Success Mindset


The continual push and pull of life, for the born for it soul-led ‘preneur who absofuckinglutely knows that she or he CAN have it all and will stop at nothing to get it, is, quite simply that on the one hand –

we can be crystal clear certain that what we see inside of us is real, available, FOR us, and now, and on the other hand –

we wonder who and what we are, and if we are EVER going to get there.

“Maybe I’m not really born for it after all …”

“Maybe I won’t EVER get it *that* good …”

“Maybe I just made it all up in my head, and I’m a complete fake and a fraud!”

Can I tell you something? WILL I?

>>> Every single person you have learned from, loved, and been inspired by, has had the ‘maybe I’m a total fraud and never going to achieve anything ever / ever again’ conversation in their head. Usually, MANY times. <<<

The thing with US is, we hold ourselves to such an incredibly high standard … (as we damn well should, ’cause it IS available!) … we operate with such awareness of the highest of highs that life has to offer … we KNOW we can be, and do, and have it ALL, and?

We are equally as ‘open to’, at times, the most dramatic and ‘extra’ thoughts out there on the FLIP side.

Sometimes I think that the not-good-enoughs are required for our learning and growth, and bring some sort of deep wisdom with them,

and other times I think ‘that’s just the weather today!’ Those thoughts and fears and doubts are no more real than a passing cloud. Let ’em pass on by. This too shall pass. Amen!

Either way, here is the soul truth I know you need to hear:

You are good enough, and you always have been.

If it’s too good to be true, it is PRECISELY for you.

You motherfucking deserve the things of your wildest dreams and fantasies.


On her terms and with bells on, no less!


you can keep on looking over at where your problems, doubts, and fears are, worrying over what to do to get past or through ’em, your FOCUS on their existence, and thus your energy directed from a place of accepting them as real –

or you can turn your head the other way. To expectancy. To ‘of course I get to have what I want, what I need, what I dream of’. To ‘OBVIOUSLY my life showed up this good!’, and you can direct your energy from a place of THAT being real.

Which one do ya think would get you places faster?