Let’s play a game of imagine, imagine that we already knew all the answers and how everything works.

A game in which the things we’ve been battling to figure out, allowing to hang over us, and drag us down, were just –


A game in which we always knew that the simple obvious answer is the correct one.


The End.

And in which it was just a fact of the matter and life that if you EVER find yourself caught up in uncertainty, in lengthy drawn-out processes or ideas, in hemming or hawing over why you can’t see your ‘next level’ yet, it was clear that all you needed to do?

– step back
– wait for the simple and obvious ‘of COURSE yes’ answer to reveal itself to you, usually with a 1-step plan
– choose it

I mean –

why would you NOT want to play such a game, can you imagine anything more fun?!

More handy?

More timely?

More, well, motherfucking EFFECTIVE, to ensure that your every desire and wish is just carried out, done, and NOW, so that you can get back on with the job of being you, just ever MORE you, and ever more LIFE?


Let’s talk about why.

Because, reality:

it really is that simple, it is ALWAYS that simple, whatever it is you’re allowing to be continually at arms length from yourself is just that. Something you are ALLOWING to be continually at arms length.

“Oh, but Kat! If I KNEW the one simple thing then obviously I’d do it! But I’m just not sure!”

*enter moaning and wailing and renting of ones sackcloth and gnashing of teeth*

Shut up.

You do know.


Take a problem you have, an issue, a concern. A thing you have not yet figured out, and have no idea where to start with!

– Write that shit down
– Write under it: “What is the one simple obvious move I need to make here which I have not been ALLOWING myself to see?”
– Write the IMMEDIATE answer that comes through
– Do not be available for your own nonsense and bullshit around “but nothing came through!”. Too bad! Even though nothing came through, what if something DID come through, or what if you DID know, then what?
– Still stuck? Make it up. You always know. We always know. WE ALWAYS KNOW.

What, you really wanna stay subscribed to a story of life that says otherwise?

That’s a curious life choice.

Will be interesting to see how it impacts your EVERYTHING moving forward!

So, yeah.

Get over yourself.


But also –

Hmmm. (questioning emoji vibes)

Maybe you don’t want to know.

Maybe you haven’t decided to LET yourself know.

Maybe there’s something here around, well, who you ‘can’t’ yet be because you DON’T know.

And who you have to CONTINUE to be, also because you don’t know.

Maybe you’re addicted to this not-quite-there-yet you! This struggle and strive you! This ‘I’m crushing it but I’m still SO far from what I actually know I’m meant to be doing’ you.

Maybe you’ve created a happy little persona for yourself,

and life,

in which you’re doing the fabulous superwoman badass-y things.

And it’s really quite … amazing.

And people truly … love you.

And you’ve made some killer monies, and created some killer products and services, and helped a lot of people, too!

And if you look around … who you are and what you HAVE allowed to show up for you is, well –

pretty bloody awesome.

Well done you!

5 gold stars. Delivered tootsuite.


Maybe you know there’s something deeper.
Or bolder.
More audacious.
More you.

And maybe you just haven’t written it in to the story of your life yet that THAT thing gets to be as normal or ‘of course’ or simple as every other badass thing you now embody,

but, let’s face it –

didn’t always used to, and also –

let’s face it –

pretty much every OTHER person out there would consider unobtainable or insanely courageous, or scary, or ‘too next level’, or whatever!

But you did it.
You became it.
You integrated it in.
It’s become your normal, your of course, your ‘duh’, your YOU, even though of course you appreciate it (greatly!), it’s still just NORMAL.

So …

like …

what gives?

Why not the other stuff? The deeper stuff? The more flow stuff? The more you stuff? Why does THAT have to be all complicated, drawn out, ‘not for you’, not yet? Why are you not letting it just be part of the story? What? You think it’s gonna fuck some of your current shit up? Your sub-conscious mind is scared about the fallout? You got blocks?

Well done.

You iz a full-blown real-life hooman.

Get over yourself.

Choose it anyway.

Transcend the bullshit.
Override the blocks.
Go beyond the what ifs.


You’ve done it before.

You can do it again.

That’s all.

I mean, you can keep waiting if you want. But a year from now you’ll just be older and we’ll still be having this same conversation.

Now THAT’S all.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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