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How I Manifested a Million Dollar Biz, the Bod of My Dreams, and a Life that Absolutely Rocks in All Ways: And You Can Too

Reality: you will NEVER get what you don’t genuinely CRAVE and INSIST upon getting.

I have this thing I REALLY really want right now. It’s fair to say I’m obsessed with getting it. It’s pretty much the last thing I think about at night, and the first thing I think about in the morning.

It’s a fixation.

It’s distracting from other things I actually do need to think about, and it’s detracting from me being present at times throughout the day, or when I’m trying to read, or sometimes even when I’m speaking to someone. Most of the time when I’m busy throughout the day I AM actually focusing on what I’m supposed to be, but even then it’s still there. It’s like something I’m carrying around, all day, every day, and at times despite my best intent to attend the task at hand it comes marching into my mind like it’s on a bloody mission to remind me what’s what, what matters, and what I REALLY want to be thinking about or doing.

I can categorically state, with not a shadow of doubt in my mind, that I’m going to get this thing. It’s not physically here yet, with me, but that’s just semantics. It’s a done deal. I don’t know how or when it will exactly appear in my physical reality, but it’s on its way and really it’s just a matter of waiting until it catches up with me.

Do you believe me?

Look, it doesn’t really matter if you do or not because hey – this isn’t about you; it’s MY thing and you can’t have it haha … okay kidding you can have WHATEVER you want, so long as you actually REALLY REALLY want it, focus your CONTINUAL energy and intent on getting it, believe you’ll get it, and then (and this is kinda the cherry on top; the results come from the previous stuff) do whatever practical work you need to do to get it to you and you to it.

How can I be so sure about this?

It’s how my entire life has been built. (And it’s kinda the basis of EVERYTHING ABOUT SUCCESS and every success book / concept you read; it’s freaking BIBLICAL people not something I made up!)

When I think back, back as far as I can remember, everytime I REALLY REALLY wanted something I also simultaneously just KNEW I was going to get it.

I remember as quite a young teenager becoming aware of this and being fascinated as I thought back to various things that had at first seemed impossible and yet they’d become reality almost as a matter of course. The process seemed to go something like this:

1. Become aware of something cool, exciting, DESIRED. Often this was just a passing thought at first; something that floated into my mind or that I noticed outside of my mind and it caught my attention.

2. Gradually – naturally, not deliberately – start to think about this thing more and more. The NATURAL evolution of this rather than, for example, telling myself to think about something so I get it, is CRITICAL here and ties in very much to the point of this post which is of course relevant to why the whole manifest stuff you want thing does or does not work.

3. Become over time RIDICULOUSLY FIXATED AND OBSESSED by the thing. Full blown stalker style.

4. Think about it all. the. time. Last thing before I go to bed, first thing in the morning; in the back of my sub-consciousness ALWAYS and God forbid I should actually ENCOUNTER it in some physical form in my day to day as I’d probably lose all ability to notice ANYTHING else going on around me.

5. Get / have / become it.

For years this was something that happened without me being at ALL aware of it. It wasn’t until my early teens that I can remember noticing it, observing it, starting to think about it. Even then I didn’t then start DEPLOYING it as a strategy. It actually didn’t occur to me that it was something I could REPLICATE.

To be quite honest with you I secretly thought I had some kind of magical power and that I best keep it to myself; I was quite sure my Mum wouldn’t approve. (I still think I do … I just understand it more!)

How often did this work, you might wonder?

Every. single. time.

– I used it to be top of every class that mattered to me. I was ALWAYS top of every class I decided to be.

– I used it to get A+ on every school assignment I cared about. Often without doing more than an ABSOLUTE minimum amount of work. I took it for granted that I was incredibly book smart and that of COURSE I’d get A+ on everything. It’s interesting to reflect now on whether I actually am a natural genius or whether it was my belief that I’d always come top that caused the results 🙂

– I used it to get my Dad to buy me ice-creams and special treats; especially on holidays. I guess you could say that would have happened anyway on holidays but I could ALWAYS get extra treats beyond what we were officially ‘allowed’ or was normal.

– I used it to get new books (primary obsession as a kid) and also to win the MS Readathon for my State; a national book reading competition across all schools in Aus; I remember distinctly deciding I was going to win all of Victoria and get the VERY massive prize pool. I remember then putting that thought aside because I knew it WAS going to happen.

– In my later teens I started using it to get attention, a kiss, a date, and so on, from the various objects of my affection. I have a very clear memory of being in my early twenties, having a MAJOR crush on a guy I’d gone to school with but never really spoken to, I was still seeing him and everyone from school most weekends at the bar I managed … I remember having the brief thought that this super cool popular guy wouldn’t be into ME and then right away that thought disappeared as I suddenly realised: hang on – EVERY guy I’ve really REALLY wanted I’ve ended up getting. So to speak. And at that point I just KNEW, we were going to end up together. I still felt nervous and unsure of myself around him, but I also felt completely certain.

