The selling bit should be easy, it should be fun, it should be a fucking vibe which just flows FROM you and it absolutely should NOT,

cost you
anything that is not JUST you

The cost, the ‘what you put in’ in order to have the sales flow, money flow, abundance and biz growth flow, is you babe. YOU, living your life. YOU, providing and sharing value as a direct follow on to the fact that you simply living your life IS of value, worthy of sharing, worthy of being paid for.

“What, that’s it? This bitch thinks people should get paid when they didn’t do anything? Don’t I have to DO things to be worthy of that?!”

Bitch please. Do you not acknowledge that who and what you are is inherently of worth? Do you not understand that gold and unicorn fucking fair dust pours forth out of your every pore, let alone when you open your mouth, heart, soul and actually actively let it out? Do you not get that the way you have chosen to live your life and mold yourself into the warrior queen you are makes you walking, talking, living value of the HIGHEST order?!

Yes. The things will get done. As well they should. As if you aren’t going to do the things!

But do them ‘in order that’ … ‘to be enough’ … ‘to make people wanna buy’ … ‘to persuade people to see your value’ … no. This is not the vibe.

The vibe is:

I know my motherfucking value and my worth, I know and trust that my ideal clients find me, follow me, love on me, buy from me instantaneously and on repeat, do the work and are epic TO work with, and I absolutely believe that selling as well as every part of the actual business building gets to be easy and fun and just – obvious.

You can build an entire funnel
automate TF out of loads of cool ways for new peeps to find you, inquire, ultimately buy
have lead gen coming out your ass
have sales channels upon sales channels upon sales channels just layered in to every part of how your business operates
have a genuine MACHINE goin’ on, with solid systems producing solid and every growing outcomes

and STILL have all of that have come to life from a place of ease, fun, flow, and ‘of course’.

‘Of course it just gets to be this’.

‘Of course it just gets to be now’.

‘Of course I can decide to have more systems or structure or automation in place and have it be a natural follow on from how I just show up every day and be me’.

Case in point:

I COULD have got all market-y and planned, scripted, prepared, piece by piece created a free video series as an optin to lead people into a conversation about whether The Rebel Millionaire Coaching Certification is for them. That would have taken a fair bit of my time and energy, and I would not have been in my preferred mode, aka ‘just being Kat’.

What I DID do was filmed an off the cuff / no prep livestream with Stacey on my team, which freaking ROCKED and resulted in immediate reach outs from fuck yes ideal Rebel Millionaire cert clients, and now the team have chopped that video replay up and turned it into a vibey 5-part video series on my secrets to an 8-figure coaching brand.

Funnel: built
New lead gen: done
Killer new high value free gift: sorted
Sales: already in as a result
Effort by Kat: did nothing except be me and then let that shit be leveraged

Do you see what I mean?

Quit buying in to an idea that it’s anything other than sell more, live more, be more and let it all just mesh together.