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Success Mindset


If you already knew you were good enough, what else would be true right now?

What else are you not yet doing, that you think you have to still ‘get to’, or earn the right to be able to even consider?!

Do you realise you are ALREADY worthy of a life that takes care of you, honours you, meets your every need, and gives you what you want and most desire?

Do you realise that every time you shy away from that, and treat yourself as NOT yet worthy or ready, you actually dial down abundance, and the ability to receive?

These are some of the things of which we must speak today.

What would you do and who would you be and what would you be creating, NOW, if you understood that you already have everything, are everything, and have done enough to be ALLOWED TO BE YOU?

If you believed that the way you do business, love, life, you, was already enough – and it is! – then what is it, which comes right away to mind, no need to pretend otherwise, I KNOW! –

– that you’ve been putting off for another day, another week, another year, for ‘one day’, which of course then never comes?

Are you telling yourself a story, perhaps, as so many of US so often do?

That you’re not yet worthy of being seen, being known, being heard?

Shall I tell you something which your soul already knows?


You were born with the innate gift of being worthy of being seen and heard, it’s not just something you ‘can’ do, it’s something you MUST.

For the sake of your own soul, firstly, because come now, no need to play coy – you damn well KNOW that nourishment to your soul IS being seen, heard, attended to!

But, it’s not only that. Is it? It’s also a fact – a fact, Your Honour! – that the WORLD DOES INDEED NEED TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.

That your message can change LIVES.

That your art will leave people breathless.

That a single WORD from you can be a gut punch to the soul which leaves people reeling, and realising, all of a sudden, that they have to walk away from everything –

And finally say yes to their soul.

And all of a sudden, because of something so simple, so offhand, so ‘obvious’, to YOU, that you allowed to come through from you –

They for the first time feel that they can.

And yet here you are, considering whether or not you are GOOD ENOUGH, or ready, to share these missives of truth which pour out of you, on the occasions when you get the fuck out of your own way, and allow yourself to simply BE.


#bemoreyou, be ALL of you, what else is there?

How –
IRRESPONSIBLE of you! To not simply allow this, daily, naturally, always.

Imagine …

Imagine – !

Imagine if you understood that your ACTIONS, and the way you show up, don’t need to be connected to emotion.


Imagine if you just ‘got’ that it’s your damn JOB –

To be the transformational badass leader
To share your message with the world with the sort of fervour it actually deserves
To do WHATEVER it takes to make space for your art, your heart, your soul


Imagine if, from this moment forward, you DECIDED to simply flick the damn switch –

To remove emotion.
And just do the work.

The work?

The work of being YOU, m’dear, you know that.

And what work is that, pray tell?

What WOULD you be doing and who would you be and what would you ALREADY be saying yes to? If you knew that you were already enough, that you were worthy of the WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD SEEING YOU, and then some?

What are the EXACT SPECIFIC THINGS you’ve been waiting to do?

Waiting –

As the whole world does, for their whole entire lives, and in the way we’ve somehow told ourselves we ALSO must –

‘Waiting for a train to go
or a bus to come, or a plane to go
or the mail to come, or the rain to go
or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
or the waiting around for a Yes or No
or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting.

Waiting for the fish to bite
or waiting for the wind to fly a kite
or waiting around for Friday night
or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.
Everyone is just waiting.

That’s not for you!’

Is it?

Is that the way this is going down for you, is this who you’re choosing to ALLOW yourself to be? Is this what you desire to create your LIFE from?!


What is it, exactly, that you think will make you any more good enough, or ready, than what you are now?!

Do you REALISE that if you don’t start THIS VERY SECOND you likely never will?!

Your excuses and justifications are NOT FUCKING VALID, and never where.

Just look around – !

YOU tell yourself you need to look better, or speak better, or know more, or have done more, but look the fuck around at ALL the people who are proving you wrong! Showing up PERFECTLY NOT READY, showing up messy, unprepared, disorganised, just as who they are now and with what they KNOW now! Putting themselves out there! Taking a stand! Being SEEN! Being HEARD! Creating the life that YOU DREAM OF LIVING, doing the exact fucking THINGS you want to one day be known for –

Or one day get to simple enjoy.

And you … you feel jealous, or you feel upset, or you feel perhaps as though somebody has beaten you to the punch, hey – ! That person took my idea! And maybe my LIFE; I was the one supposed to be up their on that stage, doing those things, spinning the world on its head!

Yes, maybe you were.

But who can say?

When you simply –
Did not.

Your EXCUSES are no longer valid, do you get that?



It doesn’t REQUIRE being perfect.
It doesn’t REQUIRE looking any certain way.
It doesn’t REQUIRE speaking any certain way.
It doesn’t REQUIRE being able to spout forth like a textbook.
It doesn’t REQUIRE anything –

Except decision.
And choice.
Sure that it’s what’s meant to be DONE, even if not sure of ANY of the how of doin’ it!
And an attitude of determination which says –

I get to be here.

And I’m GONNA damn well be.

And I wonder, don’t you?

I wonder …

If you changed it all today.
If you said yes to soul.
If you removed the ‘when I’m ready, or when this or that or the other thing is in place’ bullshit.
And if you just began doing EVERY fucking thing you see inside of you, and being all that you know you’re meant to be, now, no matter how messy, or awkward, or clumsy –

I wonder what we’d be looking at,

When we look at you a year from now, or less, or more, or ANYTIME –

And I wonder, don’t you?

I wonder if you’ll look back ever, on anything, and say, well yes –

It was SUCH a good fucking thing that I waited so long to press fucking play.

