Do you realise that failing to do what your soul is directing you to do, straight up and RIGHT away, no questions asked and no muss or fuss is a possibly the most ego-centric bullshit you can engage in?

Let’s lay this down for just a minute, remove the emotion and drama and hoo-ha, and look at the FACTS, Your Honour!

Ring ring –

Ring ring – 


“Hello, XXX (your name) speaking.

Who is it again? Oh, my SOUL, you say. My higher self! My highest available self, even! Well, it sure is great to hear from you this fine day, what is it you’ve got for me?

A MESSAGE? A missive? A directive?! Sounds exciting, let’s have at it!


Oh, well, now that’s interesting … do you really think?

Hmmm, sounds a bit scary …


Well, I’m just not sure, I wouldn’t want people to think I’m, you know …


Well I’ll certainly think about it and get back to you! Thanks so much for calling!


Yes, yes, I understand the missive is for NOW, I’m just –

It’s just –

No, stop talking, I heard you the first time okay?!

Just –

Shh – !





And now back to busy busy busy, go, go, go, that’s how it GOES, no?!


That is NOT how it’s supposed to go!

When your SOUL calls the general IDEA (if you desire happiness | love | light | abundance | ALL fabulous and deserved and available things) is you freakin’ ANSWER – toot suite – and then you ACTION. Also toot suite!


Here you are –

And there you go –

Playing a tired old song of being too under the pump right now –

Not ready now –

Not sure if you’ve done enough, proven enough, are good enough –

Or if YOU would ever really be somebody who can live like that | show up like that | expect the best of LIFE like that –

Never mind if people wanna hear it | see it | get it from you, why WOULD they?!

Why would they? Why WOULD they? I’ll freakin’ tell you why they would!


How ’bout DEM apples, hmm?

And here’s what else, while we’re at it –

ALL of this is just a big old game of EGO.

Yeah, you heard me!

You, not doing the work you’re meant to do in the world, not getting your PURPOSE work out there, not showing up for your art, your message, the THING which lives and breathes inside of you, and wants.to.get.out!

Think about it:

There is something within you. A gift, a talent, a BEING, why not, and it is MEANT to get out.

And you, you with your selfishness and your ego, and your making of yourself to matter MORE than it (oh, I would, but all MY shit matters more, I have to worry too much about what people think and if I can and if I DARE, says the Self, the fear body, the resistance, yes the EGO) –

You refuse to let it live.



Or even,

Have a chance.

Perhaps you open that door just a crack, every so often, let the light and the air in, let it THINK it can get out – !

But just as quickly,

Back it slams.

And you run run run back to your distraction, back to your shadow life, back to everything which is not you living THE life –

You were born for.

Or letting the thing inside of you –

Live any life at all.

It’s so.

Don’t you think?

And the worst part of all is, you actually believe your own bullshit, your stories, your ridiculousness, your JUSTIFICATIONS for never pressing play. Not really. Which is to say –

Not at all.

So, here is what I have for you today, and it’s a missive, a message, a motherfucking ORDER, channeled from your HIGHEST self, via mine, and right back atcha by way of your soul:




The work?


The work of your SOUL, duh.

And here is where it gets to be VERY fucking simple.

And where you get to realise –

There’s not a SINGLE thing you need to worry about –
Concern yourself with –
Or wonder –

Not in business.
Not with your fitness.
Not with love, and relationships.
And not with life.

ALL you need to do, in each and every area, and no matter how great the task or desired outcome or how small –

Is tune the fuck in, and then do what you’re told!

Funny thing about doing what you’re told, and how WE typically kinda-sorta-most-definitely HATE that –

That shit (the hating it bit!) is KINDA SORTA most definitely only meant to apply when the order is coming from OUTSIDE OF US.

Not from WITHIN, and from up above, y’know?

The thing is –

You’ve always known it was supposed to be easy, that ease and flow and a purpose driven life, filled with passion, and joy, and certainty, was not only available but also that it was and IS your birthright.

You’ve always known this! You’ve felt it inside of you since before time began.

And yet, you’re how old now? You’ve waited for how long now? You’ve stop-started how many times now? You’ve said you would, that now is the time how many times now?

You’ve gone to bed at night –
And laid your head on the pillow –
Once again knowing you didn’t do what you were meant to do –
HOW many times now?


You WILL keep on talking about it and yet NEVER actually doing it for the rest of your life, if you don’t change something NOW.

Just because you HAVE a destiny, it doesn’t mean you will EVER live it.

It doesn’t work that way.

It was never going to work that way.

You KNOW this, you’ve always known it, but come now –

How many more times are you going to continue to act as though there’s some other options?

How many more days?

How many more supposed lifetimes which you REALLY shouldn’t be banking on?!

It’s very very VERY black and white, this whole purpose thang –

In the end, either you get to live the life you dream of, every part of it comes true in the PHYSICAL realm, not just the ones you dance and play in as you astral travel and wander –

Or you stay right where you are now, living a life of bullshit.

Achieving, leaping, getting perhaps all the things, and being the envy of all around you, to be sure – !

But yet never ever ever even truly attempting the one thing –

The only thing –

It was ever meant to be about.

You can make lists on top of your lists, if you like. Climb the highest heights, and go to the ends of the earth. Do more in your lifetime than most would in 10, 100, 1000!

And I’m sure that you do.

But it doesn’t matter how far you go, how much you tick off, or how busy you keep –

When you go to bed at night you damn straight KNOW –

You either did your soul work, and you followed guidance from above and within, the way you’re meant to, and across the BOARD –

Or you did not.

The feeling of not doing so is one that NOTHING can make up for, no NOTHING. Not a single thing.

And you know this.

You’re living with the knowledge of it, and you are DYING in the face of it.

Slowly slowly.
Softly softly.
Killing your own soul.

So, enough.

Enough with the recklessness, and the WILDLY irresponsible destruction-through-inaction of the gifts you’ve been given.

Enough with saying you will, and then not doing so.

Enough with pretending you don’t fucking KNOW, what your soul would have you do, in all areas.

And enough, MOST of all, with putting your own sense of self, and your own EGO, ahead of your art.

It was always meant to be about the art.

Make it about the art.

Start to LIVE for the art.

It’s what you were born for.

And you damn well better not die for anything else.


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