Success Mindset


Before I understood how money really worked, and what life was really about, and also how to build a business that could make MILLIONS of dollars, from soul, I did a pretty good job of being half-assed at building a business that made some money and helped some people.

I was good, even great, at what I did, and I worked my ass off, and so monies were made. Bitches got paid. (lol, mainly my VAs and so on in those early days, as I’d not yet reached the bit of valuing and paying ME). And people got results.

But, and maybe you’ve experienced this, maybe you’re experiencing it right now – I felt handcuffed so bad the whole time.

It was clear I had a REALLY firm ceiling in place, and I could figure out what it was. I worked SO hard, and I was SO consistent, surely my breakthrough should have come by now? Surely this wasn’t as good as it got!

I knuckled down and worked HARDER, and it didn’t really make a difference, in fact it seemed like I started to slowly slip back down the hill I’d clambered so endlessly up!

Eventually, I felt as though I was nearly broken.

I was so tired.

So so weary.

And so FRUSTRATED, because I knew it was meant to be so much more than this!

I was also so SCARED, money was such a constant noose around my neck and it felt like I was always battling to be breathe.

After months and months of this, maybe even years, really, I did the only thing left to do. I surrendered. I let go of the last remaining bits of worrying about what people thought of me or if I was making sense or whether they wanted to hear what I really wanted to say, and I went ALL IN ON ME.

With a total ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, too, because by that point I really DIDN’T. I was over all of it, and I was prepared to just do what I really wanted and bare all of me even if it never got me another dime. I knew I had to, for me.


I OWNED MY TRUE FUCKING AWESOME. I decided that people could take or leave me but I was gonna take and be ALL of me, so there!

It is a fact of life that if you want people to buy from you you’re going to need to be absolutely UNAPOLOGETIC about every little and big reason why they should.

Unapologetic about your own badassery and awesome.
Unapologetic about the awesome of your offer.
Unapologetic about every single element of why working with YOU is the only logical move to make, and they’d be crazy not to!

This is not about being hyped up on ra-ra, screaming at people that they should buy your shit, and giving them endless reasons why. Death by bullet point anyone?

And while you may think to yourself that you’d never be so brash, you would literally NEVER scream at people to buy your shit, the thing you may be missing is that your failure to really connect to the core of your work, and then to speak soul to soul to others about how and why it will CHANGE them, kind of means you are.

Yeah, you show up, you consistently talk about what you’re doing and the ways to work with you, you post snappy little stories or posts or reminders about how you’ve truly taken charge in life, had breakthroughs and realisations a-plenty, moved past SO much resistance and fear, and now look – !

You’re a shining example of full-blown leader badassery, and everybody should learn from you then BUY!

We get all your reasons.
We get that you DO, for real, have plenty to say that is of value.
We get even how good your offer is!

But do we FEEL you?

Do we feel your raw, your real, your vulnerable truth? Do we feel the actual reasons why YOU yourself so deeply believe in and are passionate about your work? That thinking about this work and why you’re doing it might even bring a tear to your eye, it moves you SO much, and it’s SO important to you? Do we feel ANYTHING like that?

Or is it that you’re just really good at saying things that fit within the ‘vulnerable and real’ box?

Here I am being authentic.
Here I am being raw.
Here I am being vulnerable.
Oh look, a selfie where a single tear is running slowly down my sorrow-filled visage.


It’s nauseating.

Just like how anybody who has half a minute experience in the dating game can tell when the other person is faking vulnerability, or giving only ‘surface them’, we can also INSTANTLY sniff it out when you’re just dosing out surface bits of you, and when you are TRYING to be vulnerable, heart-felt, real, raw, or any of these things.

And baby?

We ain’t buying it.

In fact a simple way to know for sure that ain’t nobody gonna be buying SHIT from you, no matter how really and truly great it is and YOU are, is are YOU buying it?

Do you look at your own stuff –

Think about what you’re putting out into the world –

Consider all that you’re saying and sharing, and what of YOU you’re showing –

And do you BUY it?

Are you moved by your own work, for real though?!

Do you know that you know that you KNOW you are sharing the stories and truths and YOU that you need to share with people, that come from your deepest place of wanting to serve and share?

Are you unleashing what’s actually in you, and what the world needs to hear?!

Or are you just really really good at spinning a ton of crap that ACTUALLY NEVER HITS ANYONE LIKE A SUCKER PUNCH TO THE SOUL?

If you’re not sucker punching them to the soul you’re NOT SELLING!

How to sucker punch THEM to the soul is to sucker punch YOU to the soul.

And here is what I think this is actually about, for many people, and maybe for you –

There’s a part of you which still doesn’t feel good enough, isn’t there?

A part of you which questions your right to be here.

Wonders if you’re as cool or badass as what you make yourself out to be.

If everybody can tell that you’re just faking it, that you’re not ‘real’, that you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing or if you’re really on track at all!

