No matter who you are, how powerful of a business or life you’ve built, or whether you feel stuck, floundering, no idea what it is you even WANT to start with, let alone how, here is what I know for sure:

The thing that’s IN you?

Is meant to come out.

You can continue to delay if you like, pushing it away, if you like, pretending it’s for another day, if you like, but it’s NOT going away, and it IS?

For today.

A year may pass, two, several dozen of ’em, and it is STILL going to be there. Beating that thrum of a drum inside of you, and telling you –


But no,

it will not fade

it will not disappear

and it cannot be replaced with something else

the only thing which is as sure of a thing as the thing of THIS thing not going away is that YOU will just get older –

and it’ll still be there.

And sure. You might build a TON of epic stuff, do really great work in the world, be an AWESOME and admirable human in so many ways …

but it won’t REALLY matter. When what YOU know you’re meant to do?

Is set.it.free.

The easy way to do this? Aside from ‘just begin’, act with faith you don’t feel which is KIND of a big part of what faith IS –

is to realise that it’s not about you. It doesn’t HAVE to be about you. And your tangled web of STUFF, which worries and eats at you, making you get all bound up in your head about things you think you need to prove, get to, or be.

What if –

you just let the WORK lead?

What if –

you let go of ideas of what success or being creative or being an entrepreneur or being human has to look like, and you let it bubble up from inside of you YOUR way?

What if –

the fact that everyone around you, or an entire industry perhaps, or an entire community, let’s say, or just every freakin’ construct you’ve EVER heard of since time began said it has to be THIS way, and so you’ve been fighting to try and figure out how to force what’s IN you into that mold –

was just not RELEVANT?

And what if, from this day forward, your process was:

Lean in to what’s in you. Really take the time to LISTEN to it. And then set.it.free.

I promise you: the way it all works is when you let it come out the way it would if you just let it WOULD,

if you were free.