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Meet Sarah. She Lost 26% Body Fat And Went From ‘Fat To Fantastic’

a biosignature body fat meltdown!

"Body Fat Reduction With Biosignature"I posted photos of Sarah’s amazing body fat transformation on my Facebook page a couple weeks back, and the outcome was clear: you want more details about this amazing weight loss story!

Well, with no further ado, here they are (in Sarah’s words) – including a short video from the sexy lady herself!

Oh – and just in case you missed it, here is Sarah’s before photo:

the journey begins: 33% body fat

"biosignature melbourne"“The journey that has led me to seeking out Kat really began in Sept 2009. I’d just turned 40, had ended a 10-year relationship and had just moved into a new apartment by myself – it was all a bit confusing and I can only describe myself as feeling completely lost, totally unsure of myself and very alone. I really needed something to give me some direction and ‘find’ myself again.

I’ve always been an active person and love high altitude trekking  – a goal I’d set myself to do by the time I was 40 was to climb the highest mountain in South America; Mt Aconcagua.

However, I was too late for the 2009 climbing season and decided on Mt Kilimanjaro instead. So, decision made, I signed up to a gym and had an assessment. I knew I’d not been quite so diligent with exercise, but I was playing tennis 3 hours a week, badminton 1 1/2 hrs a week, cycling or walking everywhere so I figured I was pretty fit – imagine my horror when the results came back…standing at just 163cm I was 76kg, had a body fat percentage of 33 and BMI measurements that put me into the obese category!!!”

OBESE – what the???

“That was a complete shock – how had I let myself get to this state? So now I’m 40, fat, single and frumpy.

I cried. A lot. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be and now I had added incentive to make some positive changes to my life.

So I hit the gym in a BIG way and another thing that I also changed was my diet – not drastically, but I totally cut out bread, rice, potatoes and pasta and just started eating a lot more salads.

Not much happened to start with, I was definitely feeling healthier and I didn’t suffer any energy loss which totally surprised me and then all of a sudden in a 3 week period, just before Christmas, 6kg of body fat seemed to vanish. It was amazing – I’d really stumbled onto a good thing here. From Christmas 2009 until about March 2010 the weight kept coming off at about ½ kg a week – perfect motivation to keep going!”

the journey continues: 17.5% body fat

"How To Lose Body Fat"“It was probably about then that I noticed that the weight wasn’t being lost in certain areas – bizarrely enough, after my previous trek in Bhutan in 2001 when  I came back weighing just 48kg, I looked anorexically skinny yet I still had a flabby stomach, knees, saggy backside and wobbly arms – how was that possible? And at this stage having lost about 15kg body weight, I was beginning to see the same thing happening.

The first time I heard about Biosignature Modulation was when I was at a conference on the Gold Coast in May 2010. I got talking to a fellow delegate, an ex SAS army officer, who had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro many times (!! insane – trust me on this!). He was also a personal trainer, so I asked him how I could tone up the parts that I felt were not working and he suggested Biosignature Modulation.

I have to admit, I was very sceptical to start with – after all you can’t spot reduce fat…can you? So a bit of googling later and my research led me to Kat.”

biosignature: the wobbly bits remedy!

“Initially my goal was to reduce belly fat and get rid of those saddle bags and tuck shop arms and I also decided that 12.5% sounded a like nice ‘round’ number to get my body fat down to, I’m not really sure why,  something to aim for I guess 🙂 I thought this would also allow some nice muscle definition to come through whilst still looking a healthy shape and weight.

I’m absolutely thrilled at what I’ve achieved through Biosig – all up I’ve gone from 33% body fat down to an incredibly lean 11% (note from Kat: actually last time I measured Sarah she had come down further – to 10.7%!) I’ve lost a total of 25kg of body fat and I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life, which I never thought I’d be in my 40’s!

I have never looked or felt so energetic and well.  I have Abs for the first time in my life and no wobbly bits! I routinely get mistaken for someone who is 7-10 years younger than my chronological age and my body fat percentage, weight, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, iron all those sort of things are all at the levels you’d expect from younger person.

I have learnt so much about how to eat well and clean, how I can eat more without putting on weight – which is brilliant because I do love my food (thats what got me into a mess to start with :).

Best of all, I now have the tools and knowledge to stay this healthy for the rest of my life!

sarah’s sexy photo shoot

"Lose Body Fat With Biosignature"If you’d told me I’d be doing a fitness model photo shoot 18 months ago, I would have laughed you out of the room – even when I started Biosig, and had no idea it would be so effective – it definitely wasn’t something I would even consider!

Now I can’t wait to get into my teeny weeny little photo shoot outfit and pose in front of a camera (Sarah wrote her story before the included photos were taken) – I’m even going to enter the Oxygen Magazine Cover Girl competition!

As far as where to from here, I haven’t really thought about the next step, having worked so hard for the last 18 months, I’m going to take some time to enjoy being the ‘new’ me.

Although, having said that, just today I booked my next mountain expedition – Ice climbing 4 volcanoes in Ecuador in Feb 2012! Its an amazing trip, very challenging – I’m so excited.

I also might just go and check out the INBA All Female Natural Muscle and Fitness Classic in Caulfield in July… I wonder… 🙂


7 responses to “Meet Sarah. She Lost 26% Body Fat And Went From ‘Fat To Fantastic’”

  1. Pat says:

    Hey Kat, Sarah looks awesome, great results.

  2. criostiona says:

    Very interesting article and one I can identify with in a way. I’ve never been overweight as such but last yr I embarked on getting a trainer and have lost a fair bit of weight. I look v lean if not a little too thin at the moment. But I still have inside leg wobble and although my stomach is flat and even showing definition I still have a little that ‘hangs’ whenever I do say a plank hold. I know its not access skin as I’ve never had a big stomach or been more than 9lbs past my ideal weight in my life and eh I’m only 23! I eat right I weight train I do the odd hiit. I’ve been told to be patient and that abs r made in the kitchen. But my point is sometimes losing weight can create a weak skinny fat persona… not good!

    I’ve a q though how can I do what this amazing lady has done, can I use this same method altho I live across the waters? Or will compound movements n clean eating eventually banish this stubborn area??

    Many thanks!

    • Kat says:

      Hi Christina. Definitely eating clean and training well will help, but sometimes you can really speed things up by understanding how hormones impact fat loss and muscle tone. I do regularly consult clients overseas and all around Australia; we work together over Skype. Of course face to face is always nicer, but I still get great results with satellite coaching! You can email me at [email protected] if you’d like to know more 🙂

  3. Daniel venn says:

    Hi Kat,

    Wow… Great achievement! Does Sarah also do personal training with you or by train by herself? Are these results abnormal for biosignature or can most people achieve this with some serious will power?

    Cheers Dan

    • Kat says:

      Hi Dan, Sarah has trained with me at my Woman Incredible Transformation Workshops; apart from that she saw me every 2-3 weeks for Biosig throughout her transformation period.

  4. Sarah Taylor says:

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for your comment – I’m pretty rapt as well! To clarify on your question, I ‘ve only ever worked with one trainer and he is a wonderful guy by the name of Aiden Baker, knows his stuff too – who else could turn a skinny chick into a comp winner in just 8 weeks! 🙂 I work with him twice a week and then by myself for the other 4 days a week. I did the biosignature modulation up to June for my photoshoot and then I attended Kats 1 day workshop in July and for my comp preparation I had the good fortune to work with two beautiful people Meliat Jagic and Matt Nicholson of MMXFitness – so all in all a bit of a team effort!
    Are you wanting to take your fitness to a new level?