-tracked by ‘what it now looks like if I am successful’. And somewhere along the way added a whole bunch of stuff that was never them.

It doesn’t mean you lost your core.

It MAY mean you exhausted your soul by heaping a pile of meaningless to YOU stuff on top of that raw real truth of you.

I believe that mostly, our true needs and desires are very simple. The ‘fancy’ should just be a fun add on. And if it stops feeling easy, fun, an effortless follow on to the fact that YOU ARE JUST BEING YOU, abort mission immediately.

It’s REALLY easy to let business being you make REALLY big money and powerfully change lives.

It’s really REALLY easy to take the simple formula you applied for that – doing what only you can do, in the way only you can, and giving yourself permission to live a life you care about –

and then complicate TF out of it til you forget why you even came here.

So I guess all I’m saying is …

what if you just turned your back on all of it, and then brought with just the bit you really came for?

Stripping it all back is not a big deal. And it doesn’t have to be scary.

It’s mofo scary not to.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x


It’s the absolute final chance to join me in The Play Life #Rulebreaker Society. I extended through the weekend, but Monday is the last day to join!!



What this entire COURSE is about, plain and simple, is supernatural REALITY, brought through.

Not some kind of made up idea of who you COULD be, or the business you SHOULD build, but instead – going into a place where there IS no building because what IS –




No.extras.needed. (Plus we’ll get rid of ’em with EASE)

The reality is that some of us just came here to do something the world has never seen, in a way they said it couldn’t be done.

Not by concerning ourselves with what ‘they’ say we need, but with going deeper and ever more relentlessly into the truth that is only YOU.

And then?



6 weeks live with me. TO SNAP THROUGH WHAT IT SHOULD BE NOW.

It’s only what I came here to do.


You’re supposed to be in.


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