I just completed the manifestation of one of the biggest things I’ve ever called in to my life – the settlement of my new multi-million dollar dream beach home happened two days ago, and I’m still pinching myself that I actually did this!

As these things often go, there ended up being a few final hurdles and terse hours to get over that line and actually complete settlement, but it was nothing that really surprised me! After all – it’s been a few MONTHS of hurdles and terse moments to hold the space of doing this deal at all; ever since I said ‘yes’ to meeting the bank’s requirement of an extra $500,000 or so deposit for finance, on top of the deposit I’d already agreed with the vendor!

I hadn’t been planning to buy a home to live in … I’d only recently closed on a new investment property in my hometown Melbourne, and all my savings had gone to that! So, when I just ‘woke up one day’ and decided why not look at property on the Gold Coast … and then of COURSE my property agent here had just ONE home available in ‘the’ strip to live in here … and of COURSE it literally fit all my specifications … and of COURSE the vendor then said yes to my offer even though it was quite a low deposit percentage, due to aforementioned other property purchase right before … well –

Of course I wasn’t really surprised! After all, I KNEW I was going to get the house the moment I decided to put the offer in.

I knew it was mine.

But let me tell you, and allow me to be CRYSTAL clear here:

On the surface of it, no WAY did I feel remotely ready, grown-up, or good enough for a home like this!

I’ve been making a fair whack of money for a while now I guess … self-made multi-millionaire online, all purpose driven, is nothing to sneeze at! And that’s annual income, not cumulative of course! But something about buying a house of THIS calibre … and creating a HOME … being a grown-up in THAT way, yeah –


I did not feel good enough, worthy, OR ready; not financially, and not internally!

And yet, when I walked in for the second inspection, something within me whispered from the deepest of soul levels, and told me:

Katrina. It’s time.

Even though you don’t feel ready.
Even though you don’t feel worthy.
Even though you’re quite certain they’ll knock you back, and besides – you can’t afford that right now, that is a BIG stretch!

It’s time.
It’s yours.
And it’s ON YOU to step INTO it, not to wait until you feel more ready, or prepared either internally or in a practical sense!

So, I did what I always do when I feel that inner nudge and I PUT MY BULLSHIT ASIDE, saying yes to TRUST and SOUL, not fear and unworthiness.

When the bank came back and knocked back the low deposit, insisting despite my current investment with them and despite literally multiple years of income that is CONSISTENTLY in the multiple-6-figures per MONTH, that because I am self-employed I needed extra cash, and I needed it NOW, one of my first thoughts was that maybe it was a sign that it’s not aligned.

An obstruction to flow, you know?

When I tuned in on this though … and spoke with my brother Ash about it, who is one of my most key and trusted advisors … it was clear that what it was was an OPPORTUNITY to uplevel into the new me, to become the higher self who of COURSE owned and lived in property like that! Who of COURSE can buy a home for millions of dollars … and then furnish it in a stunning and high level way too, I might add! (I literally owned no furniture when I bought it, so that was another 100k or so, given my standards, to whip up!).

So, I said yes.

In a practical sense, this meant quite simply that if I didn’t then create that extra deposit – and FAST – I would lose the already 260k or so I’d put down. Not to mention I’d take a fair whack to the ego and pride!

I was pretty damn nervous about it. My business has significant monthly expenses and staffing costs, and while I save regularly I do NOT fucking put aside 800k in a period of a couple months! Nothing close to it. Could I do it? Well, I had NO CLUE HOW and it seemed like a FOOLISH decision to make.

As Ash said – “it’s pretty fucking ballsy!”

But as I said to back to him – “it just won’t happen that I don’t make it. Once I commit, it’s just not possible I don’t get there. I won’t let it happen. It’s like … energetically completely just not available that I don’t.”

I was in the bathroom at my daughter’s gymnastics class as I left this audio, and I remember just staring in the mirror and thinking, but FUCK Kat – HOW?!

This morning one of my Inner Circle clients ask me to riff to her a little on how I did come up with the extra money for the house. Did I track it especially? Did I pay attention day to day to how much was still needed? Did I sell extra shit?

I’m going to transcribe directly what I said to her, to you:

“We’ve had to run such a tight ship for me to be able to get this house. Every week on Tuesday we pay staff for example … and some weeks we haven’t had the money there for all the wages, so he’ll let me know okay, we’re going to pay these ones today and not you or me for example, we don’t have enough … and then we always pay them all in the end of course, but each week, you know, we have literally tens and tens of thousands of dollars in biz expenses, not just staff, plus trying to put aside all the money for the house, and it’s just been a BIG day to day juggle.

The thing is with the house, and this speaks to everything you’re now calling in and creating for your next level as well as money growth … honestly, Ash and I had this conversation the other day, and I’m definitely gonna have to livestream or blog about it, but I literally don’t even know how I came up with essentially an extra 800k on top of everything else, for this house, within a 3 or so month period.

Both of us are just like ‘well, that’s just magic.’ There’s no logical answer to how I was able to put aside SO much extra money for the house on top of everything else, plus I dropped 50-60k on that trip to Ibiza and London … I’ve spent extra money on random other shit as well, I’ve continued all my normal spending, it’s not as though I restricted my usual behaviour, like I’ve bought some designer stuff, some coaching, other travel and stuff … and we literally were like ‘how did that even happen? where did that money even come from?’