Did it happen? OBVIOUSLY.

– I used it to become manager of said bar and nightclub when I was one of the newest staff members and only 18

– I used it to get up to $300 a night in tips while working there, in a country where tipping is NOT a thing and in a part of Melbourne which could be classified as bogan-esque not really high style tipping culture. Most people got $10-$20 a night if they were lucky. I just DECIDED I’d get heaps of tips and I did.

– I used it to ‘become popular’ – it had always bothered me at school that I was the shy geek-kid with never the right clothes or food, but I obviously didn’t care about it THAT much most of my upbringing, as my focus WAS on my grades and my books! At some point though I decided enough was enough and that I was going to be one of the COOLEST and MOST popular. Which then happened.

– I used it in my twenties to work my way up the management pathway SUPER fast.

– I used it anytime I needed or wanted new personal training clients.

– I used it in my teens to get a really high paid summer job

– I used it over and OVER again in my teens to get a new job anytime I got sick of the previous one, which was often as I really DON’T like being told what to do. My friends often seemed to struggle to get a new job. I never did; I took it for granted I’d always get the one I CHOSE, and I did.

– I even used it to get my first husband to propose to me. (NOT a good idea to mind-manipulate someone into proposing to you btw … although at the time I wasn’t aware I was ‘doing’ that).

– I used it to get into RIDICULOUSLY great shape and win a sports modelling competition.

– I used it to fund 3 months of solo travel around Europe at the age of 20 and somehow managed to fund that entire 3 months on 6k, 3.5k of which was flights, $500 of which was a leather jacket in Florence. I have no idea to this day how 2k stretched for THREE ENTIRE MONTHS of accomodation, travel, food, nights out, purchases.

– I used it to get apartments I wanted … the car I wanted … heck even the simple things like particular nights out.

I could go on and on. I’m kinda getting into the swing of it as I think about it! But here’s the main point I really want to make here, and I’m exploring this for ME with this blog as much as for you:

ALL of these things. Every single one of them. Without exception and without fail. Were things that I REALLY REALLY wanted and that desire just CAME to me.

None of them were PLANNED goals.
None of them were CHOSEN desires.
None of them were things I thought I SHOULD bring into my life.

So even as I became aware of this ‘magic power’ I had, and even as I DID start to take it for granted it STILL never occurred to me to use it DELIBERATELY.

Or did it …?

Because if I take a slower longer think back now, the truth is that particularly in my twenties and since then I started to FAST-TRACK the whole process.

I’d become aware of something I wanted.

I’d start to think of it more.

And then I’d REMIND myself to continue the PRACTICE of thinking about it and expecting it.

(And then I’d get it).

Do you want to know how many Law of Attraction / Manifesting type books I’d read at that time?

ZERO. I’d never heard of it. I HAD been an avid reader of all the Godfathers of Personal Development since the age of 11 or so … if Tony Robbins told me I could have whatever I believed I could have, I believed HIM! So I guess that was a factor.

But I distinctly remember eventually watching The Secret when everyone else was doing the same, and being fascinated by it but at the same time feeling like well of COURSE. It made so much sense to me because I’d experienced this my whole life! But this was the first time I think I really every considered the idea of CHOOSING goals, dreams and desires and then manifesting them, as opposed to having goals, dreams and desires GIVEN to you and then creating them.

So here is where it gets really interesting, I think:

CAN you manifest or create a goal, dream, desire, which you DECIDE you want to have, be or do, which you essentially think about in a very head-based “this would be amazing” sort of practical way and then set out to get, as readily as what you WILL automatically manifest something that you are NATURALLY just focused on?

I’d have to say NO.

I don’t mean that no you CAN’T at all decide to manifest something, set out to do, then do so.

I mean there is no freaking well it’s going to be as easy as manifesting something you’re ALREADY INTRINSICALLY focusing on, all the time. The latter is GUARANTEED in my book, and in my experience. The former is very much a maybe.

So what if you decide, right now, that you NEED or WANT more money, for example, to feel safe and to be able to live the life you want?

Well, in a purely practical sense the steps would be:

1. Decide what you want (specifically)
2. Think about it often
3. Become OBSESSED with thinking about it
4. Think about it all. the. time.
5. Get / have / become it.

What’s the VERY obvious problem here, and the REASON why ‘manifesting doesn’t work’ for most people?

C’mon, it has to just JUMP OUT AT YOU doesn’t it?!


You THINK you want that extra money … that hot body … that awesome relationship … the PERFECT tribe of clients or to sell a certain number of spots in your program …

And you DO want it, I mean it’s not like you’d throw it back if it jumped out at you!

