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If it’s of God, you cannot overthrow it.

I want to live a life so fully and wildly surrendered to God, that there is not one single part of the me with OUT Him remaining.

I want to live a life so void of my own ideas and way that when people see the fruit of it there is no QUESTION but that it wasn’t me,

because how COULD it be?

I want to live a life in which I give Him everything on repeat
Again and again and again crying “Lord, hear my prayer and break EVERYTHING off of me which is not of you. Wake me Lord. SHAKE me. BREAK me until I am pliable, soft, and ready.
And use me for your purposes,
in JESUS Mighty Name,

Is this too much? TOO much capitulation to the one who created us, breathed life into us, and who powers us from within by His Holy Grace and the VERY SAME SPIRIT WHICH RAISED CHRIST FROM THE DEAD?

There is no possibility of ‘too much’ when it comes to willingly being crucified again and again and again on the cross with our Lord.

There is no logic to ‘maybe I’ll just keep this lil bit back for myself’, or ‘Imma just gonna live this here day on my terms’, or ‘I’ll wait and see, but meanwhile I got some THINGS I need to get done’, or ‘I can’t give that up. Not yet. Surely it’s not such a big deal that I keep stumbling in that area!’

While you are waiting
or holding on
or looking for proof it is worth that full and final surrender

the intimacy which was there for you the whole time
with the designer of the UNIVERSE
a personal audience just for you, on the DAILY
got missed

and you just don’t know
what He was going to whisper to you
or show

I don’t know about you, but I want to live a life of being DAILY held to the fire by our Lord, and burned anew; MARKED FOR HIM; BRANDED.

I want to scream ‘SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME LORD! Show me, reveal to me, bring to my awareness any part of me which is not of you, that I may repent and hand it over!’

I want to make it easy
by simply exiting the bit where we negotiate daily or situationally with whether or not we dare give Him our all
dare let Him use and direct us FULLY
dare put down the things we picked up which were not of Him
dare let Him slam shut doors He never opened
and invite us through doors we never could

Don’t you want that? Wouldn’t you want that?
Do you realise yet, that your sins, your burdens, your weaknesses and fears are not yours to carry?
Do you realise the AUTHORITY you have over ALL things on earth in His Name?
Do you realise the freedom and redemption?
Have you EXPERIENCED the joy, the gleeful giddy bubbling up from within you which does not want to stop as you sing Him a new song, a you song, a song of praise and thanks and MEANWHILE –
everything you thought you depended upon in an earthly sense could be CRUMBLING TO THE GROUND or blowing up all AROUND you,
and when you have God
and you have given Him ALL of you, TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT LORD, take ALL of me and every PART I thought WAS of me, take what you will – !

All you feel is peace
and hope.

I want to live a life where my own ways are so continually dismissed that the servitude I previously had to them is difficult to even fathom.

Like a long ago life
of which you can’t any more understand what the supposed benefit was
and would be horrified to have to go back
for even one day

I want to live a life where my prayers are His voice
my words are the ones He puts in my mouth
and my life is one of service
to the King

Where every move I make is orchestrated by the Most High, the King of Kings, and the path I should walk, of destiny, of purpose, of a mission fulfilled, of TRUTH,
unfolds right before me as I step forward
step by step
breath by breath

This is the life I crave and yearn for.
This is the life He offers us,
in Him.

This is the life I want to live.
And the life I say yes to every day,
powered by Him.

I want you to know,
you can live that life
you can have it all
but it’s not the ‘all’ they told you
or that you thought you needed
it’s the all beyond your imagination
or even

And all it will cost you
is you
and the path of death you would unquestionably follow
if you made you,
what is true.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS Let’s get very very real here, and very very raw.

This life right here in front of you? You have precisely ONE of it to live.

But the life which comes beyond
and all beside that
is eternal

You either are living for and from and WITH eternity in you (well, it’s planted in there regardless what YOU do about it),

or no.

The only way you have eternal life is through believing in and accepting Jesus as your Lord and saviour.
and DM me if you would like me to send you an audio I made on salvation,
what it means,
and how to say yes.

This is a choice you are making,
Ya know?


if you are here for the ALL in life. The long haul. The I SURRENDER FULLY LORD, NOW TAKE AND USE AND FIRE ME FORWARD AS YOU WILL,

AND you happen to be an entrepreneur who is a leader
HIGHLY creative
a way-maker
and ‘one who was never gonna be like the others’

it’s time we talked.

Firstly, flat out:

EVERYBODY in my community needs to do my new live money course, Elevated Expectation. Do it now or grab it later but it’s only live once and?
It will strip off everything which needs stripping whilst unlocking EXACTLY what needs unlocking.

Secondly. The Secret Garden. IT’S TIME WE TALKED ABOUT THIS.

Put simply,
if you are a woman of faith and /or you know issabouttime to actually BE one,
(but all the way)
you are one million percent meant to be in this space God gave me you,
and THE place where all that is FOR you
will come through.

This is FAITH. Business. Identity. Money. Purpose. And you. And quite frankly?
It is not even possible for me to express the shocking and CONTINUALLY revelatory way God works in there through how He leads ME,
but also even without me.


I want to do something special for you when you join us this week.
The visioning session we did live yesterday was – as is the standard – shocking. Profound. WHOLLY Holy Spirit led. And just –
something I know you need for your year.
But I want to add something extra right now.
A bonus,
a gift.
Lord show me,
what is it?

I want to pray with you personally when you join. And specifically around what needs & gets to be broken off you this year. What veil or deception needs lifting. And what God wants to PROPEL you into right now. SHOT FORTH LIKE A MISSILE TO DO THE WORK YOU’RE HERE TO DO.

That’s it.

Come see what He had make make you,
and let’s make this the year your business but also your life,
is truly through Kingdom eyes.

Oh, and one more thing –
Yesterday God told me “do a new 10 day course called WARFARE PRAYER.” This will be daily prayer & learning & Holy Spirit led teaching. I am scared to do it. That really has nothing to do with whether or not I am doing it. It will be $99. It will be free for those in The Secret Garden!

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Your place is waiting.


There is one other thing. For the woman who is playing a big game already, and who knows it is time to simply FLOW, but when I say flow? To HEIGHTS AND PLACES BEYOND IMAGINED.

3 months private with me.
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Is it time to rip the freaking bandaid, but fully? And simply GO there?
1st Quarter Supernatural Increase gorgeous. I’M CALLING YOU IN.
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