There is never a time when it is not valid to share what’s inside of you.

There’s never a reason to push down what wants to bubble over, tell it that it’s not good enough, not today, go away.

There’s never any truth to the idea that you should adjust, or filter, or be careful with how you let your YOU-ness out.

Yes, you will look back at some of the things you said or did and think – GAWD! How embarrassing / ridiculous / crazy / what was I thinking.

And? Don’t you do this about some of the points along your journey of growing into adulthood, mature (ahem) adulthood, and so on? Would you want to rewind your teenage or young adult years and just blank the whole thing out because you ‘should have waited until you were more … whatever’?

As a messenger, an artist, one who is called perhaps to lead but first and foremost to UNLEASH, things from within, the journey is the work is the journey is the work. There is no waiting. There is no maturing. There is no prettying or proper-making things up. There is no ‘this is not okay and I should be more … some version of who I think I will one day be’.

Be here now.

And then you get to be THERE now, when it’s time.

But you’re not going to get to THERE without being here!

And really what we’re talking about is –

there is no occasion in which it is valid to back your fear more than you back what’s inside of you.

But yet,

every day,

I look around, and I see GREAT people, who were called to do GREAT work, not doing it! Why?

Because they choose to back their fear.

They choose to back ‘what if’.

They perpetuate their ideas of not-enoughness with just about every move they make, rather than putting even a drop of water to the seed of deep truth and power and YES, that wants to grow from within them.

They kill their soul work,

before it even gets a chance to BEGIN growing roots.

And then carry the carcass of it around like some sort of grotesque stuffed animal, telling people it’s real, it’s alive, you’re going to let it live, no wait, I promise!

Holding on to it with a death grip because even IN its death it, that thing inside of you, is still the thing which gives you life, somehow, just, but yet –

you refuse to breathe the life only YOU can give into IT.

This work, which came here to be so much bigger than you, to transcend your humanness, to laugh in the face of time and space, to work its way into the hearts and souls of millions, to SOAR, and in doing so, to allow YOU to soar –

you refuse to give it life.

You know the entire time you CAN.

You know also that you MUST.

And so you cart it on around with you, you wouldn’t put it down, couldn’t if you tried, it is PART of you even in the dried out and shrivelled state you’ve forced it to exist in,

but you simply don’t plug it in.


Into you.

Into YOUR conscious choice to quit letting your bullshit be bigger than your dreams.

Into YOUR conscious choice to back what’s in you more than you back your fear.

Into YOUR conscious choice to be responsible to the work more than what you are responsible to your ‘what if’s’.

And so you continue on –

going about your day,

and your way,

never quite ‘here’,

because you dream of being there.

Never quite there,

because you refuse to do what you must here.

And people wonder –

is she lost?



distracted all the time?

can’t focus?



as you half smile, and half participate, and half live, except –

not really even that.

Float float floating through your existence, and wondering about a time in which you finally go all in, balls to the walls, and do what you SAID YOU WOULD.

But still not doing it.

Because …

what if it doesn’t work?

what if people laugh, shake their heads, judge, or mock?

what if it’s silly?


I find I don’t know anything after all?

and besides,

I’m just not sure …

And this,

is how a lifetime passes.


The woman who was born to,

and simply –

never did.

Or, y’know –


Up to you, but just don’t kid yourself –

that your every move is not already carving out your next.

And unless you flick the switch, TODAY?

It’s gonna stay unfluck.

None of this is mofo complicated.