We know for sure that, had I not have committed to the house, it’s not as though there’d be an extra 800k sitting in my savings account right now; that wouldn’t happen, it wouldn’t be there!

I know that in a practical sense we only paid the minimum on our taxes and have delayed a few payments which we were able to, which we’ll now get done in the next few months, but that was maybe 100k – where did the rest come from?!

The rest came from MAGIC.

It came from committing to something that was soul aligned. It 100% NEVER came from me going ‘God, I better do extra offers or extra high-level offers.’

I NEARLY went down that path, I nearly advertised a live-in retreat in Bali at 10k per person, because I thought that would be an extra 100k … but then I dropped it, because it wasn’t aligned. And I know that following HOW never works.

So I literally never did anything to try and make extra money for the house, at all. It just showed up. And I never worried day to day at all about where we were at … I would check in sometimes with Ash how much we’d saved each week (as he does the money stuff), and often I’d be like – ‘how? Where the fuck did that much money come from? How did you do that on top of everything else?! Especially as actually we’ve had some of our LOWEST total cash months in a few years, the last few months!’ Probably this is a product of me being conscious of needing the money!!

And then there were other weeks where we weren’t able to save anything, and I was like – well, okay. It is what it is. Like, it concerned me a little bit, I was thinking well, we can’t have too many weeks where we don’t save anything, we’ll fall massively behind on our savings plan! But mostly I would then just forget about it, you know? And be in the day to day of what I was doing, just doing my thing.

So honestly … I so have to teach on this, and do a course on it I think, when it comes through, but really it was FULLY just magic, and such a reminder to just commit and say ‘fuck the how'”

Right now, soaking in the reality that I DID it, I was heavily supported energetically and practically by a LOT of incredible key people who made this happen for and with me, not just my brother of course, but my parents, my Mortgage Broker, the real estate agent who helped me get extra finance approval time with the vendor when the bank was playing funny buggers with me, and of course all my friends and clients who held space for me, but yes it was still all on ME in the end to make the decision and then trust I could back it up … and just soaking all that in it feels like –


I did it, even though I didn’t feel enough, or ready, or fully able!

I’m SO proud of myself.

And it makes me think, well – where else do I need to just decide to be enough, now, and fuck the how?

When I look back at the how of getting to here as an online leader, it’s the same.fucking.thing.

I wasn’t ready!
I didn’t know how!
And I did NOT feel good enough!

But something within me said – ‘too bad. It’s time. Commit. Trust that when you commit you WILL back it up; it’s who you are!’

The thing you have to remember is – magic IS real. When you say yes, and and you step forward in TRUST, on something that is aligned, things just work WITH you and mostly you can’t even explain how it happened, just like in this story.

You can kind of figure it out … do the math on some of it … but there is ALWAYS, with epic manifestation stories, an unaccounted for piece that makes NO SENSE.

Unless of course you believe in magic, and then it makes ALL the sense!!

I’m so grateful to be able to share this story with you, and I feel strongly that my decision to BE the next level me even when I didn’t feel ready has already unlocked so much that I haven’t even yet seen. And I’m so grateful for the reminder, too, aren’t you?!

That when you say yes to your soul –

Life says yes to you.

Takeaways and my manifestation process for you if you’re looking for the ‘how’ still 😉

– I said yes to what my soul told me to, even though it was scary and I had no idea how

– I did NOT try and play God, make a strategy, follow steps to then make it happen

– My focus was trust, and also – and I didn’t mention this before – continual detachment and surrender, journaling and affirming daily that I get the house, I settle on time, of course it’s mine, and then at the same time continually releasing it and reminding myself that it’s okay if for some reason it doesn’t work

– As far as action, I took action based on what was just soul aligned for me anyway!! I just did my daily work, nothing extra, but I did do all of it

– I continued my normal life also in terms of behaviour and spending, acting from abundance not restriction or lack. This included paying for furniture even before the settlement, rather than waiting.

– I paid attention to everything I noticed along the way, general day to day stuff around integrity and being who I know I’m meant to be, in all areas

– I stayed the MF course!!

I’d love to hear what comes up for you in reading this … and I’m gonna remind you AGAIN:

When you say yes to your soul –

Life says yes to you.



9 responses to “HOW I MANIFESTED MY MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BEACH HOME! Includes my Manifestation Process!”

  1. Karen Ryce says:

    I love this Kat! Saying yes to my soul is my main practice. Nothing else makes sense. Moment by moment. And magic happens too.

  2. Dannette McClanahan says:

    Girl I need this! I am at a start over point in my life at 40. Convicted felon with a prison number who after a stupid patch where I continued to fuck up, I dug down deep and now 4.5 years clean a production manager of company. But I want more! I want to make that money and help women like u do.. because well I’m a badass bitch like urself.. and it’s time I show the world

  3. Carol Sundara says:

    Wow finally a manifestation “process” which resonates… I always felt uncomfortable when people suggested to launch something in times of this. Felt out of integrity. Life always unfolds for me beyond my expectations with magic and letting go of the how..

  4. Sarah says:

    EXACTLY what I needed to hear, right now. You deeply inspire me and ignite my soul! <3

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