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The hardest thing for you truly driven-by-da-flow creator types to understand is how damn simple it actually gets to be.

You will literally go to the ends of the online marketing earth looking here and there for the missing link, ready and willing to do whatever it damn well takes along the way, head down and booty up as you diligently apply yourself to doing the things you find that SHOULD work, and opting in for so many motherfucking trainings and downloads and secret-reveals along the way that really you should be on some kind of online version of hoarders, before you finally figure the fuck out that the missing link?

Is and always was you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and then you can read it again HAHAHAHAHA, dw, in-house joke, moving along) –

Your million dollar idea is YOU.

Should we break down what that actually means?

Nah, let’s not hey? Let’s break down firstly what it sure as all get out does NOT fucking mean:

– It does not mean listening to the strategy that is working for all the FB and Insta cool cats, trying to funnel hack every detail of that shit, or at least get your perfect automated webinar on. Firstly – how TF do you know if it’s actually working or if dude in the ad is screen-casting from his parents basement and rolling out images that took some talented graphic design genius to show the whole aspirational life thang rather than talented business acumen to build the damn thing? Secondly – even if it’s working for them, so the fuck what? Last time we checked YOU were not an internet marketing bro who wants to dot every … single … i … just … so, while split testing the fuck out of everything except for your own SOUL. Does this mean strategy is bad, NO! Nobody said to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just calm down though about the whole ‘do as they do’ thing, is all I’m saying.

– It does not mean take the things you are good at –

Even REALLY good at –

That you know you can help peeps with, that definitely WORK, and that you really quite don’t mind at all, in fact you can damn near convince a bitch (or yourself!) that you love it … you certainly manage to pull all the right words together and all … write some decent copy …

And then package that shit up and put THAT out to the world as you. Yep, you can prolly build a 6 or even multi 6-figure biz that way if you’re a hard worker, and if you’re particularly mule-headed and good at ignoring the silent screaming of your soul you’ll go all the way to 7, but no…

That is not ‘your million dollar idea is you’.

Look, we could go on and on here all day, but what I’m trying to say is simple:

It flat out ain’t anything that involves you have to THINK about how to be you.

There MAY be some thinking that goes on at SOME point when it comes to how you best want to get your ‘you-ness’ out to the world and monetize TF out of it (and even then it’s largely not recommended, the thinking thing), but as far as actually LETTING that message, that content, that creative flow, that art, that YOU out??

Do not think.
Do not plan.
Do not pass Go.
Do not collect $200, or $500, or $1000!

^^ and be aware that you certainly won’t be collecting that soul-led ‘you just get to be you’ MILLION dollars until you let go of the thinking

Let go of the wondering –

Let go of trying to do shit for a motherfucking outcome –


And the way to GET it is to simply BE.

BE who you’d be if all you had to do, and yeah I am ONLY talking to you the messenger, creator, leader, one who was called to impact people through merely their PRESENCE, no, I don’t believe everyone out there nor even anything close to it can get paid to just BE –

were be you.

If it were already a done deal –
A known thing –
A proven laminated and certified situation –

That you just kept paid to be you, and that shit is locked in for life, kinda like when you elevate to lifetime Platinum Elite status with the Marriott Group and NOBODY CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU AND YOURS EVER (no? Just me?), and so therefore you can be as crazy and weird and ridiculous and YOU as you like –

and baby still gon’ get paid.

Wanna know something?

The way that baby* gonna get properly paid in the FIRST place is when she realises that ALL THEY NEED IS HER LETTING OUT WHAT’S IN HER.

(*yes. you are baby)

So the question is –

Do you dare?
Are you WILLING to believe it could be this simple?

‘Cause I’ll tell you something –

It’s a shitty fucking life you’re building when the thing you’re trying to automate and scale is anything other than your madness, your crazy, your truth.

Wanna know what else?

The done deal thing I mentioned was written before you were even born.

Now get to work using the damn gifts you were given.

Or don’t be surprised when life spits you out on your ass for being a terrible fucking steward.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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Here’s the thing –

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Honestly, the difference isn’t the systems and the structures..

The difference is she just has a HIGHER LEVEL OF BELIEF than you.

The belief in her God given right to have things work in a certain way

The belief to have business work in a certain way

The belief to have life treat her in a certain way

The belief to have the right ideas come through

The belief to have things just work out

She just believes and expects it!

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It’s a pretty cool thing, to realise you figured out how to unleash ALL your madness, but fully, and NEVER compromise on what feels fuck yes and fly for you, and yet know you got your biz shiz sorted!

Guess what??

You get to have that too.

We dig ALL the way in to your belief stuff, mindset stuff, energetic alignment and ability to receive, everything INTERNAL that is stopping you from already being where you know you should and could, and what to do about it.

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