The reality you already know to be true about how you’re meant to DO this whole thing is that it was never meant to be a matter of effort out = outcome in.

Every time you submit to the 2+2 = 4 paradigm, once again telling yourself that you ‘have’ to do all those things or else you’re doomed to be perpetually arms length from the money you should have, the audience you’re meant to have, the flow and wonder and joy of all of it – !

You opt yourself even FURTHER into the hamster-on-wheel-madness you’re so desperately trying to get away from. Run run running faster at best, bemoaning the fact that you’re not running fast enough at worst, either way just getting up again each morning and dutifully hopping back on that lil ole wheel to nowhere.

And all the while –

never stopping –

relentlessly REMINDING you –

the truth beats deep in your spirit like a drum that just won’t quit.

THUD. You don’t have to do that.
THUMP. It’s not meant to be like that.
THWACK. You didn’t sign up for that.

And most of all –

BANG BA-DA BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG. It doesn’t WORK like that. The story is NOT “I followed every step like a good little robo-preneur and now I am living my callllinnnnnggg”.

Oh, and also?

Those 10 things you dutifully ticked your way through doing, FORCING a kind of a flow you could ALMOST convince yourself is the real thing?

Yeah, you might have earned your 10 gold stars for that. 10 ‘units’ of effort performed, 10 units of outcome received.

But what if the one thing you would have waited for,

or LISTENED to, when it came to you, instead of dismissing it as ‘not what you SHOULD be doing’ –

was the ONE thing

which produced 100,


10,000 to infinity x and beyond units of outcome?

In other words …

what if by being so caught in your doing or your IDEA of doing, you were denying the supernatural impact of what you WOULD have ultimately done,

if flowing in trust?

The reality is that WE, we are the ones who know that this is TRUTH. We live and breathe for those moments of being TRULY divinely carried away, and watching something come through us which so powerfully TRANSCENDS us.

We also know that this just doesn’t happen by being caught up on the endless hamster wheel, or even rollercoaster, of do!

We know that the ONLY way is to submit – but daily – to ‘what is the ACTUAL flow today God?’

Even if that means sitting on your hands and doing nothing, because the truth is you’re being SHOWN that nothing should be being done right now. Meanwhile your mind is having a next level MELTDOWN BECAUSE THINGS MUST BE DONE, GOSH DARN IT. Or else or else or else – ! What?

Or else I’m not ever going to be a real entrepreneur.

And maybe not even a real person.

These are the LIES we must be strong enough though, to call out within ourselves. Don’t you see? And if it’s not NOW –

don’t kid yourself it will be THEN.

You don’t skip to the supernatural bit by staying stuck endlessly in the loop of the natural and of FEAR or SHOULD.

You get there because every day you show up expecting wonders, expecting to go through the back of the wardrobe, but not trying to HACK your way through if you don’t. And in the meantime simply BEING WITH WHAT ACTUALLY IS. Waiting to catch that TRUE next wave. And doing the things you’re TRULY led to, following the breadcrumbs God is truly SHOWING you, rather than dismissing what YOU think is not gonna be enough, or do enough.

And imagine.

Just imagine – !

The whole entire time TODAY was the day you caught that big wave,

yet you were too freaking busy ticking the next thing off your do list,

just in case YOUR destiny was only ever the 1+1 = 2 life, and you nearly missed a 1.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



I want to show you how to work supernatural principles of impact into your business AND life as a matter of ‘course’.

Of COURSE it should be that I simply do the ONE thing,
which unlocks EVERY thing,
and takes me on a path of flow the way God actually DESIGNED it to be,
rather than a never-ending pushing by ME.

The thing is …

you can do this whole build-a-biz thing by figuring out everything you COULD do, and dutifully doing it to the best of your abilities.

The thing is …

there are a million people already doing that, and the harsh truth is: none of ’em stand out. Because none of ’em were actually BORN for that.

But you, you do know and understand that you came here with a BIG big call on your life. To pour forth. To see an empire FLOW forth. To make millions. Impact millions. And WALK A PATH OF FAITH IN ALL OF IT.

This is not a pipe dream. This is a knowing in the very CORE of you, and whilst the eventual outcome may well look totally different to what you first thought, the fact that right now you are meant to say YES GOD, YES –

is unchanged.

And it’s not ‘YES GOD, YES’ and now ‘here’s the list God’.

It’s ‘YES God, YES’. And then?


In the Secret Garden,

I show you how to do business. Money. Life. And YOU. The true supernatural way. Such that everything which is right now FOR you?


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How to Rest in God as a Driven Person


I love you and I’m praying for you!


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