I was having a conversation recently with somebody who, whilst they don’t have a business or a way in which they really get their message out, is somebody who naturally has that gift of profundity and expression, of TRUE natural wisdom as well as practiced and grown discernment, and could therefore quite easily monetize what comes through them to the tune of, oh I dunno –

Easy millions?

I’m not saying that for nothing, I’ve only coached people to MAKE millions of dollars through saying yes to their purpose work and what is really inside of them for YEARS now. In fact I’ve coached high performers for well over 20 years now, and from all walks of life and industries.

So when I say this person has the ability to make ‘that’ sort of money, I am saying it with certainty.

However. And this is not a contradiction, although it may look that way for a moment. I can also say with CERTAINTY that this person will more than likely to continue to produce precisely … nothing. From this powerful message they have to share with the world. And in actual fact will likely continue to receive less than 1% of the financial flow that many people I personally know who have less than 1% the wisdom and discernment (in a certain sense) than this person DO produce.

In other words:

Your knowledge, wisdom, expertise, NOR your ability to put it into words which are powerfully received by others has ANYTHING to do with your financial situation.


Know what does?

Know what ACTUALLY determines who the up and coming ‘next level’ multi-millionaires (and beyond!) of ANY space you care to name are? The ones who not only make ‘that’ sort of money but who do so from purpose, from being in their ALIGNED work, from POURING FORTH A THING WHICH OVERFLOWS WITH SUPERNATURAL TRUTH … from doing GOOD work, in a way which also allows them to live a TRULY great, aligned and blessed life?

>>> The people who make ‘that’ sort of money whilst also living ‘that’ sort of dream life are the ones for whom ‘THAT’ is a standard.

The end.
End of story.

As I was talking with this person I was just as much in wonder at what was coming out of them as I was at the fact that they SIMPLY DON’T DECIDE A HIGHER STANDARD.

And sure, some people have no DESIRE to monetize their message, they’re not called to do so, and their wisdom is just for their homies!

But you and I both know that is hardly my point here.

My point is, as you’ve heard a gajillion times before yet perhaps never TRULY taken to heart:

YOU decide the standard.

Now. I will say that a standard I see a LOT of broke ass people hold, who also happen to be extremely wise and even tapped in, is that they lack discipline.

This is one of the reasons I am in general suspicious about hiring / befriending / colluding OR canoodling with a person who has no fitness background and also fitness PRESENT. I don’t understand why anybody would live in such a way, a), and b) … it speaks to character.

SORRY NOT SORRY THE END. Do whatever kind of thang YOU like to do to move dat booty but if you’re not … well, WHY, but also … I bet in general you struggle with discipline.

GROSS over-generalisation, I know, but also … where’s the lie?

(Yeah yeah, fit people can suck at discipline or positive character in other areas, I get it! Again: not my point).

DISCIPLINE is a requirement if you wish to see the things which SHOULD come to pass in your life do so.

Because the reality is this:

You being the most born for it leader | creator | waymaker in the world does not mean JACK is gonna occur. Your outcomes, financial and otherwise, are a product of your standard, and (and this will hit more for my sisters in Christ than for all) WHAT YOU DECREE, COMMAND AND TAKE AUTHORITY OVER.

There is no LIMIT to what you can take authority over on earth, and that includes finances.

There is only the fact that YOU have an association between your financial wellbeing and whatever you have made that to BE about.

“I don’t have time”.

“I would except for the kids / the dog / where I live / the phase of the moon / the market”.

“I would except I’m not as polished / proper / pretty / well spoken / professional”.

No. Be honest.


Anything else is a lie.

YOU decide the standard.

In all areas this is true.

And then?

You just keep on a’creating it.


And don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



YOU decide the standard baby, and the one it SHOULD be?

Is the one you see inside of you and the one which speaks to DESTINY.

This is not about rich for the sake of it. And it’s not even about HELPING people for the sake of it, or being of service. I mean … both of those things certainly SHOULD occur. In droves! #obvs

But what this is actually about is …

You came here to be a particular type of person, yes?

The YOU kind, presumably.

You know … the one who simply SHOWS UP FOR HER LIFE.

And for some of us?

That is a calling which goes BEYOND us, yet also REQUIRES the HUMAN us to choose.

Repeat after me:


And I now choose to go ALL in on being the leader me, the way it is meant to be, and making the money and the impact accordingly.

Now if you mean that …


and in fact you are ready for a fire in your belly the likes of which will PROPEL you forward into ALL the required things, both practical and inner …



We JUST began yesterday. Doors are open for the remainder of the week. And your place?


You’re supposed,
to be in.


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