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Nobody gives a fuck about how good your product is.

An eye-raising statement? A sad one? Me revealing my own naivety, perhaps? A terrible truth reflecting a world gone wrong in oh! So many ways? A sorry state of affairs relevant obviously only to those who live with no values, no moral compass, whose priorities are skewed all over the damn place and who probably don’t even pay attention to what’s going on in the world?!

Meh –

Nothing so dramatic.

Look, I’m not suggesting your product should be crapola, or that if you have a fantabulous natural sense of charm and you’re not afraid to flaunt it then you can just make money without really doing anything, it’s a GIVEN that your product(s) should be badass as all get out, over promise and over OVER deliver on value, change the world!

But at the same time –

If your product WERE crapola, and yet you had a truly fantabulous natural sense of charm and magnetism, which you also knew how to use, then, well, uh, how do I put this?

You would definitely be able to make more money than just about anyone (certainly more than all the do-everything peeps who think results are predicated by effort), and you’d be able to make it by, oh, what’s that now?


It’s a nice bedtime story to think that she or he who creates the brand with the highest quality of product or service is gonna be the one who rises fastest, or indeed who ever makes it anywhere of note, but it’s just not TRUE, and here’s why:

We’re only ever buying a story, buying INTO a story of something we want to be part of.

Just think of a cool trending restaurant you’ve been to perhaps, which despite its mediocre food quality and REALLY average service, is still always fully booked.

Sure, in a perfect world they’d back their coolness with excellent food and service, and sure, maybe if there were TWO really hip spots and one had way better food and service it’d crush over the other one, but that would only be true if the cool factor were equal.

If the cool factor were HIGHER on Casa de Average As Fuck, it’d be busier.

Just like how, in your typical gym, the trainer who has the most charm and personality is the one who is booked out, and yep, not the one who is technically the most adept. You’d think that Mr Charm PT would still need to deliver great sessions for people to keep paying him, but after 13 years in my earlier career working in the PT industry, both for myself but also as a recruiter and trainer of trainers, overseeing hundreds of ’em, I can tell you –

You’d be wrong.

It’s the one who makes people FEEL something who has a full calendar, and while we hope and also expect that he does want to deliver a great service, and does his best to do so (and indeed most who I observed DID, and DO), again –

It’s only very minimally relevant to his success.

It might not seem fair, it might not seem RIGHT, it might seem like something you’re gonna rail against and prove to be otherwise, but if you’re saying you’re gonna rail against creating an experience for people, and something to belong to –

(which is what you’re saying)

– then good fucking luck getting out of the starting gates with this whole money-makin’ thang.

Even if your whole brand is the NON-brand, you turn your nose up at anything that could remotely be said to be trying to show COOL-ness, or badassery, or on-trend vibiness (it’s a word!), you get around wearing only neutral-toned hemp made clothes, and keeping your expression unreadable at all times and your arms firmly by your side so you can’t be seen as one of those overly performer-y ‘thinks she’s so fire’ types (okay me haha!), then guess what?


And the story you’re selling is some sort of version of ‘we are cool because we don’t care about being cool’, or ‘we are ACTUALLY cool and you are not and we know that really being cool means being this’.

It really doesn’t matter what the STORY is, it just matters that there is one, YES it definitely matters that it is your TRUE story (unless you wanna sign yourself up to have to ever-perpetuate a fake life and a fake you ’cause that’s what you decided to sell), and yes it DEFINITELY matters that this is what you are selling first and foremost and AHEAD of your products.

If you’re a soul-led born for it badass leader like myself and my clients then yeah it ABSOLUTELY also matters that your products and services are total FIYAH. Me, I don’t put something out into the world unless it is a very PART of my, my soul transmutation unleashed from the HIGHEST place of truth. Work which I know will shift you simply from feeling INTO it, even if you never fully go through every detail of it or implement the thing!

I download from and through my soul and for YOURS, it reminds you of who and what you always were, and then you BECOME the damn person you’ve for so long been waiting to do.

It is the greatest honour, and humbles and awes me every day to get to see what comes through me; ever more the more I choose to get out of my own way, remove emotion, and just do the work of LETTING it through.

But do I think that I make millions of dollars each year just because I sell all day ‘err day and teach the best stuff in the world ON soul remembrance and allowing through of all that was divined and aligned from the supernatural?

Hell –


I think that the fact that I GET to have the honour of doing this work for and with so many incredible people like you, that people want ever-more of my content and to buy it / refer it / shout it even to the heavens is a product FIRSTLY of the fact that I have very very clearly created a VIBE YOU WANT TO BE PART OF.

It’s a vibe of being a driven 1% within the 1% mofo, who wants it all, on her terms, NOW, and knows she can have it.

It’s a vibe of ever-pursuing alignment, and that never-done fine-tuning in to higher self and soul.

It’s a vibe of asskickery, of LOVING the blood and sweat and tears when purposeful, of doing the damn WERK, bitch.

It’s a vibe of being a BADASS!
A performer!
A wild and random and all over the place story-teller who is always unleashing her crazy!
It’s a vibe of ‘not giving a fuck’ what anybody thinks … which is to say giving SO much of a fuck about what really matters.
It’s a vibe of Godliness!
Of honouring true integrity of self no matter what.
Of building discipline, tenacity, resilience, and staying power.
Of removing emotion and showing the fuck UP as the next level self, not the fear-shrouded human AF one.
It’s a vibe of being able to laugh at yourself while also thinking you are super cool and hot AF.
It’s a vibe of letting it all hang out,
messy and random and whatever,
and of making shit up and just throwing it at the Internet, in true crazy creator fashion.

It’s a VIBE,

of Katrina Fucking Ruth 🙂

and when you buy my stuff, even if you JUST came across me, it is NOT because you researched whether or not I am teaching quantum freakin’ theory ‘textbook right’, or whether my programs and courses on soul-led money makin’ have the MOST amount of dotted ‘i’s’ and ‘t’s’, there is an assumption and expectation that you will get value (and I always over promise and OVER over deliver, as those who know me for some time know!), but nope!

That’s not what you buy.

People don’t BUY your products they buy YOU, no wait –

They buy your energy bayBEEE, they buy into the story, the personality, the essence, the VIBINESS of it all.

“Do I want to align myself with this?”

“Does this feel like my highest and most ‘me’ self?”

“Are these my people?”

“Is this bitch saying what I think and have never heard anyone say, or what I know I need to hear and nobody has ever dare to tell me?!”


^^^ that is how it works.

Did I set out to build a personality, a brand persona, a set vibe, nope! It happened plain and simple because what I set OUT to do was to be fully me, but ALL of me.

And I ask you –

When you hold back, when you filter, when you worry about being TOO much you, do you realise that you are LITERALLY FAILING TO DO THE ONE THING THAT WOULD MOST SELL YOU, SELL YOUR SHIT, LET YOU MAKE YOUR MILLIONS AND ALSO ALLOW YOU TO DO YOUR PURPOSE WORK IN THE WORLD?!

If you know you came here to message and to serve,

then at some point you might wanna get to doing that.

Otherwise you’re just another any-town diner delivering a good burger, and a completely fucking unmemorable everything else.

Ain’t gonna really have your soulmate peeps showing up for you when you refuse to let ’em see your soul, are you now?

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