This Is What Will Sell! {Daily Asskickery for December 16, 2015}

Okay. OKAY.

I am buzzing just a LITTLE bit high right now. Okay let’s be honest, I’m on freaking fire! It has NOTHING to do with the triple-shot 3/4 full latte of awesome sitting by my side. Seriously! It’s more about the 5am wake up, beach sunrise, coffee (!!), Bikram yoga, have now created one audio training, 2 videos, today’s (new!) ‪#‎dailyworkoutasskickery‬, instructions to team, journaling and reading of COURSE and am now going to write for you AND it’s only 8.23am!

I am fucking dominating.

Just so you know.



So. I was in Bikram class this morning AS mentioned and all of a sudden and for no particular reason at all, it hit me:

Oh my God.

THIS is what it’s about.

This is what I need to SHARE.

THIS is what will sell!

And honestly, it was one of those wake-up moments, you know? One of those what the actual FUCK moments where you see once AGAIN how you’ve been making it so unnecessarily HARD on yourself and with clarity and purpose you see what you NEED to do.

I have those moments a LOT.

Safe to say I have them most DAYS in some form.

Safe to say in fact that the way I live my freaking LIFE basically just BREEDS clarity and purpose and nuclear-missile-focused like ability to hit.my.targets.

It’s all the journaling and the yoga and the working out and the writing from the heart and the letting my biz just be ME stuff. And okay I guess it’s the whole just THINKING thing as well.

Most people don’t even know they’re alive, let alone that they’re actually allowed to THINK, let alone that thoughts create REALITY. Don’t be that person, yeah?


So. The thinking thing. I do a LOT of it. Every day, I journal. Every day, I read stuff that inspires me. Every freaking day I write from the HEART and I just let it out. Let WHAT out, you wonder and well you might!


Whatever needs to be said.

HOW it needs to be said.

No MATTER whether or not it’s relevant and CERTAINLY no matter whether or not it’s appropriate.

It’s ALWAYS appropriate to be you!

(Write that down).

So yes, I do my journaling, I do my reading, I write whatever the fuck I NEED to write; which is DOWNLOADED to me as a result of all the thinking and journaling and conscious CHOOSING you know?

And then what? Well usually I write more! I have a lot to say. You may have noticed. After that? I usually have things to say out LOUD.

I make videos.
More videos.
Audio trainings.
And I hop on somewhere to talk LIVE.

This is all the STUFF I do before I ever look at my daily list or think about what I SHOULD be doing. Okay let’s be honest, I basically NEVER think about what I SHOULD be doing and if I do think about it it’s to smile wryly at the idea that I would actually then DO it.

The way I live my life honestly centers around doing whatever the fuck I please and sharing it all with YOU, which sounds very devil may care and perhaps even inappropriately CAVALIER (we spoke about inappropriate remember!!) but actually what it is is simply that what I CARE about is what I BELIEVE in and what I BELIEVE in is where I create from and where I CREATE from is how I live my LIFE and my BUSINESS is just an extension of my life!

Business is me is life is message is creation is expression is downloading is listening is truth is asskickery is me.

It’s just one big glorious mess of awesome, with the crevices and cracks filled with coffee, chocolate, books, Mont Blanc pens, journals, beach time, kid time, travel, and wine.

I know. It is fucking FANTASTIC.

But seriously, where was I again?


So yeah … I honestly just wake up and I do what I want. Which is to actively create my life. Tune in to my thoughts. Figure my shit out. Move PAST said shit.

And then I write about it.
And then I speak about it.
And then I hang out online with fellow kickass‪#‎revolutionaryfuckingleaders‬, mostly in my OWN tribe of awesome, and help them get into their OWN alignment and asskickin’ action around it.
Oh and then I sell stuff.

What do I sell?

I’m getting to that!


Okay, so doing what I want each day. SHARING what I want. Sharing my message of TRUTH.

It’s about beliefs, yes.

Here are some of the things I believe:

Business can be easy.
Business can and SHOULD be fun.
You can make EPIC fucking money doing what you love, on your terms, and exactly the WAY you desire.
You DO have a message to shake the world with.
You need to do so CONSISTENTLY.
You need to BLEED AND SWEAT AND CRY AND BE WILLING TO DIE for your dreams. (and no that’s not at ALL in contradiction to business being easy, because the struggle that matters IS easy!)
You have a PURPOSE, a calling, a destiny.
It’s up to YOU though to create it, just because you HAVE a destiny doesn’t mean you get to live it.
You can wake up every day with MOTIVATION and ENERGY and passion.
If you’re not taking care of your fitness and health in ALL of your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) you’re fucking kidding yourself.
Success creates success.
Success is a habit.
You need to show up every day.
You need to just do YOU.
You need to let it ALL out, no filter and no holds barred and NO BS.
It’s not about what you DO it’s who you choose to BE.
You have CHOICE
You already MADE a choice
You can change it TODAY, right NOW
You must surrender to where you are
You have to take fucking responsibility
You must set clear intentions, be absolutely committed to achieving them, know that you will DIE to achieve them, yet at the same time RELEASE the intentions as soon as you set them, not give a fuck about whether it works out that way, because you’re focused on the now.
Oh and of course – that life is now and you have to press fucking play now!

These are the things I live my life by, these and more.

These are the things that underpin who I AM.

These are the things I have LEARNED and have created by success from.

These are the INTERNAL things that so many view as a luxury to be done WHEN THEY HAVE TIME after they worry about the fucking STEPS to success, and these are the EXACT things which have meant I never needed to follow the STEPS to success, not in ANY area, because as a result of who I AM and how I THINK and allowing myself to live, breathe, create, BE from all of that I HAVE the million dollar biz, I HAVE the hot body, I HAVE the dream lifestyle and life, ON MY TERMS.

Not because of what I did.

But because of who I am.

And how I show up as a result.

You want to know what will SELL?