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God has not called you to live with a spirit of fear or TIMIDITY (cowardice) but one of power, of love, and of self-control. The book of 2 Timothy states this clearly (1:7) and yet as Christians we so often take the bit about not living with fear and make it mean we don’t have to be scared of the boogey-man. Yay, God has got me! Well, yes, He has. But He is INSTRUCTING us here, and commanding us forward in how we are to live.

This popular scripture, popular like so many for the feel-good part but also, like so many, taken often in part, is NOT about God simply soothing our fears doubts and worries but it is ALSO about us standing in the MISSION we are here to live on earth.

A mission of having the COURAGE to live truly for Him, to not be scared or fearful or inept at sharing the word and being his messengers here on earth, but instead to stand firm in the grace of God, which fills us with the power of His Holy Spirit and gives us the ABILITY to act as we must.

The ability to have self-control, to let our old die again each day as we once again CHOOSE full submission to God and choose to live for Him and His ways, knowing and understanding that this is where freedom lies, where joy can ONLY lie, where abundance and wonder and a miraculous life on earth not just for eternity in heaven also lies!

The ability to love as Jesus loved, to love our SELVES with zero shame, guilt, or recrimination for our past because THE OLD HAS DIED AND WE ARE WASHED IN HIM.

This washing, this being SAVED, this total freedom, this ability to live a CHARGED AND LIT UP LIFE, this is NOT however just a matter of your acceptance of or belief of Jesus as Lord. Even the demons believe He is Lord, is that getting THEM into heaven?! And whilst you may call him ‘MY Lord’, which they don’t, that also doesn’t mean you are saved. GRACE IS NOT A HALL PASS TO DO WHAT YOU WANT AND STILL CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN.

Grace allows you access to the power of the Holy Spirit in and through you in order for you to live for God and walk in His ways, in ALL those ways acknowledging Him, so He can make your path straight … aligned … FRUITFUL.

But you still have to choose all of this.

Turning to God inherently means there is work to be done. Platitude preaching would have you believe there is no work for you to do, because “‘His Grace is sufficient for me’ and that means that when I accept Jesus as Lord I am saved and that’s it.”

Sufficient means: sufficient for the Holy Spirit to now work through you! Are you letting Him?! Surrendering ALL?!

If you accept Him AS your Lord you will also turn. Submit. Obey. Surrender ALL that you have and are and would have continued to be without Him. You will not be deceived by the idea that ‘being saved’ gets you into heaven if by being saved you mean you’re still doing what you want, #becausegrace. No! This is the exact lie I deluded myself with for years, and even then I knew it was nonsense. But I did a pretty good job of not listening to the truth. Running endlessly, always plagued with some sort of hardship and ‘not quite there’, deeply unsettled in my spirit because I KNEW, and knowing deep within me that at some point I was going to have to GIVE IN FULLY.

Well the very MOMENT I did is when my life changed. And only became more and more and OH so rapidly better with each moment that followed. I could write all day on all the ways, and still not be done. But instead for now I’ll tell you where it starts –


The scripture clearly states we must be doers of the Word and not hearers only. (James 1:22). That we are DECEIVED if we believe having heard, accepted, said Yes to him means we are good to go.

If you have a LORD, He is your MASTER, you obey Him. You live in HIS way. That is how it is.

And you’re either willing to accept Jesus as your MASTER,

or you are deceived with feel-good platitudes about grace and being saved and ignoring the fact that you would be better off not having even KNOWN Him (2 Peter 2:21) then having known him and yet having turned away from – not followed – His commandments. Right now Satan is convincing you that yuck! Why would you even CONSIDER giving over the reigns of your life! That’s not cool! The world has convinced you it’s a lame idea at best, a crazy one, or just plain foolish. Well WHO SAID YOU HAD THE REIGNS ANYWAY. Ha. You’re not capable of controlling your own life. You may think you are, guess what – you are influenced at every time by what is IN the world, and if you’re not certain that it’s God leading you, then guess what?

It’s the devil. Besides which, aren’t you DONE with trying to get there on your own? You know it’s not what you’re designed for! And all your fake spirituality is just that – FALSEHOOD. LIES. DECEPTION. Costing you your LIFE, eternally but here also. A COUNTERFEIT falsely soothing you as it perpetually creates the need for MORE, yet your SPIRIT.IS.UN.EASY. Be honest – is your spirit at EASE now? Do you KNOW where you’re going? Are you CERTAIN?

Quit believing lies that you are giving up ANYTHING to give up your own way and wants, when you will gain EVERYTHING! Everything you want, is right here, in Him! Everything you ACTUALLY want, yes? Not what your flesh wants, your will, your EMOTION. And everything you’ve been fighting so long to achieve, which should be being fought for on your knees.

This is not a drill!

And what feels good on earth living for yourself or living as a so-called Christian whilst never submitting your heart, your whole mind, your whole soul, DECEIVING yourself with an idea that your belief is enough, or the fact that you prayed 1 or 100 times to ‘give your life to Him’ is enough when in fact you have NOT given your life, just said a prayer, even consistently attended church, participated, served, been exemplary in your works according to others yet not walked in HIS works for you …

is sure as heck not gonna feel good when you come into His presence for judgement and fall in SHOCK at the realisation that this was not enough.

That you didn’t LISTEN.

You did not give your WHOLE heart.

You did not OBEY.

You did not surrender all.

I feel shocked at what my deception almost cost me. Almost cost my children. Already has cost so much.


the price has been paid.

Forgiveness is complete.

And the shame is no more.

In JESUS Name.


But make no mistake –

I was already the Christian who believed.

This would not have got me in to heaven.

Nor did it ever allow me to walk even REMOTELY truly in the gifts I came here to share with the world, despite doing a decent job at a counterfeit version of that.

The thing you have to understand about living for His glory,

is that it is the only way for YOU to experience the glory of what life has for you, and truly

to experience life at all.

Don’t wait until you are ready to FEEL something different or you may lose your LIFE. You may cost your CHILDREN. You may cost your entire bloodline. You may cost a good portion of the WORLD,

who you came here to impact

and yet never did

all because you didn’t decide that today is the day you decide ANYWAY

As I’ve said for years long before I knew the truest way it applied,


and your feelings have nothing to do with it

You choose ANYWAY

You decide ANYWAY

EVERYTHING else follows.

STATE conviction into your heart. CLAIM you will now be convicted. Consumed. LIT ON FIRE FOR HIM. DECIDE IT. DECIDE IT. DECIDE IT.

And let Him do the rest,

as only He can do.

DM me if you need help on this.

Or to talk about working with me in my Academy or as a private client in my Breakthrough Mastermind. YES YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCCESS, WEALTH, AND A LIFE OF BEING FULLY YOU. Yes you can make millions, impact millions, see the world changed with what comes through you. The way it was always meant to be, what else?! But first we get PLANTED right, yes?


It’s the only way.


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