Success Mindset


Do you feel heavy, down, saddened, as though energy seems to just seep from your body no matter what you try to do about it, you mask it and you can do a good job of smile smile smile-ing to the world, but underneath it all is a deep longing, and a wonderment –

‘Why aren’t I there yet? When I’ve done so much and worked so hard and I DO show up, and I KNOW I was called, WHY or why aren’t I there yet?’

Do you feel at times like you’re stuck on BEING stuck, you don’t even quite know what you’re stuck WITH, but there’s just something –

Always –

Hanging over you.

Or lurking within you.

Or taunting you.

Or pulling you, again, just when you felt that SLIGHT rush of flow, away, from your path, and maybe,

Your life.

Do you feel as though the whole thing is really just quite RIDICULOUS! It’s crazy! You’ve DONE SO MUCH and you’ve COME SO FAR, how the FRICK is it you’re still struggling with the same old shit?!

And you decide, with a shake of your head and a toss of your hair – ‘that’s it! I am SO DONE! I’m ALL IN FROM HERE, just watch me!’

Only to wake up again,
A morning or perhaps several later,
But at some point inevitably,
And realise,

NOT there.

And I just can’t figure out what I’m MISSING, what I’m not putting my finger on, what the missing God damn LINK is already and WHY AREN’T I THERE!

Will I tell you what’s going on here?

Would you like me to?

I know of these things because I have been of these things and come from these things and come THROUGH these things, and I know EXACTLY what is going on.

I also know –

That as much as what I will share with you today, is, as every day, 100% the TRUTH which you need to hear, there remains a 99.99% (+!) chance you’ll do precisely jack.

about it.

However, such is life and so it goes and I’ve long ago released the idea of or any need around YOU having to step up in your life in order for ME to be able to fully be in flow, my role is not to take you by the fucking hoof and force your head into the water, mine is to IMPART to you the truth which you already know in your soul, and what you DO with that is entirely,

and always,
and only,
and FULLY,

on you.

So, here is what’s missing –


The missing link is YOU.

You’re not listening, are you? Every day your soul gives you nudges, and urges, and little or big leanings. ‘Come this way, not that. Follow this, not there. Turn away. Run towards. Leap. DARE. Ask for the extra fucking cherry on top, and say no THANK you to the onions!’

Do you realise that if you’re in ANY way not honouring your soul’s requirements, for even the littlest ‘everyday’ things, you are TURNING OFF THE ABILITY TO RECEIVE.

In the 8th energy centre,

Is where you find yourself able to allow full abundance, and receiving,

And yet you remain in the base energies,


All because you’re unwilling – or perhaps don’t know – to be precise on what you want, what you require, what you will allow, and what you desire.

Well! What you’re ALLOWING is every fucking thing life serves up to you, you’re reacting and being PULLED by life, and yet you still wonder – really?! – why you don’t have what you want?

Get a fucking grip.

You can’t very well bemoan the fact that you don’t have your exact vision in front of you NOW, when you repeatedly demonstrate, every day, how easily swayed you are from your path, how quickly you’ll shut your mouth rather than express the unpopular or uncomfortable, how swiftly you’ll pull back instead of risking being seen as a diva, demanding, unreasonable, and so on.


What if, today, you spoke your 100% truth in EVERY situation and with EVERY person, including you stated (calmly and politely, this is not about being reactive) when you weren’t happy or COMPLETELY fulfiled, and you without emotion also ASKED for precisely what you need in order to be completely happy, fulfiled, and KNOWING you’re in alignment.

Speaking of which –

Alignment baby, and integrity, where’s yours at?

Over and over again you SAY you’re a certain type of person, you SAY you’re willing to do what it takes, you SAY you were ‘born for it’.

Do you realise though – and I know that you do; you can’t hide from ME! – that ‘doing what it takes’ and being that person means being honest with EVERY part of how you live your life?

So –

– The shit you don’t say, speak up about, share, or ask for in your relationship(s)
– The stuff you allow to pass by that your soul has something to say about
– The promises, big and small, especially the day to day small ones, for they MAKE UP YOUR LIFE, which you make to yourself and then REPEATEDLY fail to follow through on … ‘boy who cried wolf-ing’ your own life …
– The things which roll through your mind late at night when you of COURSE can’t sleep, and you tell yourself …’tomorrow I will … and then … I should … I must … I will …!’ … and then again you DON’T

THESE are just a FEW of the things which make it impossible for you to receive.

Do you REALISE what it actually TAKES, when you talk about doing what it takes?


Integrity with your own SOUL, bitch.

Realising that NOTHING which comes from that place can be WRONG, BAD, or TOO MUCH.

And don’t bullshit me with ‘but I’m not sure whether it’s coming from that place or not’. You fucking KNOW, ain’t no use claiming otherwise.

You just gotta get more committed to listening, and then, of course, acting.

On the big.
And on the small.
And every damn thing in between.

And this … this … precisely this … is why most who read this will NEVER FUCKING MAKE IT.

They will feel and know the truth in my words, in the message which is DIVINELY coming through for you today, from my soul to yours, and yet they will TURN AWAY because it’s not ‘fancy’ enough, or because surely there’s something more complicated than that, surely if they just figured out that ONE BIG THING …

And because something inside of them just plain and simply refuses to be the damn person who honours soul.

‘I’m not worthy –
I’m not good enough –
Who am I to –

I get it, but let’s call a spade a spade.


If you were willing, and you’d DECIDED, and you were UNAVAILABLE for anything less, you would VERY quickly discover that you can still take soul-aligned action in the fact of all of these things, and even as they CONTINUE – invariably! – to show up daily.

If you had made it NON-NEGOTIABLE to be the person who you see inside, you’d simply do what it takes.

Every day, adjustment by adjustment to follow soul.

Understanding that you’re either doing this in ALL ways, or you’re not doing it at all.

And –

– You’d ask for what you want, down to the smallest detail, and you’d do it no matter how scary
– You’d say what you believe, down to the littlest dot on top of an ‘i’, and you’d do it no matter the so-called push back
– You’d walk away from or stand up against anything and everything, no matter how minor, which you didn’t agree with, align with, or know, is right
– You’d boldly claim that you GET TO HAVE EVERYTHING YOU FEEL INSIDE OF YOU, and you’d simply swipe your self-worth shit to the side
– You’d choose the DISCIPLINE to stop doing shit which is out of alignment
– And the DISCIPLINE to take the first step on the shit you know you must, no matter how daunting or mystical it seemed to be

And so on

And so forth!

Do you know what’s next level CRAZY about all of this, and why I can’t help but shake my head in woe and wonderment at just how damn HARD everybody makes it, even as I release the need for it to be MY CONCERN?

There is NOTHING you need to ‘figure out’ here … don’t COME at me asking but how about this or that or the other thing, or, does my particular circumstance change things Kat?

You know it doesn’t!

Quit LYING to yourself!

The fundamentals of HOW LIFE WORKS REMAIN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HOW LIFE WORKS, and THAT is what’s next level crazy about all of this … the fact that it all just boils down to one simple thing:

You are worthy to receive because you were born worthy to receive.

WHAT you are worthy to receive is everything you feel and see inside of you.

And HOW to fully receive is to fully follow every single nudge of your soul.

Yeah, it’s a daily practice and process of tuning in, and making those small adjustments to do that.

But at the same time … it’s just a choice you can make, in this moment, to rip the fucking bandaid and be that person.

Today, I urge you –

Rip the fucking bandaid and be that person.

After all –