Anything That Stops You Just Doing It Now Is Bullshit
Success/Success Mindset


Anything that stops you just being the person, and just being IN it each day with the work, the soul work, is bullshit.

Screw the gatekeepers.

It’s you and the work and everything else can shove it.

All it has EVER been about is the work and you, and what you are meant to be doing each day is, yep, you guessed it – ding! – the work.

The reason you can’t figure out what you even want, what you’d burn to the ground if you had a chance to do it all over, what you’d keep or say yes to, the reason why you keep on circling back to where you’re already at and frustratedly realising you ARE doing what you’re meant to be doing just somehow … not fully, is simple:

You’ve bought into an idea that the motherfucking hoops you have to jump through are valid.



(and they never WERE valid).

You want more space, more time, a greater surplus of money, to be free of all the things which hang over you and make you not enough?

You wanna preach more, speak more, download more, transmit more?

You wanna claim that ‘one day’ life you got up on the shelf there NOW?

You wanna just be able to wake up each day and let what’s in you out?




You’ve LET yourself get trapped in a story that you can’t just BE who and what you want to be and are meant to be because … because … because …

there are things you have to do first

things that have to be put in place, set up

things that must be built, and organised

and more

and more

and more

Well if you’re not careful, you will DIE still doing those things. Just one … more … thing. And then I’m ready. IT is ready. And I am allowed to now be.

No girl, no.

You were born allowed to be, and just quietly? WE’RE A LITTLE BLOODY TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU.


all it has EVER been about is the message, the work of your soul, and you.

That’s all the world needs,


and will respond to anyway.

The … tidying … organising … structuring … proper-making … meh. It can sort itself out. Do THAT in the last of your brain space pockets of time! If you want. Honestly you’ll largely find that it DOES somehow sort itself out, when you push it aside and simply BE, now. But that ain’t gonna happen when you’re making that BEINGNESS be the thing that has to wait.

IS it?

Your ISSUE is not actually that you think your life should be different. Or that you’d dramatically change it if you had a magic wand. Sure, you’d choose more. But the REAL more?

More trust and certainty and stillness in just being.

And knowing that that is enough, more than, and exactly, to the final dot on the final ‘i’, what is NEEDED in order to bring everything inside of you to life.

You wanna talk then about what your ISSUE is? It’s that you don’t just do it now. It’s that you continue to opt-in to the feeling that you can’t yet do what you want and be who you’re meant to be because you first have to … whatever. It’s that you should have UNSUBSCRIBED TO THAT SHIT LONG AGO.

And probably never even opted-in.

But sure, maybe you needed to go through the endless pain of NOT being in order to finally be able to embrace JUST being.

I don’t know. I don’t actually believe that. But if it helps ya feel better about your perpetual delaying on the life that’s been yours since before time began, why not –

go for it.

Keep that ole belief around! But only so long as you DO in fact opt out of any continuation of not pressing play NOW!

Because here is cold hard truth, served up with a dose of bulletproof soul caffeine up the booty where I know you need it (faster absorption):

You can already do all of it now.

The EVERYTHING you long for and gnash your teeth over not yet having is on the other side of acting FROM the place of already being there.

If you EXPECT it to continue to be painful and dragged out, it will be.

But if you choose as of now to EXPECT that of course you already get to show up like that … publish like that … lead like that … have ease and flow like that … just BE like that –

you will.

So screw the gatekeepers.

The anything and EVERYTHING that tells you it first must be done before you can be.


So just make up a NEW story.

The one that says you get to already be there now.