Business Mindset


My clients are the 1% within the 1% WITHIN the 1% badass who know they are born for more. Since as far back as they can remember, they have recognised themselves as being different. Not like the others. Not even like the other entrepreneurs, creatives, game-changers.

They are in a category of their own, and if this is you the category is this:

NOBODY AND NO THING CAN DO ON THIS EARTH WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO. The niche is you. The paradigm is you. The whole entire mofo POINT is you.

But not JUST you, in your OWN physical power | knowledge | strength.

You – planted in God.

Planted in an all access pass to LIFE, to the cosmos, to the very fabric of the Universe.

Planted in your own soul truth and certainty and the things you know so deeply about who it is you came here to be, that you couldn’t NOT know them if you tried.

You are, and always have been, willing to do what it takes. No matter what it takes. Until it takes. And then.keep.going, to create and unfold and dance further into the life that you came here to be. Yes, you are a life-force unto your own.

Because of how you have directed your own path, because of who you have said yes to being, because you remembered who you always were and then BECAME it … and continue to do so …

Your energy alone shifts people.

You long suspected that the true work you were here to do, and the true ‘roadmap’ to your ultimate empire | money | other success was … leaning into the fact that when you speak? When you write? When you exhale?

You move mountains.

This is who you are:

You are the person who, when disconnected, off path, unmotivated, uncertain, does not need to slow down and breathe but instead needs to wake up and LIVE.

Even though at times you fight against this, because your conditioned mind tells you it can’t be so, it is easier for you when you do MORE, more being – all of it. Everything. Everything you see inside of you. Every last bit of it. SAYING YES TO ALL OF YOU.

You are the person who, when it hurts, not-so-secretly gets off on pushing HARDER. Going DEEPER into the fray. Because you fundamentally understand that you LIKE being held to the fire, you LOVE it, you NEED it, and when you go IN?

You flow to the other side.

You have figured out by now that everything which needs to come through you, out of you, from you, which will create the tangible and physical world results and impacts you know is there for you, comes and CAN only come in when you are PLUGGED in.

When you have made time and space for … whatever it is you are here to make time and space for. For how long? UNTIL IT IS DONE. For what purpose? BECAUSE IT MUST BE DONE.

You get, by now, that the more you let go, push the world away, ignore everything and everyone and just … go into you, into that drop, into that void, into that dance with God, with soul, with life … the more everything just works. Takes care of itself. Sorts itself out. Amen.

You still want more.

Not for the sake of more. Not because it’s cool, or fancy, or fun, although sure – all of those things are part of it, and get to be.

But because, quite simply – you know you can. And on another level – you know you must.

You are the too much woman, the too much man, the too much human who can’t stop won’t stop is inappropriate, outrageous, demanding, unreasonable, and YET YOU KNOW THERE IS MORE.

More for you to say yes to. More for you to let go of. And a greater level of unapologetic YOU-ness to unleash on the world, but firstly?

Unleash on you.

You want, not from a surface desire, but from a deep God and soul-led knowing, and know it should BE so far you:

That you are wealthy beyond measure.

Your work changes nations, impacts millions BEYOND millions.

You live abundantly in money in time in space in knowledge in creativity in wisdom in RECEIVING of all the things that you previously allowed to be reason why you couldn’t yet,

and hadn’t,

and now that you simply DID (allow it all to show up for you), what YOU do, instead of chasing ‘outcomes’ and ‘success’ and ‘enough’ and ‘being on top’ and ‘getting there’ is –


In the dance.

In the unfolding.


As the leader. As the thought-shaker. As the revolutionary. As the wildly wealth soul whose very breath changes the world.

And most of all –

as the vessel for God to work through you.

Here is why you work with me, at the private client level:

You already did so much. Created so much. Achieved. Ran the whole damn thing, it seemed!

You are the superhuman badass others look to and think – “wow! Impossible! How?!”

But you know you are barely warmed up. You know you are holding yourself hog-tied in so many ways. You know you are STRAPPED IN ON A TRAIN YOU’RE NOT MEANT TO BE ON, in the way you STILL don’t succumb fully to putting first things first. And most of all –

you know that you simply cannot expect to go another day | minute | heartbeat not UNAPOLOGETICALLY BACKING YOURSELF TO DO THE DAMN THING OF BEING EVERY.THING YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

You also know …

it would be so much freakin’ easier to just say yes to all of you. On your terms. The way it’s never been done and never COULD be done but THEN.YOU.DID.

You expect massive next level money flow to unlock, from our work together. Soulmate clients out the wazoo. Absolute soul certainty on the work you are doing, and exactly how | when | for whom. Soul-led empire unfolding, explosion and growth beyond what you’ve ever yet expected. A body you love to live in, breathe in, be in, look at, and feel. Energy focus and motivation so damn on point it’s almost beyond human. (Almost? OBVIOUSLY). To tap in and REMAIN tapped in to your supernatural and spiritual God-given powers. Immeasurable and infinite knowing, certainty, flow. TO REMEMBER NOW EVEN THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF WHO YOU ALWAYS WERE, AND FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY SAY SCREW EVERYTHING ELSE I JUST.NOW.BE.THIS.

You know that being in my space will shift you instantaneously. Unlock parts of you you thought you’d thrown away the key for. And wake you up so thoroughly that there will be no return.

This is the point of no return. This is the point it always had to come to. This is the point where you take the money, the success, the impact, the WOW that you’ve created thus far, and the you who you’ve said yes to being?


We begin this work together, mentoring at the highest private client level, quite simply –

because it’s time.

And because life is now. And so you pressed play.

PM to talk. We begin in less than 2 weeks. This work goes all the way into every part of who you are, and must be. The commitment, financially, energetically, emotionally, and in your whole-hearted YES to being held to the fire, reflects that. Do not reach out if you are not ready for that fire, and to be that fire, in all ways.

Kat x