AND the horse they rode in on.

I care SO fucking much. Is there such a thing as too much caring? NO, not for your message, your truth, your FIRE. And right now what I’m caring about is that YOU are a fucking leader, and it’s time to accept it, own it, and DO something ABOUT it.

I just got off a livestream of PURE divine download and passion and fire, in one of my private groups, (MDT) all around the topic of what it takes to truly be a LEADER online, stand in your TRUTH, and attract mad crazy CULT-like fans who align with you FULLY and want to buy all of your stuff.

I brought it with EXTRA spice tonight … it was probably one of the top 5 livestreams / preaching sessions I have EVER done.

It’s a topic I’m passionate about at the best of times; being a leader. But I’ve got a little more fire in my belly right now because this week has been one of THOSE weeks.

Where the #stepfordpreneurs come out to play …

Where people are SHAMING on others for shining their light …

Where there is bitterness causing judgement and the ‘cutting down’ of those who are trying to follow their pathway, do it from WITHIN, be guided by their truth and not the silly fucking RULES …

And while I myself have already paid my dues to where I now FULLY own my truth and my message and am not swayed by what anybody thinks of me or my way of doing biz, I know that there are many RISING leaders who are swayed.

Who get disheartened.

Who QUESTION what they feel inside of them, when they see this sort of BULLSHIT.

Who start telling themselves that oh –

I better shut up then.
I better be careful.
I better toe the fucking line.

I used to BE like that, so easily shaken by what others said, that I pushed down what was inside of me for YEARS … worrying constantly about doing it right. Not rocking the boat. Being a GOOD lil entrepreneur woman.

Well, guess what?

It DIDN’T FUCKING WORK. Not to mention it drained my SOUL. And eventually I realised that if I was going to live the life I KNEW I was born for I was going to have to come at it like a bat out of hell WILLING TO STAND UP FOR WHAT I KNEW INSIDE OF ME.

So here is what I think, when I see the posts from people who are solemnly or smarmily or SNARKILY trying to put you back in your box:



And as I just commented back on a thread relevant to one of these examples of CUTTING OTHERS DOWN, I care SO FUCKING MUCH.

I care that you get what’s inside of you out.
I care that you learn it’s okay to keep your eyes on your own pathway, and say or do whatEVER you like.
I care that you understand that if people don’t like it, or you, or they look down upon you for it, that is THEIR FUCKING PROBLEM.

And they can take themselves AND the horse they rode in on and hightail it out of here. FORTHWITH.

I care that when you look in the mirror, or your head hits the pillow at night, you feel PROUD of yourself for doing your ACTUAL work. For MESSAGING. For adding freaking VALUE not snark or bullshit. FOr standing in your TRUTH. For doing –

Ultimately –

What you TOLD yourself you’d do.

I care that you get to also go THROUGH the hating and the bashing and yes even the shaming because even though it tries to break you, you GROW from it. You build inner strength and resilience like a MOTHERFUCKER. You harden your resolve. You become, over time, unstoppable.

I care that while you’re still on that journey of learning how to BE so sure of yourself, that somebody is there to tell you:

It’s okay to be you.
It’s okay to know you were born for more.
SO much more.
It’s okay to own that shit and act as the leader you know you are NOW.
Yes RIGHT fucking now.
It’s okay that what you dream of and think of and wish for is so DIFFERENT.

So let me tell you –
All those things.

And let me also tell you this:







Is ALL –

It’s time to rise UP leader.
It’s time to be BIGGER than the bullshit.
Yes, the bullshit that’s out there by so many bitter and bitchy or just plain old by-the-book 2D stepfordpreneurs, all more focused on telling people how to live their lives than on their OWN pathway –

But most of all?

It’s time to be bigger than your own bullshit.

That says you’re not ready.
You can’t yet.
You have WORK to DO first.
You have to PROVE yourself.
You should worry about this or that or the other thing, or what people are SAYING!

Straight up:


And you also know exactly how to do it. It’s what’s INSIDE of you.

So fuck the rules.
Fuck the haters.
Fuck the shamers.
Fuck ALL who would try and tell you –

That they have a better way for you to do you than what you’re being told from IN you.

