If you think that calling in your true desired reality is as simple as setting goals and then taking action, and you wonder why it somehow never seems to WORK for you, then this post will blow your beautiful mind.

Let me ask you something –

This whole journaling thing … the general concept of focusing on what you want … the stuff you hear everybody go on about … or even writing down your goals at ALL … do you do it?

How often?

A better question still, and a more relevant one, ESPECIALLY if you truly don’t seem to know HOW to get it all working for you, is this:

Do you FEEL it?

When you write down what you want –
When you think about it –
When you imagine it, even for a SECOND, do you FEEL the energy, the emotion, the OMG yes – ! Of it being real?

Or is it more so that your mind, your heart, and maybe even every cell in your body seems to be stuck in feeling down, disheartened, flat, ‘woe is me’, or just plain blah and why not meeeeeeee?

‘Cause I can tell you:

Whatever your dominant EMOTION is, that’s what you’re going to create. And you can journal your pretty little ass off all.day.long, but what you write won’t override what you actually DO feel … more relevantly still, you WON’T very likely ‘do the work’ of daily inner work if your emotional state is one of despondency, hopelessness, or really, even, feeling as though you’re stuck HERE, when you want to be THERE.

Something you have to understand on all of this, is that it does take focused fucking WORK to train your mind for success. I mean … duh! If it was easy, everybody would be rich, hot, aligned, etc. You know this. But the question is –

Are you living it, are you DOING something about it?

Or are you stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle of wishing you FELT better and more motivated so that you could be one of those PURPOSE-driven people who gets up early! Writes their reality! Does their mindset work! And then charges through the day like an alignment-focused terminator!

You know … me 🙂

Haha. Just kididng … except not REALLY, because even though sometimes the #humanaf genes get to me, most of the time? I find myself AUTOMATICALLY coming from flow.

I don’t have to remind myself or remotely PUSH myself to do inner work, in fact it spews forth from me so naturally that I find myself doing it not just in my JOURNAL or (like this!) as part of my messaging and content for YOU, but in pretty much any and all situations, as I just go about my day.

My mind is trained for success, and also for continually reframing the world around me to suit me, no matter what the situation or how valid it might seem to feel shitty or stressed about something!!

I just flip that shit around.
Find the benefit and ‘why’ in it.
And carry on my rich hot badass way.

But before you roll your eyes at the arrogance or perhaps just light-heartedness of me, know this:

I used to feel absolutely MIRED in despair and helplessness.

I won’t try and tell you it was constant or that I ever felt completely lost or ACTUALLY helpless, because even when things genuinely seemed at their worst (over 100k in debt … hospitalised for 20 weeks off and on and told I might die during childbirth, if I and the baby made it … OFF path with my business, my relationship, my self … coudln’t even afford COFFEE sometimes …), even through ALL of that and so much more, I still had faith.

I always knew.

Deep inside.

That I was born for more.

That I was going to freaking ROCK the game of life, and make a big impact doing so.

So there!!!

But yes.

It DID kind of SUCK ASS, the whole being broke and stuck and having no.fucking.clue how to escape thing.

And my faith WAS there the whole way through, and I NEVER stopped believing, but I gotta tell you:


It seemed, most of the time, like life was just conspiring to SCREW with me. (Although I did always suspect, on some level, that it was all just part of God’s plan to MOLD ME INTO A WARRIOR OF MOLTEN INNER STEEL. So, that was a good thing).

Thing is, and the point I’m trying to get to here, and maybe YOU can resonate with this –

I DID the fucking work!!!
I was journaling.
I was writing out my goals.
And I was TAKING mother-fucking action, baby.
To message.
To sell.
To show up!

I have ALWAYS done the work, I’ll give myself that one for sure. I’m a consistent mofo from way back … consistency is ultimately the only practical way to guarantee results … and I put IN the hustle and grind.

Ultimately, doing so, allowed me to painstakingly get to where I BROKE THE FUCK THROUGH, and so perhaps that’s how it was always meant to BE for me, and now I get to share it with YOU, and maybe that truly is what it had to BE about, but also, this:

I wasted a fuckload of time, I can see that now, focused on the fact that I WAS doing .. STUFF … I was TAKING action … so WHY WASN’T IT WORKING and WHEN WOULD IT BE MY TIME … and I continued to RE-CREATE the stuff I did NOT want, by virtue of the fact that I was SO damn focused on it that the positive mindset work I WAS trying to do just couldn’t win out.

If you put in 3 parts conscious alignment and personal power and then 24.fucking.hours. of fear-based energy and emotion, whaddya think the outcome is going to be?!

In other words: are you really so surprised that your 20 minutes or even hour of mindset work isn’t winning out over the fact that you have ALLOWED your mind to be – stay – conditioned for fear and lack?!

Okay then.

