Success Mindset


If you knew that there was nothing to worry about or be concerned with, and everything was already DONE, then what would you do and what would you choose and who would you be?

If you knew that everything was already perfect NOW –

Would you even know how to exist?

Or would you be like a kite cut free, floating and lost in the breeze, but instead of feeling ooh – ! I get to flow and fly and go, where I please, you instead feel oh – ! Oh no! Who AM I, and what do I DO now, and HELP me please, for I don’t know how to be –

Without my struggle.
Without the push.
Without the pull.
Without the constant.fucking.knowledge that I am NOT there, and perhaps –
Never will be.

And perhaps you’d feel oh HELP – !

What do you MEAN, there’s nothing I need to do and nowhere I must go and I am indeed no BODY and I have no THING and I need no THING, that feels so SCARY, my entire IDENTITY –

Is about the not having and the not being and the can I really and the do I DARE.

And so even though you see the truth, of course you see the truth, and you know it and feel it and RECOGNIZE it and even ARE it, in your soul –

You’d run away
From the perfect
And the done
And the not worry
And the no need to DO
Any thing
Because you already ARE
Every thing
Or really, as we said,
No thing
And also NEED no thing,

And you’d run back into the familiar, back into the safe, back into the comfortable bosom of being bound

To a life of not having and not getting to do and not every BEING

Or whole

A life where every day you could get up and follow the same system, and be the same person, and even though you professed to all who would listen that you were going to change things, move things, shift things, become things, and you professed also at times WEARINESS, about not yet BEING there, the truth was, and is –

You like it there.
You’re used to it there.
You KNOW it there.
And you’re happy enough, really, with your minute little shifts each day, enough ‘progress’ to convince yourself –
– that you’re doing something
Going somewhere
Becoming some THING

When the whole entire time in your soul you know that THAT is some bullshit, because you have ALWAYS known that if you wanted to change or become or create or SEE something, you could do it in a heartbeat, in the blink of an eye, like magic, and just by DECIDING!

You’ve always known the magic is real …

And you also know, if you stop and think about it, that for as long as you’re seeking to go somewhere, do something, become somebody, you’re stating, and REinstating, that you’re therefore NOT there.

Which of course,
Keeps it so!

And here is what else, speaking of THAT –

In the place of everything being perfect, and done, and whole, and complete, the place where there is nothing to worry about or be concerned with or DO –

There is also no possible way to have a goal you are working towards.

There would be no desire or longing to make a certain amount of money
To shift or change your relationship from where it is now
To adjust your body
Or indeed to achieve anything at all

Because everything
Would already be

And done


It’s a lil bit scary, isn’t it?! No harm in admitting it, I get it, I feel the same way, when I tune in from the CONDITIONED self.

She shrieks at me, and demands to know – but what should I DO then, pray tell?! If I had nothing to do and everything was done, for the love of God what would I DO, and what would I strive for, and what would even be the POINT?!

And she imagines herself
Sitting endlessly on the couch
Eating donuts
And waiting
To die

But the higher self, the ACTUAL now self, the me who allows this message through her right now, for you, she smiles, and laughs, and knows –

Oh so much more than the fear-mind would like to insist she does

She knows that it’s always been this way
There’s never been anything to do
And while she did a decent job of constructing a life of ‘should’ and ‘want’ and ‘hope’ and ‘try’,
She actually always ALWAYS had everything she could ever need
And already KNEW everything required
To BE everything she already was
And forever would be

And now back to the NOW, are you ready?!

What do you DO in the now when there is nothing to do and nowhere to go and nothing else you need to even BE, oh HELP!

Why, isn’t it obvious?

You simply go deeper into all of it.
Deeper into purpose.
Deeper into the message.
Deeper into your art.
Deeper into your soul.
Deeper into ONENESS.
Deeper into the unified energy field and INFINITE possibility.
And deeper into the now.

The endless

Does it still scare you? Would you be willing to let go of not being there, in order to be fully here?

Or are you so committed to you run run running, that you can’t even imagine –

Can’t begin to bear –

Don’t know where to start,

Or how,

And besides, the question still lingers –

But what do I DO?!


You let go.
For starters.
And you practice.
For next.
And you realise.
For good.

That this moment right here is perfect.
And maybe that’s enough, because actually?

It’s all you have.