That’s just freaking ridiculous.

Go do your thing baby.

ALL of it.


But at some point?

You’re gon’ have to get on up and go git it.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Aligning to Your New Money Normal is coming!

I am so excited!!

For the first time ever I am bringing together over 13 years of soul-led multi-million $$ biz creating money ENERGY shiz, and teaching it to you all in one brand new live 6 week course!

Piece by piece and bit by bit EVERYTHING I got to learn, tap into, download, and figure out around COMPLETELY rewiring money beliefs, and then upleveling financial reality on repeat.

This course will include all the practical things I do to continually grow real wealth (boy oh boy was that a minefield for me to wade through, and find soul alignment with, at first!),

my personal daily and weekly money routines and practices,

also what I get my team to do / the behind the scenes of how we create and also manage cashflow in my biz,

the quantum side of it, the energetics of the thing,

everything you ACTUALLY need to know about clearing shit, and how to know when there IS action to take on that, what it is, how to take it,

how to know when it IS time to align to your next money goal, what that goal is, how I myself would know (and then what to do about it),

how I do my money energy work, my own feelings and relationship with money, and how I created that

as well as a literal ‘what to do and how to do it’ process to align YOU to your next money goal, right there and then together in that course. Yep, you will actually be implementing and shifting shit with me there right by your side kicking your hot ass as needed (gettin’ you soul aligned baby!)

and a whole bunch more which you is gonna have to wait to see 🙂

Be sure to drop a comment here on Facebook if you’d like to be one of the first people to know when it goes live!



As of today, I’m opening up the doors to my Inner Circle, my private client mastermind.

This is THE most badass high level mastermind in the world for women who want it all – and are prepared to do what it takes to get it! Really what we’re talking about is being prepared to be the PERSON.

And that’s what I do. I help you remember ALL that you were, and then become it. ALL Of it.

This is my highest level private mentoring circle. The exact place where I have personally mentored dozens of this industry’s most elite female entrepreneurs to break income barriers ranging from 10k months to multiple 7 FIGURE months, and everything in between. But more importantly than that – to become who and what they always were.

But know that this is not only (obviously) not just for the masses, this is also not just for someone who can afford to invest in a high level private coach. Being willing to throw money down is something which has absolutely zero correlation to being somebody who has what it takes to TRULY go next level as a leader.

If anything, in this industry, investing in a high level coach such as myself, is a rite of passage which veers just a little too much on the side of ‘trend’. It’s become something which ‘everybody does’, almost as a way of proving they play business and life a certain way.

Maybe even of trying to prove it to themselves.

Here is the reality which those who I am truly here to personally mentor and lead KNOW, the reality which my clients and all women like me as well as of course me personally have ALWAYS known:


We are simply, smarter, faster, and have more presence. We can do more in our minds before breakfast than what most people can do in a freakin’ WEEK, a month, a year.

We are not basic ass coaches trying to heave ho our way up a few extra thou a month.

We are the ones who have ALWAYS known we are 1% within the 1% within the 1% in terms of how we think, create, operate, how and WHAT we are tapped in too.

This is not arrogance, this is fact.

And there has NEVER been any question but that we will go all the way.

My clients are high level badasses who do the work, who have a proven track record BEFORE coming to me, and a BEING-ness which unquestionably separates them from the rest. They don’t come to me to save them or lean down and hold my hand out so they can clamber up. They come because they are, quite simply, ready to go to the next level, already absolutely on their WAY there, and see in me something which they recognise because it is in them.

That ‘can’t stop won’t stop’ fire, and a level of ‘unapologeticness’ which, when truly understood and applied, can literally be the difference between 5-figure or low 6-figure and 7 or multi-7-figure entrepreneur.

So if you know who you are and it is THAT –

And you feel certain that you are ALREADY well on your way to to precisely where you’re meant to be, but that being in MY energy could help you to drop in and get there even faster, and that with a couple of simple tweaks your current revenue could be doubling, tripling, heck QUADRUPLING and beyond in months, as it has done with numerous of my clients previously, well then –

PM me here http://m.me/katrinaruthofficial and we’ll see if it’s a fit. I’m excited to talk to you, and maybe – do biz and life with you.

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