I started to realise all of this, gradually, the more I learned about money, about the TRUTH about wealth (inner game!!), about the truth about success (inner game!), about the truth about creating EVERYTHING I wanted … INNER GAME BABY.

And I made a decision.

If I’d spent at the time 30 or so years being LARGELY conditioned for fear and scarcity around money and my own self-worth (amongst other things!) then it stood to reason that the only way to reverse that was to spend the equivalent amount of time UNCONDITIONING or RECONDITIONING myself.

What goes up.
Must come down.

Or some such thing, right?

Except wait – what?! I didn’t have 30 fucking years to reverse my thoughts, and besides, I SUSPECTED that I already knew deep within me the truth:

I actually DO GET TO CHOOSE. Not just my outcomes but my FEELINGS, my beliefs, my ASSUMPTIONS and expectations.

Which is to say – the actual fucking outcomes 🙂

And I decided, in a moment, or perhaps over several decades, but whose counting – ! – to IMMERSE MYSELF IN A MINDSET OF SUCCESS.

I BOOTCAMPED my ass, on my inner game, like an obssessed woman.

I was doing up to 6 hours a day of mindset work …

And then doing ALL the ‘practical’ work you see me do now or talk about doing …

Plus getting my fitness game on, duh …

And being a Mum!

I just made it non-negotiable. That I was going to TRAIN MY MIND to be a success terminator. That I was going to so deeply sink myself into POSITIVITY AND BELIEF AND MANIFESTATION BY CHOICE, that the FEAR or LACK stuff would just have to fade away.

Or DROWN AND DIE BITCH, but you know.

Either way 🙂

And my point is not that you gotta do 6 hours a day in fact my point is not that you gotta do ANYTHING, because you don’t. That’s just what I did, because I got sick and tired of feeling like it was 2 steps forward and 45 fucking back.

I got sick of WAITING.

And I took what I knew about fat loss (the more GOOD you add in, the more the NOT SO GOOD naturally fades), and I applied it to mindset work.

My own work.
Through journaling.
Through conscious thinking.
Through meditation.
Through listening to audios and reading books.
And through consciously of course SURROUNDING myself with people who would lift me the fuck up just by virtue of who they WERE.

Basically – I didn’t give myself a choice!!


It worked.

Just look at me 🙂

The old … the fear … the scarcity … it faded away. And over time, not that much time, really, once I made the full DECISION, I became somebody who automatically thinks and reframes for success, abundance, high vibery.

So much so, that I quite literally now feel it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to not CONTINUE to elevate my income, my impact, my alignment, my joy, my flow!

And the results back that up 🙂

And if you’re wondering how you can replicate all of this, or where to start, let me make it simple for you:

What it came down to in the end was one simple thing, actually.

The dominant emotions.

If your dominant emotions are fear based, then doing ‘the work’ will HELP … but it will be slow-going and you’ll seem to default back to the old, on repeat, which is incredibly fucking frustrating and can, for some people, cause them to lose hope.

If your dominant emotions are FLOW and BELIEF based, then even when things DO ‘go wrong’ or ‘not work’, like a success geared terminator you’ll adapt, reframe, and probably turn it way to your advantage as well!

This is why they say success begets success. Because it does!

The richer get richer.

And the poorer get poorer.

In EVERY sense of both words.

So, let me ask you one more question:

What are YOU doing, today, this week, right now, with your LIFE, to IMMERSE yourself into becoming the person you know you can be, you need to be, in order to live the LIFE you want, and fully press play?

If you’re taking action, that’s great … it’s a start. But if you’re not daily flowing and FLYING to where you wanna be then either the action ain’t enough or, more likely, your THINKING is off base baby.

Which brings me to this:

I’ve created a community, gorgeous.

It’s a community of HIGH VIBED BADASSESS the likes of which has never before existed either on or offline!

It’s a community of high vibed BADASS creators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and PURPOSE-driven hustlers who do the WORK, all day every day.

The inner work.
And the PRACTICAL fucking work.

It’s a community where, when you hang out there, you AUTOMATICALLY FUCKING RISE. Elevate. Without even noticing, actually!! Because you are IMMERSED IN HIGH VIBE ABUNDANCE AND BELIEF.

It’s a community, also, by the way, which has been closed for the past 5 or 6 weeks to the public.

Which is open right NOW!!!

And which closes again, tomorrow, in just over 24 hours.

Oh, and did I mention? It’s also a community where I will break down and teach for you, with 3 live trainings a week plus an OUT OF CONTROL training library AND weekly support and ‘behind the scenes of Kat’s biz’ trainings from my entire.fucking.team EVERYTHING you need to know about the mindset AND the strategy of CRUSHING it online.

I’m talking about my High Vibe Mastermind gorgeous.


And I’m talking about your place, waiting for you. At a CRAZY low-cost investment, by the way, and PLUS some cool bonus shiz.

But most of all, I’m talking about you,