The only question you really need to ask yourself each day is, what do I really WANT, and what is coming through?

Sure, you could also ask what you ‘need’ to do but heck – if you actually genuinely need to, you’ll get it done. Eventually. Which maybe indicates exactly what need really means to you, hm?

But here’s why those questions, first, and always –

When you look back at the things you’ve created, said yes to, become, which are MOST truly aligned, they are always but ALWAYS a product of you having admitted what you really want, admitted such that you also actually CLAIMED it; gave yourself permission and decided it would BE, and then? That you got on with the job of being you, doing what you’re meant to do.

These things may not always be a direct product of something you wanted. Often ‘the thing lead to the thing lead to the thing which holy shit! Was the thing’. But what if you never said yes to the first thing?

What if you don’t say yes to what you’re being called to right NOW? What if this thing right now, today, which you are pushing down, pushing away, making ‘less than’, or flat out dismissing –

is THE thing which will lead to THE thing which will lead to the thing of ALL things?!

Or, what if it itself is that thing of all things?!

Everything you are shown, everything that is made known to you, everything you feel a pull or a yearn or a want or a wish or a YES for –

is a piece of the puzzle of the fully expressed fuck yes version of your life. Which is, destiny or no, something you either CHOOSE or do NOT choose. Yes, it’s for you. Yes, it’s available. Yes, it is available right now, today! No, that does not mean it will come to fruition ever, at all, or even half.

YOU get to choose, and? Indeed you must. And with every move you make to say yes to what truly IS for you, down to the slightest or most seemingly irrelevant of things –

you either opt IN to the eventual creation of that dream life and that destiny EXPRESSED version of you,

or you opt out.

No thanks. Unsubscribe. Not for me. Buh-bye! Except it WAS for you, it was ALWAYS for you, it was THE actual EVERYTHING for you, and the entire time as you told yourself you were gonna build it one day, get there tomorrow, kick your butt around it next week –

you were letting the moments in which it could have SO easily been made,

pass by.

Because success gorgeous, it’s in the small things. It’s the little moments. It’s the tilt of your head to a thing that pulls you. It’s the acknowledgement of truth when it’s not convenient, or when your fear mind is saying you have to be something else, be someone else. It’s the continual yes to what you actually WANT,

followed by a return to what you’re meant to be DOING right now, and the fundamental knowing that what is there for you can only show up when you CHOOSE it, hand it TF over because NO girl, you don’t KNOW the how, and?

Use the moment in front of you for what it’s for. Knowing and trusting and remembering that this is the ONLY way everything you want, say yes to, can’t see yet, is THERE for you, can be GIVEN to you.

So accept the chalice my love. The one in front of you. The everything. The smallest things. And the biggest things which are yet to come.

Say YES. And then?




Was there really any other way you were thinking it could all make sense?