Success Mindset


I’m here for the true 1% within the 1%, the ones who appointed themselves and CHOSE to identify as such but then? Actually lived into it.

The truth is I sicken myself, slow myself, bore and drain and quicksand myself, and ultimately destroy myself, anytime I deviate from a message or a way of doing business or life which is anything other than tearing strips straight off of the ones who already do that every day for them SELVES.

The truth is I think most people are weak and lazy as fuck, ABSOLUTELY self chosen because of course everybody is a special fucking flower and born with unique potential and gifts. But as I’ve said for years – just because you have a destiny doesn’t mean you’re ever going to live it. And what I see, mainly, when I look around the internet, is a bunch of whiny basic sooks who wouldn’t understand soul-led discipline if it bit them in the butt.

Who are willing to invest money and time and some semblance of energy into trying to create business and life success but who categorically refuse to back themselves to do the ONE thing which is actually required. Which is to go balls to the walls on who you really are, in every area of your life, and FUCK THE SO CALLED FALLOUT ’cause you truly can’t get it wrong being fully you.

Who, on top of it, just plain shirk hard work. And before the anti-hustle brigade pipes up again, a) I’m not talking about purposeless work, endless work, burn yourself out work, and b) if you’re not here for the hustle and don’t get how that IS the flow you seek then I’m not speaking to you anyway. MOSEY ALONG.

The reality is that the ones who excite me, and who I can MOST deeply help to grow more, flow more, FLY more, are the ones who absolutely would bleed and sweat and cry and all but die for their dreams, who already HAVE done this, and who live for the inherent JOY which is going all in on purpose.

Who unapologetically see themselves as the best … who expect from themselves a standard of excellence in all areas … and who are willing to do the real work of owning their shit when they cop out, opt out, flake out, or in any way FAKE it rather than go all in on who and what they came here to be.

I’m here for the ones who know they came here to rule the fucking world.

Who accept that they were born as the TRUE leader | warrior | empress | King.
And who will let nothing and nobody stop in their way because they ACTUALLY get the import of their mission.

If you don’t see yourself as the unequivocal best in the world and expect ONLY the absolute best and your true fucking dream in all areas of your life,

There are a million places on the internet to be told your mediocre dreams matter.

This ain’t one of ’em.

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