You question the value of your work (even though it has without doubt helped SO many people).

And you question the value of YOU.


While the surface you plays the game as though you know you are wanted, and valued, and everybody would be crazy not to follow and buy from you,

And you say ALL the right stuff to go hand in hand with this,

The deeper you thinks you are full of shit.

And lives in terror of people finding out, or all of a sudden turning on you, seeing you for what you are.

And because you don’t really want to face this stuff head on, or perhaps have just never fully thought about it, you don’t realise that it is ALL as simple as deciding to own your awesome.

The thing is, when you dig beneath your fears and uncertainties you DO KNOW YOU ARE WORTHY.

You DO know your work helps people beyond what can even be put into words, and that it, in a VERY real way, can help millions of people.

And you do know that people are shifted and changed just from being in your presence.

You KNOW you are of value just by being you, and what I think is that this deeper knowledge, beneath the lies that fear tells you, causing you to never dig fully in with what you create and share, and therefore never really hit the money goals you should be by now, SCARES you.

Owning the full power of your awesome scares you. Plain and simple, there is a part of you which is TERRIFIED to be fully you, to own every bit of why your work and your freaking PRESENCE is of value so great it can literally change the WORLD.

If you were to go all in on you –

If you were to TRULY dig in and reveal what’s in your heart –

If you were to expose your ACTUAL soul, not the almost-convincing shadow version of it –


People would see and know all of you and there would be NO COMING BACK FROM THAT. They’d see you for all you are, and you’d also have positioned yourself as all you are, therefore requiring yourself to continue to have to show up with it!

To top it all off, you’re scared of actually having it all, having what you want and have for so long dreamed of, and being free to just BE.

If you actually hit the money and biz goals you currently continue to push away, well, then what?

There’d be nothing to DISTRACT yourself with, and ‘have’ to focus on at the expense of going all in on purpose and ONLY being.

And so, while you may make some decent money. Help some people. Do cool shit. You’ll continue to handcuff the whole damn thing as a way of avoiding the truth of all of THAT.

Unless –

Unless you simply decide to be done.

Unless you see all this fear bullshit for what it is and just decide to be DONE.

Committing, from this moment on, to raw real FULL truth of you.

How do you then ‘get’ that, dig it out, unleash it to the world, and monetize the fuck out of it?

In a nutshell, you make space for that.
You refuse to be unavailable for anything other than that.
You refuse to kid yourself any more.
You decide that you will not get your ass out of the chair each day until you have dug the fuck in and pulled out a raw and bloody chunk of your truth.


It’s a goosebump over your whole body, a shiver, a soul release, an exhale, a completedness, a KNOWING.

It is not fakeable.

You know when you know, and if you don’t know, then you didn’t get it, and you should burn the whole damn thing to the ground and start again. Ain’t nobody leaving their mark on the world by publishing surface based half-truths, even though, sure, you can build a mediocre business and income doing that.

But if you were born for more –

And you know you’re here to lead in a BIG way –

And beneath all the fear you KNOW you have powerful work to do in the world –

And you’re ready to DO it –

Then no. You will no longer publish or post or create or unleash or sell or BRAND YOU with anything that doesn’t make you feel like you ripped or poured out a literal piece of you.

For those born to create, THIS is what flow feels like.

Stop pretending the other shit is it.

And go unleash the real fucking you on the world.

We are tired of waiting.

Which brings me to this –

I’ve made something for you.

It is something which comes from my heart, which, really, I pulled out of my soul for you. It is the exact work I myself have needed SO many times along the way, to remind myself of what I know to be true beneath the fear.

It’s one thing to do the work, to show up, to be consistent –

It’s quite another altogether to not only know what that work really IS, the work that works, but also to dig in and unleash it in a way that moves people and completes YOU.

I show you how to do it all.

The digging in and unleashing TRUE raw soul truth.
The understanding exactly how to take that true magic of yours, and turn it into something wildly profitable, which helps so many people.
And the ability to be consistent with doing it fully, and being all that you know you were meant to be, no matter how loudly fear screams and shouts!

In my new live online course, The Get the Fuck Over Yourself and Get On With It Challenge, that is EXACTLY what we’re doing gorgeous.

Getting the fuck over ALL the bullshit.
And getting on with it.

I’ll show you how to make it UNAVOIDABLE that you let out all of you, so that your content actually moves people, calls them to action, AND fills your bank account!!

And I will show you all the moving parts of how to get what you need out there in a way that is wildly profitable, and wildly fulfilling for you.

We’re also doing a special training specifically around OWNING YOUR AWESOME, getting the fear demon out of the way once and for all, and tapping in to the true power of you. This training alone, without even the daily content you’ll be receiving as you join me in this course, will change EVERYTHING for you.

Oh, and I just added an extended payment plan for you.

Now is the time to press play gorgeous.

Join me, here:

And get excited to go do the damn work of being you. We are TIRED of waiting!