Discipline & Flow


Here is how selling really works, the way I believe it’s meant to be.

The way it is for me, and the way it gets to be for any of us who KNOW that money gets to show up ‘always beyond what I need or can use’, but that it does so in a relaxed and fun and ‘of course’ way.

While we are just living our life.

While we are just following our heart.

While we are just creating our art.

While we are just BEING.

You know?

1) It’s a traction thing. Allowing traction to build, to continue, to be the norm. There’s an old saying I don’t mind, ‘where attention goes, energy flows’. But I feel like a better one would be – ‘where expectation goes, energy flows’.

The things you are easily and always successful at in your life … and I assume we’re both on the same page as far as what success means, i.e. the physical manifestation coupled with the energetic / internal alignment … those things have, somewhere along the way, become just what you expect.

This doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate your own efforts, or the blessings bestowed on you, the immeasurable support of God, of life. And it doesn’t mean you are cocky about it. You get that you do your bit. You get that you are blessed every day. But you also get that it’s – of course.

Of course I enjoy and experience and live with epic success in this area. That’s just how it is.

2) Traction CAN build through ‘do’, through ‘push’, through ‘fight’. That is one way to gain momentum and eventually true traction. But where it really builds, and takes off? Is when it’s a by-product of some other thing you were doing or being which naturally results in it.

For example, with selling – it MAY be true that it’s aligned for you to focus on every detail of your sales process, and how to tweak and adjust it. Poring endlessly over ways to get those peeps over the line.

It is MORE likely that it is aligned for you to be just – being. Relaxed. At ease and in trust around the fact that you will naturally and ‘without even really thinking about it’ do whatever is aligned to be done as far as sales messaging and so on. That it will happen as a flow-on of your being.

That your being alone is enough, because who you ARE is just somebody who does the work, the thing, makes the difference, and, remember – expects in a way different from what is commonly understood as allowed.

3) It’s about really being IN it.

Living your life deeply. You can do the aligned things on a sort of surface level, never fully present because there’s so much you’ve yet to do. Or you can be really IN it, chewing on and delighting over and digesting each moment or activity until it is complete.

When we are really IN it … we are by definition relaxed, and fully being. If we’ve also planted expectations which are reasonable outcomes of said beingness … and we just keep expecting … and we just keep knowing and trusting that our being is creating the perfect aligned doing … said outcomes will show up.

4) You get to define reasonable

5) Outcomes will show up with exactly the level of ease or lack of it, and to exactly the degree, that you define and expect as reasonable. So, expectations are not just to be considered based on the final outcome of what you want and choose and will ultimately get, but also based on the way in which said outcome shows up, the timeline, and anything else you care to think of.

There are plenty of people who have an amazing body, make great money, have the dream ‘stuff’, but do so at massive cost energetically. This is because they allow themselves the outcome, but they allow it only at a price.

There are others who choose to not pay that price.

What do you choose?

6) You can snap into a different reality in a heartbeat.

The thing with traction, expectations, your ‘norm’, is you can change it in the blink of an eye. You have traction underway the moment you decide – yes. I choose this new reality now. Boom. That anchor has been sunk! Seed planted! You’re underway!

Or – yes. I now expect that money, love, my dream body, time, works with me or shows up for me like this. Boom! You’ve thrown out that cord. Now just keep on keepin’ on, and if you find your mind wavers just choose your new expectations again.

Remind yourself of who you have chosen to be. Who you have REMEMBERED you always got to be.

The norm is exactly what you expect, and make it.

My encouragement to you today is to look all around the edges and up and down and inside out of what that means for you. To not just consider what you eventually manage to fight your way to getting. But to consider every part of how the things that are for you actually show up for you. And to just start choosing new expectations, new norms.

Then continue on your merry way.

It’s all I’ve ever done, and all I keep on doing. Anytime I think more than this, try and make it more complicated or make it that there are things I have to do? It’s just a train stop I didn’t actually need or want.

But sure. Keep taking train stops the world told you are required … if you want.