One of the most effective ways you will see what you long to see manifest, your crazy and mad and wonderful and dare we say (we dare!) soul and God aligned and divined visions from brought to rip-roaring life, is that you finally FEEL the reality of them being done.

Heads up though – !

Anybody can (and most everybody does) claim something as ‘done’. If we were to track the results, changes, breakthroughs and ‘next levelling’ of the typical person who walks around saying ‘it’s done!’, or ‘and so it is’, we’d see that what is DONE is that they are really really good at talking or posting about things being done, and perhaps even expanding on it, even trying to teach others about it, even SELLING that they can help you with it, but actually the money / biz / life uplevels they keep claiming as done?

Not so much.

I’m not trying to play a shame or blame game. I’m talking about the very cut and dried factual reality that most humans who talk the manifestation-y talk are great at manifesting a repeat of what they already have, and that is IT. In some cases, and perhaps this is you, they’ve definitely managed to ‘move up levels’, even in leaps and bounds, and can certainly point to things that are ‘done’ that once were not, but yet for some reason, overall, the dominant sense is one of STILL NOT BEING THERE.

Of still feeling scared when it comes to money, and having enough.
Of expenses somehow always managing to match or even just surpass incomings.
Of life and business being a continual and slightly breathless juggle or race to keep it all together, keep your head above water, keep yourself on the right damn side of the red … just!

But meanwhile – gotta keep that smile smile smile for the internet fam!


To some degree, the juggle will always be there. There will always be something NEW you are claiming through, or integrating into your doing or being, and so there SHOULD always be something you’re adjusting to, adapting through, learning to roll with.

To stop that would be to stop life itself!

But no. You should not, after all these years, feel that despite all the pretty damn impressive progress you’ve made, and the wins you’ve absolutely created, and even all the extra moolah you’ve banked, AND with how much you know your stuff actually helps people (so much!), that you’re still fighting the same battles.

And if you are?

It’s very simple. Some part of you wants or needs to be. It might be a case of ‘when would you like to finally have learned that lesson, so that you can let it go and stop gettin’ it back in repeat form?!’,

or it COULD be that without realising it, you have literally PROGRAMMED yourself to keep on Groundhog Day-ing the shit outta your life, now and then moving up a little bit into the life of your next level self but MOSTLY repeat repeat repeating.

Here is why this happens, and what to do about it:

1) You’re using your past and current experiences and reality to create your tomorrow and even your now (which is your tomorrow, if you think about it). You’re literally just repeating a recipe of what got you to here, and so you keep getting ‘here’.

2) You’re blending that up with a good dose of whatever current worldwide / life circumstances are telling you to think or believe based on. So, if you’ve not yet learned to find your stability and groundedness in YOU, then shit going on in the world, of most any kind, will cause you to deviate on your expectations. You will literally start to expect and believe differently based on what is ‘realistic’ in terms of external / worldwide / your current world circumstances

3) You’re adding in a dash or three of the current collective mind … whichever collective you most align to OR ALLOW TO INFLUENCE / IMPREGNATE YOU. For most people, even many entrepreneurs and leaders who really should know better, this means aligning to the collective … world mind. Fear mind. Panic mind. Etc. For some people, they have a particular circle or group of humans whose overall mind they most align to. I.e – family … church … leaders of some kind … friendship circle. And so on. We are ALL impacted in some way by the mind of others. That is not a bad thing! Being human is not about being isolated, actually!! But – who are you taking counsel from? Who or what are you allowing to impregnate your thoughts? Your soul?

Unless you consciously CHOOSE OUT of the above stuff impacting you, and CHOOSE a different place to draw your thoughts, your beliefs, your expectations, and thus your actions and ultimately your reality from, guess what?

You really can’t be SURPRISED that you keep on getting what is pretty much a repeat of what you already got, mish-mashed up a little bit with whatever the collective you align to thinks and expects!

Never mind how many ‘it’s done!’ posts you throw around all over the place, or write with bold underlines and exclamation points in your journal!

So what’s the override? How do you leap frog in an INSTANT beyond all of this, and break the pattern of just repeating ever more ever more of what you already created and what you’ve programmed yourself to be and do?

>> Change the internal program to change your reality. <<<

The fastest way to do this is NOT to try and figure out the steps … the process … the strategy … the how. Have you ever looked back and seen that you brought something amazing and ‘next level’ to life and that it happened by following the EXACT STEPS YOU THOUGHT YOU’D HAVE TO?!

Rare. And if that is the case, it’s likely you also did THIS –

Get into the damn FEEL of the thing.

Delete / eliminate / cancel any and all thoughts / expectations / beliefs and also ACTIONS which reflect current reality, expectations, or ‘what’s realistic’.

And really sink into the emotion and energy of who and what and how you would be if you were there.

This is a simple matter of CHANGING THE CODE. Changing the inner program, and letting the outer program (perception + actions = reality) to change alongside.

In practical terms, it means you must learn to ‘catch yourself’ thinking, seeing, and ‘playing life’ in a way that the you who became THIS you has done so.

It means you must CONTINUALLY be EXPECTING advancement. Program yourself to upgrade, to riff on the title of one of my most transformational 1:1 intensives, Programmed to Upgrade!

So, when you see things not moving … not working … or fear rises and starts to yabber away at you, you’re INSTANTLY able to see past it, and also move past it, moves and moves ahead.

You train yourself to BE the override.

You notice any thoughts that would get you only a repeat of stuff you’re actually ready to move past, thank you very much, and you choose out of them.

“My new belief … thought … EXPECTATION … and also ACTION … is now X”.

And that no matter how crazy it seems, when you notice yourself stuck on a loop you can’t seem to break, where your mind is telling you that you don’t know HOW … you don’t DESERVE … it’s too hard or scary or frustrating or whatever –

You pause.
Put your hand up internally. STOP!
And you DECIDE –

Eyes closed.
Breathe in and out.
This is what I choose now.
This is how it feels.
This is what I am safe and ready to receive, allow, create.
This is what I EXPECT.
Be in the feeling.
Be in the feeling.
Be in the feeling.

And then snap your eyes TF open and get to work, FROM THAT PLACE.


Let it be this simple.

And repeat until it is.


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