But obssessed?


ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT, all day and every day?

Nah …

That’s not how it is for you, be honest now.

How can I be so sure?

BECAUSE IF IT WAS THE TRUE OBJECT OF YOUR DESIRE AND FOCUS, YOU’D HAVE IT. And even if you didn’t actually yet ‘have it’, you’d KNOW in your heart of hearts it’s on its way.

You’d believe it as surely as you believe, well, hang on now, let’s talk about that –

What DO you believe, as sure as night is day, that you’re going to get more of or some of?

Do you believe, for example, any of the following?

– Life is hard
– Money is hard to come by, hard to hold onto
– Clients are hard work
– Your launch will probably flop
– Not many people really like your stuff
– It’s going to take you AGES to get there, with there being anywhere that seems like it SHOULD make you happy or that it WILL be cool
– You’re out of shape
– Your relationship sucks

I can tell you like a crystal ball that if you believe any of that stuff, anything like it, then that is PRECISELY what your experience will be, and you can write down that you want more abundance, you want more time, you want better results and to have a hot body as much as you WANT, but you won’t get it.

You will GET what you are OBSSESSED with and EXPECT to get.

Remember: Obsession is, in a lot of cases, something we do more so around the things we’re SCARED of getting or don’t WANT to continue getting rather than the things we desire TO get. No small wonder that we keep playing out the same broken patterns and poor outcomes then!

I just find this all to be the most fascinating stuff ever.

It’s fascinating to KNOW that everything I’ve truly made up my mind I wanted, I’ve had become reality.

It’s fascinating to ADMIT that everything I’m fearful of has (continued) to come to pass.

And it’s fascinating and also FRUSTRATING to admit that just because I at certain times have decided I ‘should want’ or even DO want something better, the reality is that if it’s not an obssession, a MUST, all I can THINK about, then I don’t get it.

So here’s what to do with this information.

1. First, take a moment to realise just how powerful you are. Think back to how your expectations and DEEP DESIRES (as well as fears!) have so often been brought to life, and what this means in terms of your ability to create the life you CHOOSE.

2. Next, identify the 2 or 3 top areas where you DON’T yet have the stuff you say you want. The money, the body, the biz on your terms, etc. Be honest now: are you OBSSESSED with getting it? Have you made it a MUST? Is it ALL YOU THINK ABOUT? Another way to say it I guess is – do you actually really WANT it, ’cause I gotta tell you: thinking you want something is not the same as I MUST HAVE IT AND IT WILL BE MINE.

3. Third, just stop. Stop telling yourself you SHOULD want certain things, and stop setting goals or desires that aren’t LOCKED IN ESSENTIAL. Let’s look at this, taking money as an example, because I know it makes no SENSE that youb wouldn’t want it.

Okay so why would you NOT want more money? Well, maybe it’s not the money you want but what the money stands for. Or maybe you actually have fears or uncertainties around what would happen if you DID make that money, so maybe deep down you don’t believe it’d be worth it. Or maybe you think you’d have to pay too high of a price in terms of other stuff that matters or what you’d have to do for it. Or maybe you don’t think you’re worth it! It’s helpful to start being aware of why you resist stuff you say you want, but REALLY what you need to do here is:

4. Find the stuff you actually really want. ADMIT to yourself what your TRUE deepest desires are. Dredge them up and ALLOW THEM IN. Ruminate on them. Roll them over in your mind. Be HONEST that actually THIS is what it’s all about. Identify WHY, as well, if possible.

5. Think about those things.

6. Obssess over them. (Hint … if this is not coming pretty naturally you STILL DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT THINGS … you shouldn’t have to REMIND yourself to think about things you want!!)

7. Think about them all. the. time. So much so that all that other stuff – i.e. the NOT GOOD stuff you seemed to keep attracting – actually gets crowded out. (Worst thing you can do is try NOT to think about something you don’t want, so the answer is to simply leave it no room in your mind).

8. Watch it become your reality.

Done deal my dear, and you might even end up writing your own book about it like pretty much everyone who taps into this power ultimately does.

Life is a magical adventure gorgeous. You really CAN create whatever you want of it. I know with ABSOLUTE FREAKING CERTAINTY that that thing I mentioned at the start of this blog is GOING to happen. No doubt. It’s already a done deal.

And YOU – well you can have it all, whatever you want, completely on your terms and also FAST. The real secret to having whatever you want? Knowing what you actually want and wanting it so bad that it has no chance of escaping you.

So what are you waiting for?

What do YOU want?

What do you CHOOSE?

What are you actually going to now ACTIVELY desire so. freaking. STALKISHLY that it just HAS to happen?

Me, I know what I want. I know what I’m getting. And I know what I’ll be having more of.

And most of all, what I know, above and beyond everything and if you want this to actually WORK for you?