Such a smart move, to delay being me, and delay doing what I was meant to do, delay creating the life I was born for!

I wonder –

I wonder if we’ll ever even know you.

Or if you’ll continue to wait in the wings of your own life, but also hiding from the world, hiding from us, and if that’s your choice, well, I guess I’ll never know that you didn’t show up for service –

But you will.

And I guess that’s something to go to bed at night with, isn’t it?

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



I am SO fucking proud of these incredible badasses who SHOWED UP yesterday at my Melbourne Soul Shifts & Money Makin’ Day!

Showed up for THEMSELVES, looked resistance in the eye and said fuck THAT shit, and here I am anyway!

Walls were torn down.
Barriers destroyed.
BULLSHIT recognised, and owned.
And soul shifts back to what was ALWAYS meant to be, locked in.

The outcome?

Absolute.fucking.transformation, AND certainty of what’s to come and how to EMBARK upon it, before we’d even made it to wine time 

This was SUCH an intense day energetically that I pretty much passed out face down on my bed as soon as I got back to my room, COMPLETELY spent, completely elated, completely SOUL FILLED. And in fact am still in bed, some 12 hours later, writing this!

Is there any better feeling than doing ALL of what you know you’re meant to do in the world, and being all that you are, FUCK the noise inside of you which says you can’t?

There is not!

PM me now if you know you need to be at the Gold Coast or London Soul Shifts & Money Makin’ Day.

This event will change your life.


(Plus London Nov 2, whoop!)

Women who know they were born to make millions, impact millions, and even change the world. Women who know they can HAVE IT ALL.

Women who are the crazy ones. The change-makers. The ones on the edges, and hell yeah wanting to stay there, so they can quickly, quickly, slip away –

When needed –

And back to their own world

If that’s you, you know it, because somewhere in the world inside your head –

You found me

And this tribe

Of crazy as all get out leaders

Who would do anything to get away from everyone

And everything to band together, when we find each other

Here’s what we’re doing …

* Spend a day together with me and a small intimate group of like-minded revolutionary leaders and creators, in ABSOLUTE VIFP luxury and energy – Melbourne, Monday September 17 // Gold Coast, Wednesday September 26! // London, Friday November 2!

The intention of this time together – aside from the obvious, being ALL the fun and shenanigans! – is to unlock your GREATEST power and potential, and ACTIVATE you as the version OF you who you know you’re here to be

It’s NOT about learning something new … adding things in … and it’s certainly not about following some kind of strategy or plan and having to do ANYTHING which goes against who you are, and what you DESIRE.

What it is about, what this time together is about, quite simply, is dropping back into you

I know you’ve always know that you have a calling –

You were born for more –

You have FELT things, deep inside of you, maybe since before time even began, and over time the whispers just get stronger, telling you –

It’s time

it’s time

it’s motherfucking TIME

to step up, to be all that you came here to be, to break COMPLETELY free from normal, to do something EXTRAORDINARY, to FULLY shine your light, and yes, also, of course –

to make a FUCKLOAD of money doing so, impacting ultimately MILLIONS of people with your work, and truly unleashing something powerful, beyond what even YOU can imagine …

when I say it’s not about learning something new, or being SHOWN something, what I mean is that it’s about getting back to what has always been there, for you. Dropping back IN to you is about remembering … who you always were, and who you were always GOING to be, who you are destined to be, and who, perhaps, you’ve been running from being. THAT is what this is about, with a hefty side dose of asskickery, of course!

Specifically what we will be doing –

* getting SUPER fucking clear and detailed on your purpose work, your soul work, your MISSION, your message – what it is, what it looks and FEELS like, and also how you’d be showing up if you were TRULY owning it and putting it out into the world

* owning your LEADER status online (and off!) – the entertainer, leader, POWERHOUSE you, who runs a motherfucking empire and names and claims WHO she is and also what she gets to have, she does not WAIT to get there … to be appointed … to be ready. She appoints herself. There IS a ‘how’ to this, which is, of course, an understanding and a mindset. I’m going to show you.

* kicking STUCK energies, sabotages, small playing beliefs and patterns to the curb with ease. What’s funny is … it’s actually about owning and leaning into these things. About understanding how they have come to serve us. And then? About shifting INSTANTLY into being that version of you who is evolved SO damn far beyond this shit, that automatic growth is just how it is. I’ll share with you exactly how I instantly shift, reframe, use for my advantage and purpose, leverage off and even make MONEY from the things which once upon a time held me back, or kept me feeling like ‘I can’t’

* business SMACKDOWN – this day is clearly about the inner game; we both know that THAT is where growth and results come from. But part of the inner game? Doing the fucking work. BUILDING that cash machine. Or really, what I should say is – letting money flow to you, with ease, on repeat, because you set it up to BE that way. So, I’m going to work with you personally through the day to identify:

1) The best and FASTEST way for you to grow your following and list with SOULMATE PEEPS who love and adore you, and love to BUY from you

2) What you need to have in place so they CAN indeed buy from you, right away (and is a soul offering for YOU, which you are truly excited to deliver!)

3) How to keep that audience grow grow growing, engaged as FUCK, super fun and high vibe, and buying on REPEAT, even if you’re doing a gajillion different NOT niched things all the time; like me!

PM me on my personal page –>> for the rest of what we’re doing – only if you know it’s time to step fully into your magnetic AWESOME though! investment is less than half of what it would normally be for a VIP event day with me!


These days are SERIOUSLY fucking amazing. I can’t even begin to describe!! PM me asap if you KNOW you’re meant to be there. It’s time x

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