Success/Success Mindset

Kick Ass Like You Mean It

You CAN do whatever the fuck you please, and you can start now.

All of this stuff about not being ready, not being sure, how do I how do I how do I is BULLSHIT and it’s time you stop listening to that crap. Kill the bitch inside your head, basically!

Because the REALITY is that you CAN do what you set your mind to, so if you’re not MAKING HAPPEN the stuff which you say you WANT, then really the only logical conclusion is you don’t actually want it … or you’re choosing to believe it’s not realistic … which is essentially the same as saying you don’t actually want it, because if you really really really fucking wanted it like you’re life depended upon it then tell me HONESTLY now:

Would anything stand in your way?

I don’t think so.

When YOU decide something HAS to happen, it happens. So maybe you just haven’t decided that your dreams, your goals, your desires, your inner TRUTH about what you’re born to do, kinda sorta doesn’t really have to happen.

I mean sure, you’d LIKE it to happen. You wouldn’t kick it out of the bed! But HAS to happen?? HAS to happen like you will move mountains and sweat blood.tears.more to make it happen?? HAS to happen like you will climb the highest mountain, naked and with a 100kg pack on your back, and on one leg if necessary? HAS to happen like you will ride out WHATEVER comes your way on the road there, be it being broke, be it nobody listening, be it nobody GETTING it, be it having no fucking clue WHAT you’re doing most of the time but yet onwards you forge? HAS to happen like you will relentlessly, never-endingly, like a locked-in fucking missile just.keep.chasing it until you get it?

Nah …

Not so much!

And maybe you read this and think – calm down Kat! Aren’t you being a bit over the TOP with your analogies today?

And to that I say:

You don’t really want it.

Because if you really WANTED it you would figure the fuck out what it takes, and then you would DO what it takes, and you would do it when it’s working and when it’s NOT (and mostly it would NOT be when first starting out; at least the tangible results wouldn’t be there), and you would do it whether you feel like it and whether you don’t and you would just.keep.doing it forever –

And ever –

And ever –


And if forever took a lifetime then you would, quite simply, die trying.

And if your goal doesn’t MEAN enough to you to lay your life on the line for it like that then WHY THE FUCK IS THAT THE DREAM YOU’RE CHASING?

Are you honestly telling me that what you ARE indeed giving your life for right now, by virtue of WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WHO YOU’RE BEING, is for shit you don’t care about enough to do for the rest of your life?

Why would you do that?!

Well, why you would do that is simple:

You don’t believe you can have what you really want.
You’re not sure that YOU are good enough.
And besides you’re just not always as MOTIVATED as you’d like to be okay!!
(And what if people don’t like you and they think your hair looks bad?!)

In other fucking WORDS you DON’T REALLY WANT IT.

What you WANT is what you have.

What you’ve made ESSENTIAL is what surrounds you. Right now. There’s no two ways about it, you have what you chose to have, no more and no less. You have what’s comfortable … what you’ve decided was within reach for you … what you decided was worth it … so your big goal dreams and fantasies you SAY you want??

Well I guess they’re just not really worth it.

The fear means more –
The uncertainty means more –
The not having to do the work, the daily work, all the work, no matter what, for ever and ever and ever, means more.

And you know what? That doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s how most people live their lives FOREVER. And maybe they really are HAPPY with that because they’ve chosen to believe that it’s just how they have to be; how it is. Fuck, for all I know people who do NOT chase their dreams but instead choose to accept what they have are happier and more at peace than all of us! Being this person who knows they can HAVE more and is going to ENDLESSLY chase more (and NEVER be done) is definitely not the easy path.

You’re never going to be done …

It will never be enough …

Satisfied DISSATISFACTION is the best you can hope for!

And just quietly I think it’s the BEST THING EVER to know that no matter how far I go, in ALL areas, there’ll always be more! I love that! I love where I AM and yet I’ll never be done AND THAT’S OKAY.

Which kinda brings me to a key point here:

You know you can HAVE more.
You know you can BE more.
You can’t NOT know this.
So the NORMAL life is never – ever – EVER going to fulfil you.

If the normal people really are happy with their lot and truly have ACCEPTED it (which I find tough to believe but I’m open to it!) that’s lovely but you will never feel that way.

It’s not who you are.

And you know that.

Your dreams are insane.

And you know that.

So you can either ACT LIKE NORMAL IS ENOUGH FOR YOU and not really CHASE those dreams, because of all the reasons we just discussed and whatever other putting-fear-first nonsense you care to come up with … and die knowing you NEVER FUCKING TRIED, not really –

Or you can give yourself the slap in the face you know you NEED AND WANT, today, and start pressing play like you actually mean it.

Go all in.

Or stop fucking kidding yourself playing a make-believe game of ‘I think I’m going to create the life I really want’. It’s not too late to get back in the box and learn to shut up and like it. But if you’re trying to live half in the box and half out, making teeny-tiny sometimes movements to actually make life happen like you give a damn, then know this:

You’re in the fucking box already. The fact that you pop up out of it like a jack-in-the-box every now and then means jack SHIT. And your normal is showing like a badge of PRIDE. Plain and simple: you’re fooling nobody.

Least of all you.

So today, make a choice:

Kick ass like you mean it.

Or lay the fuck back down in your pretty little box, where you BELONG.